Shave + Porcelain Veneers

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Do Teeth Get Shaved for Veneers?

I have a small space between my two front teeth. I wore braces for a while and now the space has come back open. The orthodontist told me that I might... READ MORE

How Do I Know if my Dentist Filed Down my Teeth Excessively for Porcelin Venneers?

It took 2 sessions of about four hours each for him to shave down my teeth. they are now very thin nibblets. i feel extreme and painful sensitivity... READ MORE

Cracked Veneer, Temp Came off my Remaining Tooth! The Horror at How Much She Shaved Off! Was This Normal or Necessary? (photo)

New city & DMD, second broken veneer and same horror story: I think the DMD shaved too much off! First time, that DMD claimed the veneer could not... READ MORE

Do my new veneers look a little big? Can they be shaved down? (Photo)

Veneers recently put in on the upper front 4 teeth. Not sure if they look too large relative to the rest of the mouth. Part of me says yes, and part... READ MORE

Can emax veneers be shaved down if thick enough?

I just had 8 emax veneers placed on my upper teeth. I am very happy with the colour and translucency but the central incisors have come out too thick... READ MORE

Worried my new veneers look too big and disproportional on two front teeth? (photos)

I got them to cover a 2mm. My teeth were originally skinny now they look quite bigger obviously to cover in a 2mm gap. I'm worried they look too big... READ MORE

Can my dentist shave down my front veneer that is a bit too long and bulky?

I had 8 porcelain veneers placed yesterday and I am noticing that one veneer in the front is a bit longer then the other and looks kind of bulky. Can... READ MORE

Can veneers be shaved down from the side? Front veneer is covering the tooth next to it making my tooth look way too big.(photo)

I severely chipped my two top front teeth. I just had permanent veneers put on both teeth. The front left veneer covers much of the tooth next to it... READ MORE

Are temporary veneers necessary to protect the shaven down teeth?

I got my front 6 teeth prepped for permanent veneers two days ago and the temporary composite is already chipping away and coming off. The final... READ MORE

Dentist promised a warranty on veneers. After paying they altered what they pitched to me. Can I get my money back?

My dentist promised a 7 year warranty on my veneers. After paying for my veneers and having my teeth shaved down (yet the veneers not installed yet),... READ MORE

What are my options in fixing my bunny teeth and spaces without braces? (Photo)

I was told I never need braces when I was younger and that anything done would be cosmetic so they were not necessary. Now, about to go into college I... READ MORE

Would shaving my teeth be the best option or veneers? (Photo)

I want a Hollywood smile! I am not which option would be best for me. Are no-prep veneers *actually* no-prep? I'm worried about the future of my... READ MORE

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