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Dark Line on Veneers

Why do I have dark line between my veneers 2 years after I had them done? READ MORE

Help. What veneer is best for tetracycline stained teeth? (photo)

Hi, i have tetracycline staining on my teeth from having asthma as a child. I would like to know what type of veneer would be best to make the perfect... READ MORE

How likely is it that my veneers will come off?

I just got veneers on my front two teeth, not the very front but teeth numbers 7 & 10. I was happy with the results until my doctor instructed me... READ MORE

Is it safe and worthwhile to redo these veneers? (Photos)

I recently had 6 upper veneers placed on healthy but worn, asymmetric teeth. Dentist is AACD with excellent before & after work. Mine look very... READ MORE

My teeth are still crooked/slanted and ugly after braces, can I fix them with veneers? (photos)

I'm 20. I had braces for 2 and a half years and got them taken off last month. I am extremely unhappy with my awful results. I told my orthodontist... READ MORE

I'm getting 4 veneers done on my front teeth, from the temporaries I feel like they look super round, and blocky looking.(photo)

Is this a result of them being temporaries and will it improve with the final veneers? Is the size disproportionate to my features? I've already... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneers over dental implant crown on front tooth? (Photos)

I recently had an implant on one of my front tooth and had a bone graft done. After the crown was placed I was not happy with the result; it looks... READ MORE

Tooth Veneer Mold Question - Will They Result In A Great Improvement On My Current Teeth? (photos)

I'm getting veneers. The doctor sent me this mold to approve. Do the top teeth look bulky and fake? The front incisors look like they have been built... READ MORE

Can veneers be used to correct my teeth without orthodontic treatment? (photos)

I have had braces in and the past and I was not happy with the results so I did not mantain them. I want the colour and shape to change not just... READ MORE

Porcelain veneers. Do these look straight? (Photo)

Worried that my porcelain veneers don't look good and paid a lot of money for 8 veneers can people give me their opinions please. READ MORE

Desperate for porcelain veneers. Could I achieve good results? (Photo)

Hi , I hate my bottom teeth. I would like to get porcelain veneers on my two bottom teeth. Could I achieve good results ? Thank you READ MORE

Can I get nice results from veneers alone or do I need a brace then veneers? (photo)

I have always hated my teeth length but now one front one is beginning to overlap the other and I hate them so much.  If I have to have a brace... READ MORE

Does tetracycline staining affect veneer results?

I thought having porcelien veneers would finally give me the permanent white smile I've wanted all my life. But not long after I had them placed the... READ MORE

Composite Veneers! Brown color around margins? (Photos)

Got them done 2 days ago, is due to the dentist setting the composite when my gums were bleeding? I also want my teeth to be more square shaped, i... READ MORE

Do my veneers look like they were done correctly? (Photo)

I had my top veneers done 1 year ago and my bottom veneers 2 weeks ago. I feel my top are too big and my bottom too small. I also feel the color... READ MORE

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