Permanent + Porcelain Veneers

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Can Veneers and Crowns Be Removed?

Worried that over time i won't like the veneers/crowns i plan to get. READ MORE

How Close Should Temporary Veneers Look Like the Permament Ones?

How Close Should Temporary Veneers Look Like the Permament Ones? READ MORE

Since My Veneers Don't Seem to Be Staying On, Are Crowns a Good, Permanent Alternative?

Mine fall off for no good reason and every month I'm going back to the dentist to get it glued back on! I thought this would be a permanent solution... READ MORE

Veneer Vs Crown for Chipped Tooth?

My 8 yr. old son chipped his permanent front tooth. Its nearly chipped in half. He has never had any oral surgery on any of his teeth. What would... READ MORE

Bite Doesn't Feel Right with Temporary Veneers - Will I Have Same Problem with Permanents?

I've had 3 teeth prepped for Veneers- 2 baby teeth and a front incisor (which had a large composite on anyway due to root canal treatment. With... READ MORE

Veneers too white? Will they fade a little? (Photo)

I just got 6 veneers today. I was happy with the shade of the temps, they matched the rest of my teeth perfectly, but the permanent veneers seem way... READ MORE

Temp Veneers Were Perfect , Perm Veneers Are Ugly and Not the Same at All As the Temps. WHY?

My temporary veneers were beautiful and I was so happy, however when the permanent veneers were seated, they were ugly, crooked some longer and... READ MORE

I had veneers and a crown 3 weeks ago and the pain has only gotten worse! Is this normal? (Photo)

The first day after my permanents were in I had agonizing pain all day long,Now after 3 weeks I have shooting dull pain.some days one tooth hurts more... READ MORE

Do veneers help with open bites? (Photos)

I have had braces for 3 +4 years , I had extremely crowded teeth and a severe overbite . Though the present condition of my teeth are better than what... READ MORE

My dentist is willing to replace my veneers. Do I have to let him remake them without a wax-up again? What should I do? (photos)

I got my perms the other day made without a diagnostic wax-up&look like a 3/4 crown(thick ), i think it was a big mistake and reason as well why i... READ MORE

Will gum recession or "black triangles" cause by temporary veneers grow back or will the permanent veneer cover issue? (photos)

I recently had temporary veneers placed for the first time and I have had gum problems in the past. After my gums where swollen and bluish color. Very... READ MORE

How will a chipped temporary veneer affect my teeth for permanent veneer placement? (Photo)

I just had my teeth prepped for veneers 3 days ago. Yesterday I woke up to a chipped tooth and had it fixed, only to find the same tooth chipped again... READ MORE

4 temp veneers before permanent? (photos)

I'm doing 4 top veneers. 1. My 2 front were "sticking out to the front" but it wasn't that bad before. 2. My 1st set of temp veneers,had the same... READ MORE

How much time to close my gap permanently? (Photo)

Do my teeth look fine to you? I think the gap needs to be closed. How long will it take me to use a method that closes the gap permanently? I don't... READ MORE

How are veneers replaced?

I have had veneers for a year now. Recently I have been hear a popping sort of noise when I put slight preasure on them. Does this mean they need... READ MORE

Is it really possible for veneers to stay forever?

Hello I had veneers month ago, my teeth was too long and big so i got teeth reduction. My dentist told me your veneers will last forever and he will... READ MORE

Had permanent veneers placed that have a small gap. They were placed a week ago & it wasn't present when I tried them in?(photo)

I originally had veneers done to get rid of spacing in my natural teeth. Things looked fine (no gap whatsoever) so I had them cemented. Not sure what... READ MORE

Upper half broken tooth what should I choose veneer or crown?

Hello Dr. I am 19 years old My upper front tooth is half broken since 5 years with no problem of sensitivity. Also don't have any infections as tested... READ MORE

Upper lip swelling after veneers normal?

I had my perm veneers done on Wednesday, swelling of the upper lip started Thursday night, and it's now Sunday. I've been to dentist and ER and they... READ MORE

Follow-up: "Replacement veneers, teeth filed down by 2mm. Are they permanently damaged?" (Photo)

Thank you for your answers. I learned the teeth were filed 1.2mm, not 2mm, acc. to the dentist. I hate the new veneers, which jut out much farther... READ MORE

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