Size + Porcelain Veneers

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How can I reduce the size of my canines/fangs? I do not want to make the rest of my teeth bigger with veneers. (photo)

Help please. What treatment could I have done to reduce the size of my fangs and have all my front teeth equal in size. I wouldn't mid to put veneers... READ MORE

Would veneers be a good fit for me if I am looking to reduce the size of my teeth? (photos)

I am interested in getting veneers for my front, top teeth. I am currently in the process of having grafts done to correct for some gum recession, and... READ MORE

Had Veneers to Improve Size Shape Color and a Gap of a Dead Front Tooth?

My teeth look smalle when I asked to make front middle longer , dr will redo but wants to put me on bonded temps again they broke 3 times while... READ MORE

What can be done to dramatically reduce the size of the top central incisors? (Photo)

My current orthodontist is hopeless and has no interest in improving the appearance of my smile. I am willing to get porcelain veneers for the upper... READ MORE


Front teeth are veneers that were done 15 years ago. Front tooth had a root canal & veneer fell off in Oct & I had to have an implant done. My front... READ MORE

Veneers to match original teeth shape and size. Is that possible?

How to explain my dentist I prefer the veneers be the size and shape as my original teeth? Don't they have to look as temporary teeth that now placed... READ MORE

Help with my teeth. (photos)

What if I had veneers on my two tiny teeth beside my front ones?i am a professional flute player.Braces will wreck my tone (and lips, right?)Even if I... READ MORE

What can I do about the shape and size of my two front teeth? (photo)

I already have a gummy smile which I am hoping to fix with botox injections but can you please tell me what I can do about the shape and size of my... READ MORE

I am trying to understand why returning teeth to original size is now complicated?

Hello:) I Asked a question regarding veneers to restore NATURAL length. Answers i got received were appreciated, though i am not sure understand. If... READ MORE

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