Sensitivity + Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain veneers & temperature sensitivity?

I had 9 upper veneers done 6 mos. ago. They look & feel fantastic, but the temperature sensitivity is still bothersome. Will this eventually... READ MORE

How Do I Resolve Post-veneer Pain and Discomfort? (photo)

Had 6 top front veneers placed 4 weeks ago. Pleased with the aesthetic results but still have ache and sensitivity. What is causing this and will go... READ MORE

Teeth sensitivity - what is the real cure for this?

On &off for a few years have sensitivity in upper rt frt 3 teeth.1 have porc laminates,other a crown w/root canal. All done over 15 yrs ago. But... READ MORE

Porcelain veneers to reduce tooth sensitivity?

Hi I had undiagnosed GERD for sometime and, on top of being an abrasive brusher the majority of my life, have substantially reduced tooth enamel. I am... READ MORE

Crowned Tooth with Emax and Its Highly Sensitive, Please Advise?

Recently I fixed my teeth by emax veneers.two of my teeth were crowned .now I'm suffering from not being able to bite on one of those crowned teeth.i... READ MORE

I Had 4 Veeners Place 4 Months Ago & One Feels Sensitive & When Flossing, I Can Feel the Top Veneer?

When i went for the final appt. to have them bonded and went home that day they felt tight and secured on my real teeth for a mo .Now its been 4 mos.... READ MORE

Had porcelain veneers month ago and now they're yellow, am in pain and feel bulky. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had what I was told porcelain veneers about a month ago. For past two weeks I noticed them discoloring. They look yellower than before. My natural... READ MORE

Pain and Hyper-sensitivity after veneers?

1 of my front teeth kept getting darker over the yrs (it is dead/ had root canal over 7 yrs ago). I had veneers put on all upper teeth. I was in... READ MORE

I woke up with severe pain & sensitivity in my front teeth (which are veneers I received a few years ago).

I got veneers back in 2010 for my front 4 top teeth. I woke up 2 days ago with some sensitivity to cold and a little pain. Now I can't chew anything... READ MORE

Can I have my veneers removed?

I have done veneers two months ago and I am hate it because three of them fell down and I can't eat apple meat without knife. another problem is thick... READ MORE

Veneer Came Off, Was Re-cemented, but Doesn't Feel Right Anymore?

I had a lateral incisor veneer refixed after it came off 4 weeks ago but it doesnt feel right especially when talking or eating. Its sensitive, feels... READ MORE

Porcelain veneers - 6 mos. post-op & still temperature sensitive?

I had 9 upper Emax veneers done 6 mos. ago, they look and feel fantastic, however, the cold-to-hot and vice versa temperature sensitivity is still... READ MORE

I had veneers and a crown 3 weeks ago and the pain has only gotten worse! Is this normal? (Photo)

The first day after my permanents were in I had agonizing pain all day long,Now after 3 weeks I have shooting dull pain.some days one tooth hurts more... READ MORE

Why is my veneer tooth sensitive when I floss it?

One week ago I got two veneers on my front teeth. The right one looks nice, but the left one shows two white crossed lines. There are in those places... READ MORE

Are you're teeth supposed to hurt?

I had my permanent veneers put on today and they feel very sensitive, is this supposed to happen, does it go away? READ MORE

Upper roof of mouth sensitivity, zinging of a tooth after 2 front veneers put on 1 yr. ago. Two weeks prior I was Zoomed?

I had 2 front veneers put on 1 yrs. ago, and 2 weeks prior, I was told by my dentist,I should ZOOM first, so I did! I had 3 novicaine injections in... READ MORE

Can veneers can taken off and be saved?

I have a tooth that has veneer. But the tooth is kinda sensitive that needs to have root canal. Can veneers be save, so after the root canal they can... READ MORE

How to reduced sensitivity after Veneers?

Hello. I got veneers on my front six teeth about three months ago because they were too long, had two white spots and were a little two inclined... READ MORE

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