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Why Would my Dentist Use a Crown Instead of Veneer?

My dentist suggested getting orthos to slightly move my front teeth out so that we could put veneers on do to chipping from my lower teeth, i did. For... READ MORE

What is the Reason You Do Not Recommend Fluoride Free Toothpaste with Veneers?

I have 6 veneers and I recently switched to fluoide free toothpaste (Burts Bees and Tom's) and fluoride free water. I did this because of thyroid... READ MORE

Why is There Such a Huge Variation in Price For Ceramis Veneers By Two Different Dentists?

Hi Im 30 now. I went to some doctors , they said i needed veneers to close gaps between my teeth. One quotes me 599 per tooth and other 2 quote me... READ MORE

Why do my porcelain veneers have grey spots? (Photo)

I've had vaneers on my six front teeth for the past 7 years. I think they look nice and natural and I've never feel too conscious about them as the... READ MORE

Tetracycline stains and new veneer color issue. Veneers only look good in soft light. Look grayish in person. Why? (Photo)

Also think they are too long for my face and doc says I just need to adjust. I went to a doc that was AACD member and thought he would do a good job... READ MORE

I have had veneers on teeth #5, 6 and 11 & 12 for 18 months. They have never stopped aching and I would like to know why (Photo)

I saw an endodontist and he told me my symptoms were not pulpal in origin. I have had three occlusal adjustments. I am wondering if the amount of... READ MORE

Why am I in so much pain 3 months after veneers and yet my dentist doesn't know what is wrong?

Hi. I've had my front 4 veneers replaced and I'm in so much pain and it's 3mths later and my dentist doesn't know why?cant bite into a chicken wrap... READ MORE

Prices of porcelain veneers vary hugely in a region - why?

E.g. Emax veneers are quoted £350 per tooth at one practice and £650 at another in the same region. How can a patient decide where to go? Could it b... READ MORE

Why are my veneers black?

I got my veneers done about 4 years ago about 1 year ago they started changing color they look black when I smile my dentist sayd it was due to the... READ MORE

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