Preparation + Porcelain Veneers

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Why Would my Dentist Use a Crown Instead of Veneer?

My dentist suggested getting orthos to slightly move my front teeth out so that we could put veneers on do to chipping from my lower teeth, i did. For... READ MORE

Over-prepped Teeth?

When I had gotten porcelain veneers done, (I had eight year-old bonding by a previous dentist, before going to this one) I though preparation was only... READ MORE

Would No Prep Veneers Work for Me?

The teeth on either side of my front teeth are slightly smaller than the rest of my teeth. Would I be able to get no prep veneers to make them appear... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Get Veneers Without Tooth Preparation? (photo)

Hello, I would like to get veneers type of porcelen covers for my teeth without the enamel shaving. Is there anything out there? Also, would tooth... READ MORE

Think dentist shaved off more than he said he would. Is it possible to tell how many mm shaved from photos? (photos)

I went to a dental office to get a veneer, on my front tooth. And they prepared my tooth by shaving very little off, and took a molding, and two times... READ MORE

Veneers: Emax Ivoclar, how many years do they last? How do you know when they need replacement? (photo)

I had 8 veneers done this month. I want to know the following to prepare: -how many years do they usually last? -how do you know when they need to be... READ MORE

Whats the preparation with veneers?

For veneers, why do some dentists only cover the front surface of the tooth, where as others wrap the veneer around the sides, and some also around... READ MORE

Considering veneers but deterred by teeth filing. How much enamel will be filed? How many veneers? (photos)

I have a gap and I feel like my teeth are short. I'm considering veneers but am very worried about the prepping process as it is irreversible and... READ MORE

Porcelain veneer

Unfortunately I have many problems with my teeth in the upper jaw .. so i go to Cosmetic doctor my anterior teeth have a composite so my doctor will... READ MORE

My teeth were prepped for veneers. My upper gum is flat and my lip looks like it sunk in.

I am still in temps which are bulky. Can material be added back subgingivally to build back up my gum that looks flat? area between my lip and nose... READ MORE

Tooth discomfort and throbbing after scraped in preparation for veneer

My teeth are scraped and install temporary casing, for vaneer purposes on December 15, 2016. Unfortunately, to this day still has not been installed... READ MORE

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