Removal + Porcelain Veneers

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Can Veneers Be Taken off if I Want Them Removed?

Should veneers not be right, will i be able to have them removed and return to my previous smile? READ MORE

Can Veneers and Crowns Be Removed?

Worried that over time i won't like the veneers/crowns i plan to get. READ MORE

Can I Have my Veneers Removed? I Dislike the Look and Feel.

I just had 6 upper porcelain veneers put on and I hate them. They are very thick and bulky but also much whiter than i had expected. My dentist did... READ MORE

After Removal of Gold Crowns Are Porcelain Veneers an Option or Only Porcelain Crowns?

My husband has been visiting the dentist for the last three weeks. Week one was routine check-up and x-rays. Week two was periondontal scaling to the... READ MORE

Does a Veneer Need to Be Removed to Fill a Cavity?

My veneers are 15 years old and I have developed a cavity on posterior portion of the tooth at the gum line, can a filling be placed without removing... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Remove Veneers?

I recently had veneers placed but they look horrible and bulky. They were no prep veneers and the dentist said he can remove them by laser. I wanted... READ MORE

Can composite veneers be removed?

My four upper front teeth are placed with veneers. I am really unhappy with my composite veneers and I want my old teeth back. No matter what it... READ MORE

Can I have my veneers removed? (photo)

I had my veneers done today and I truly dislike them . My dentist told me to wait for 2 weeks before I have the re-adjusted . I feel they are too big... READ MORE

How to get rid/removal of blackness on a temporary tooth? (photos)

I got temps the other day before I get my veneers and one of the teeth are black, so im wondering how can i get rid of the blackness on it? thanks READ MORE

What is the safest way to remove my veneers without damage to my natural teeth?

My ex dentist did a horrible job on my veneers and I need to get them redone asap! READ MORE

I have veneers on front 6 teeth, 2 with root canals, but now have bone loss 2 root canal metal posts. Any suggestions?

I'm told to remove the veneers and use caps in hopes of saving the bone. Can caps protect the tooth to stop bone loss? Or do caps just protect the... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a veneer without damaging it and then re-cement it?

I recently got 8 upper veneers. They look fine except for my left front tooth. The shape is good but it appears tilted and not in line with the teeth... READ MORE

Can veneers can taken off and be saved?

I have a tooth that has veneer. But the tooth is kinda sensitive that needs to have root canal. Can veneers be save, so after the root canal they can... READ MORE

Are there any new techniques to "re-grow" enamel if I wanted my veneers removed?

I always regretted having done them (it was a completely unnecessary procedure in my case) I've had them for 13 years and hate to see the wear on the... READ MORE

How should I approach Dentist? Should be at my next appt. day or go in sooner?

After having first sets of veneers removed, was very unhappy with the way veneers looked... Very bulky, very big (like bunny teeth)very unnatural. I... READ MORE

Replacing veneer & stain/discolor of veneer (Photo)

I am planning to replace my veneer because of its stain(or discolor as attached pic) and adjusment of veneer shape. Is this stain in front or discolor... READ MORE

Can Space between veneers be fixed? (Photos)

I got 8 porcaline veneers a few days ago. Hated them from the beginning. Feel like they are too bulky and he did a bad job. But trying to just live... READ MORE

Temporary veneers - there is a layer of cement/glue on the gums, should I remove this? (photo)

There seems to be a flakey layer of what I assume is glue on the gums. I had two temporary veneers fitted on just my two front teeth at the top. If i... READ MORE

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