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Unhappy with Color of Veneers

I Had 16 Veneers Seeded Yesterday.  I Am NOT Happy with the Color.  What Should I Do? Although they supposedly look "natural" I... READ MORE

How Do Dental Veneers Get Replaced?

Do dental veneers have a certain "shelf life"? What does it take to get replacements? Is the procedure lengthy, require specialists in revision, more... READ MORE

Replacing 12-year Old Porcelain Crowns on Front Teeth

12 yrs ago, I broke off 80% of both top front teeth in an accident (needed crowns & root canals). I want to replace them (gums receded & they... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Veneers?

I chipped my front teeth when I was young. Now I'm older I've had 4 veneers (incisors) put on as a solution. They were made to deal with gaps so look... READ MORE

Can Emax Veneers Be Returned to the Lab to Have Product Added to Them Without Losing Quality?

I have veneers on 8 and 9 (due to childhood accident). I needed them redone because I have very tiny black triangles on the distals due to papilla... READ MORE

Who can replace my browning veneers and whiten my teeth? (photo)

Hi. I have old porcelain veneers that are pretty much rotten and brown at the top. I need to change them for crowns but I don't have a dentist in... READ MORE

Veneers: Color difference, is it worth getting them redone or am I overreacting? (photos)

I got veneers on top ten teeth last year. I haven't loved them and been debating to get them redone. I have root canal on one so doctor couldn't do... READ MORE

If I don't like my veneers the day they're installed, will my dentist redo them? I wasn't very convinced by the mock-up.

Recently went in to get vaneers on my 6 front teeth. I'm very concerned I'm not going to like them the day they are installed or bonded. We had a... READ MORE

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