Shape + Porcelain Veneers

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How much would no prep veneers cost me?

I am 15, 16 in January and i want to get no prep veneers. my teeth are fine but i don't like the shape of my smile and the size of my teeth. i would... READ MORE

Can Veneers Change a Persons Face Shape?

After getting two veneers for upper front teeth I notice change the the shape of my jaw. It looks thinner and more sunken. Is it possible that two... READ MORE

Temp Veneers Were Perfect , Perm Veneers Are Ugly and Not the Same at All As the Temps. WHY?

My temporary veneers were beautiful and I was so happy, however when the permanent veneers were seated, they were ugly, crooked some longer and... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Veneers?

I chipped my front teeth when I was young. Now I'm older I've had 4 veneers (incisors) put on as a solution. They were made to deal with gaps so look... READ MORE

I just received my permanent porcelain veneers, 10 top-augment? improve quality/shape/redo options? (photos)

I loved my temporaries. I had severe tetracycline stains, and some chipping. the new teeth seem to be at diffferent length, a bit gray, bottom corners... READ MORE

I have done Porcelain veneers 6 years ago not happy with shape of them. What are my options? (Photo)

Hi it's been 6 years I can't smile they way I used to because off the shape of my Porcelain veneers it's looks to big then my normal teeth and my... READ MORE

My dentist did a very poor job on my veneers and wasn't willing to replace them for me, is it reasonable to ask for a refund?

I had 6 veneers. The (pointy) edge of the veneer on 1 canine chipped 2 mins after he bonded them when i was still in his office. The edge of 2nd... READ MORE

What can I do about my incompetent dentist? Wrong colour veneers and chipped! (Photo)

I had my teeth whitened but as I had composite bonding on my teeth I had to wait until they were fully white to get it replaced. As an actress, I... READ MORE

I am uncomfortable with my veneers/crowns. I feel they are far too big and very rectangular (Photo)

I had my front 4 teeth fixed about 3 months ago. My dentist put crowns on the front 2 teeth and veneers on the lateral incisors. I have not been able... READ MORE

Can the shape of my veneers be altered slightly without re-doing the entire veneer? (Photo)

I recently had my front 6 teeth done and am happy with them overall, but the shape seems unnatural to me. I opted for a more natural shade (not bright... READ MORE

Veneer shape & color (Photo)

Front teeth are veneers that were done 15 years ago. Front tooth had a root canal & veneer fell off in Oct & I had to have an implant done. My front... READ MORE

Had Veneers to Improve Size Shape Color and a Gap of a Dead Front Tooth?

My teeth look smalle when I asked to make front middle longer , dr will redo but wants to put me on bonded temps again they broke 3 times while... READ MORE

Dentist put on a BL3 next to my B-0. He says that even if he ordered B-0 from the same lab it won't match. Is this true? (photo)

I had all my upper teeth done in veneers in 2001. The left front tooth was originally a root canal tooth. Oct 2015 that veneer fell off my front... READ MORE

Front teeth are in bad shape, one is dead, cracked & getting darker. Both had filings at the tips. Corrective treatment? (Photo)

Fillings were done about 10 years ago. Now, one tooth is dead and it has become noticeably longer. The filling at the tip of the other is also obvious... READ MORE

Will 2 veneers look weird compared to all my other normal teeth?

Both of my lateral incisors are small. I have braces on right now, so they put coils on both of those teeth to make room for veneers after my braces... READ MORE

Are veneers for males the same shapes as veneers for females? (Photo)

I'm a male who needs new veneers, and I'm worried I might end up with veneer that look more feminine. Thanks. READ MORE

What has happened to the shape of my tooth, will the next veneer improve it? (Photos)

I fell on my baby tooth and it went back up in the gum, my adult tooth came down but stuck out and was yellow. I had fixed braces to make it straight... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Shape advice needed for veneer replacements.

My dentist has agreed to remake my veneers, though he is happy with the current shape. I understand there are limitations as to what he can do with... READ MORE

Veneers to match original teeth shape and size. Is that possible?

How to explain my dentist I prefer the veneers be the size and shape as my original teeth? Don't they have to look as temporary teeth that now placed... READ MORE

Unhappy with veneers. Need help identifying problem to communicate with dentist (Photo)

I know I do not like the way my lip has contoured to my veneers, I also think they are too thick and bulky but maybe I'm wrong. The right side is an... READ MORE

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