Sensitivity + Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain veneers & temperature sensitivity?

I had 9 upper veneers done 6 mos. ago. They look & feel fantastic, but the temperature sensitivity is still bothersome. Will this eventually... READ MORE

How Do I Resolve Post-veneer Pain and Discomfort? (photo)

Had 6 top front veneers placed 4 weeks ago. Pleased with the aesthetic results but still have ache and sensitivity. What is causing this and will go... READ MORE

Teeth sensitivity - what is the real cure for this?

On &off for a few years have sensitivity in upper rt frt 3 teeth.1 have porc laminates,other a crown w/root canal. All done over 15 yrs ago. But... READ MORE

Crowned Tooth with Emax and Its Highly Sensitive, Please Advise?

Recently I fixed my teeth by emax veneers.two of my teeth were crowned .now I'm suffering from not being able to bite on one of those crowned teeth.i... READ MORE

I Had 4 Veeners Place 4 Months Ago & One Feels Sensitive & When Flossing, I Can Feel the Top Veneer?

When i went for the final appt. to have them bonded and went home that day they felt tight and secured on my real teeth for a mo .Now its been 4 mos.... READ MORE

Porcelain veneers to reduce tooth sensitivity?

Hi I had undiagnosed GERD for sometime and, on top of being an abrasive brusher the majority of my life, have substantially reduced tooth enamel. I am... READ MORE

Veneer Came Off, Was Re-cemented, but Doesn't Feel Right Anymore?

I had a lateral incisor veneer refixed after it came off 4 weeks ago but it doesnt feel right especially when talking or eating. Its sensitive, feels... READ MORE

Porcelain veneers - 6 mos. post-op & still temperature sensitive?

I had 9 upper Emax veneers done 6 mos. ago, they look and feel fantastic, however, the cold-to-hot and vice versa temperature sensitivity is still... READ MORE

Pain and Hyper-sensitivity after veneers?

1 of my front teeth kept getting darker over the yrs (it is dead/ had root canal over 7 yrs ago). I had veneers put on all upper teeth. I was in... READ MORE

Had porcelain veneers month ago and now they're yellow, am in pain and feel bulky. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had what I was told porcelain veneers about a month ago. For past two weeks I noticed them discoloring. They look yellower than before. My natural... READ MORE

Why is my veneer tooth sensitive when I floss it?

One week ago I got two veneers on my front teeth. The right one looks nice, but the left one shows two white crossed lines. There are in those places... READ MORE

I had veneers and a crown 3 weeks ago and the pain has only gotten worse! Is this normal? (Photo)

The first day after my permanents were in I had agonizing pain all day long,Now after 3 weeks I have shooting dull pain.some days one tooth hurts more... READ MORE

Are you're teeth supposed to hurt?

I had my permanent veneers put on today and they feel very sensitive, is this supposed to happen, does it go away? READ MORE

Can I have my veneers removed?

I have done veneers two months ago and I am hate it because three of them fell down and I can't eat apple meat without knife. another problem is thick... READ MORE

I woke up with severe pain & sensitivity in my front teeth (which are veneers I received a few years ago).

I got veneers back in 2010 for my front 4 top teeth. I woke up 2 days ago with some sensitivity to cold and a little pain. Now I can't chew anything... READ MORE

Upper roof of mouth sensitivity, zinging of a tooth after 2 front veneers put on 1 yr. ago. Two weeks prior I was Zoomed?

I had 2 front veneers put on 1 yrs. ago, and 2 weeks prior, I was told by my dentist,I should ZOOM first, so I did! I had 3 novicaine injections in... READ MORE

How to reduced sensitivity after Veneers?

Hello. I got veneers on my front six teeth about three months ago because they were too long, had two white spots and were a little two inclined... READ MORE

Has my e max veneer been fitted correctly?

I have recently had an e max vaneer fitted to my front tooth to replace an old fractured porcelain vaneer. I can feel the edge on the left and bottom... READ MORE

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