Replacement + Porcelain Veneers

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Options for Chipped Front Tooth Restoration

The bottom half of my front tooth was chipped. I want to know what my options are, and how long on average will this restoration last? Since I am only... READ MORE

How Many Times Can You Replace Porcelain Veneers?

I had porcelain veneers placed on my upper 6 teeth in the early 90's. I had them replaced last year as some were chipped and I wanted whiter teeth... READ MORE

Replace Porcelain Veneers if Gums Are Pulling Away? (photo)

I've had porcelain veneers on top front teeth for 13 yrs; the gums have started pulling away recently and I can now see the margins. My dentist saw no... READ MORE

How Often Do Veneers Need Replacing?

How often do veneers need replacing and are they all replaced at the same time or is it as and when they break? READ MORE

Composite Veneer Just Fell Off. Why?

One week ago today I had 4 composite veneers placed on my upper front teeth, to hide some staining. This morning while brushing my teeth I heard a... READ MORE

Is Replacing Dental Veneers Expensive?

I'm considering dental veneers for my four or six front upper teeth. They are small, narrow, and have gaps between them. It's like I'm not... READ MORE

Process Involved in Replacing Composite Veneers with Porcelain Veneers?

I currently have composite veneers over the top row of teeth. They need replacing so I am considering replacing them with porcelain vaneers. Will my... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneer Liability Period?

I had 4 veneers installed 16 months ago. One has come off 8 times. It was lost and a replaced free of charge the fourth time it came off. It just came... READ MORE

Not Satisfied with my Veneers. What Are my Options?

I am not satisfied with my veneers. I feel that they are too big and too bulky. They look more like caps than my actual teeth. I have expressed these... READ MORE

Replacing 12-year Old Porcelain Crowns on Front Teeth

12 yrs ago, I broke off 80% of both top front teeth in an accident (needed crowns & root canals). I want to replace them (gums receded & they... READ MORE

Can Porcelain Veneers Be Taken off and Replaced with Bonding?

I made a huge mistake getting veneers for my front two teeth. It was purely cosmetic as my teeth were absolutely healthy, I regret it everyday. I was... READ MORE

Veneer Broke in Half and One Piece is Still Glued On? (photo)

My veneer broke in half. The dentist glued both pieces back on wrong! I went back the next day and he told me I was making a big deal out of nothing... READ MORE

Will my Dentist Replace These Veneers for Free? (photo)

Two weeks ago I had two new veneers fitted to my two middle upper. I'm not at all happy with the colour, as I was hoping they would match the teeth... READ MORE

If I am unhappy with the outcome, will my dentist replace my veneers for free? Will it cost him to do so?

I just had my entire mouth done with veneers. He is an amazing dentist and did well, BUT it is not exactly how I wanted and the notes I made about the... READ MORE

How Long Should a Dentist Be Liable for Replacing Any Defective Porcelain Veneers?

I had full mouth Procelain Veneers at 51 yrs old,(I'm 58)and my Dentist knew I have health issues, but recommended them. The cost took my savings.... READ MORE

Will my veneer have to be a crown after teeth shifting? (photo)

My 2 front teeth shifted recently. I am thinking of getting my veneers replaced soon, at least that one that shifted forward. Will too much enamel... READ MORE

I have a bulky sensation on veneers. Can I replace/ take them off? (photos)

Hi, I just got some veneers on six of my upper teeth, i feel like they're way too big for my mouth and it just feels weird and bulky and heavy, i cant... READ MORE

Does my Left Veneer Have an Open Margin? Should It Be Replaced? (photo)

I have got 2 veneers done recently on my 2 front teeth. the left veneer however seems to have a slight gap between it and the gum line, I'm afraid... READ MORE

Will Gum Look Normal Again When new Veneer is Placed? What is Best Way to Remove Old Veneer?

My porcelain veneer on front tooth has to be replaced as my tooth underneath has become dark and shows through, especially in photos. Also a year... READ MORE

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