Risk + Porcelain Veneers

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What Happens to Veneers/Lumineers After 10-15 Years?

I am 25 now. Should not happen that i am left with no tooth at 40! READ MORE

Risk of Infections- Veeners Vs Crowns With Root Canal?

Root canals have the risk of infections you may not be aware of because the root has been removed. with crowns you are also putting another tooth on... READ MORE

Kickboxing - Porcelain Veneers and Gum Shields?

Five years ago I had three broken teeth replaced with porcelain veneers. These were for my top two middle teeth (one required root canal), and one... READ MORE

Correcting a Few Misaligned Teeth Vs. Braces?

Hello there, My question is, what factors dictate the feasibility of correcting a few misaligned teeth? I have pointy canine teeth that I'm... READ MORE

Are my Veneers Big for my Mouth?

3 years ago, I got veneers for my whole upper teeth. They look big and ugly but aside from the appearance, do they pose any health risks? I don't feel... READ MORE

Emax Porcelain Onlay Okay to Adjust Chairside By Dentist?

I had an Emax porcelain onlay placed on a molar. Is it okay if the dentist needed to make adjustments to it chairside? I want to make sure there is no... READ MORE

Filling Redone or Onlay? (photo)

I had my dentist check a stain by an old filling. I wanted to make sure it was not decay. He said, no decay but it looked like the old filling might... READ MORE

The dentist did not tell me the truth about veneers. No downsides, risks were explained. I'm in pain.Is the dentist responsible?

Had some filling material on my 2 front teeth.One tooth started showing a stain from older filling which was not bad but was a room for improvement.My... READ MORE

Redoing veneers, a good idea? Risky?

Hi all, I have 8 porcelain veneers on my top teeth. I am unhappy with my never ending bite issues (tried it all, adjustments, mouth guard) and shade... READ MORE

Getting porcelain veneers with high blood pressure, is there a risk?

In the process of doing veneers and I had my blood pressure checked and I believe they said it was 159,the dentist asked me if I had high blood... READ MORE

Veneer replacement, sensitivity

Recently chipped a veneer, had it replaced, which was great but it failed and cracked. The dentist replaced the veneer again, but it's the wrong... READ MORE

I want veneers, but am treated monthly with a bisphosphonate. Am I risking osteonecrosis of the jaw? (photos)

My treatment each month, which will continue for my lifetime, consists of hormonal therapy as well as a bisphosphonate (Xgeva). Although data is... READ MORE

Porcelain veneers or surgery for my underbite? (photo)

I have a underbite and my orthodensit advised me not to get the surgery done because its too risky. I was suppose to get the procedure done this year... READ MORE

Porcelain veneers is good option? (photos)

Hi ,I have really weird smile ,as there is a gap in between my front teeths ,also my teeths are uneven .Is there any health risk if I go for procelain... READ MORE

22 years old with edge to edge bite: I want veneers because I have 2 colors in my teeth. Is it a risk?

So, which is better in my case to make crowns, veneers, or braces then veneers? considering that if i make braces my teeth will be pushed to the... READ MORE

Can clear or metal braces be used on porcelain veneers without risking damage upon removal? (Photo)

Porcelain veneers on three front teeth in upper jaw. Severe crowding in lower jaw. Would prefer 'invisible' braces: can clear damon brackets be bonded... READ MORE

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