Mouth + Porcelain Veneers

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What Brands of Hygiene Products That Work Best on Veneers?

What kind of maintenance is required to keep veneers clean and looking great? Does this include more frequent cleanings at the dentist's office? READ MORE

Is There Any Connection Between Porcelain Veneers and Bad Breath?

If so, what regimen is useful for porcelain veneer hygiene? READ MORE

I had 4 veneers fitted yesterday. Do they look long for my tooth? (photos)

I had 4 veneers fitted yesterday. They are a vast improvement from what I had due to trauma of the mouth I'm looking for an experienced opinion on... READ MORE

I have had Invislign recently but my small mouth still makes me insecure when smiling. Will veneers correct this?

Is my best option to get large upper veneers that would push out my lips out, therefore allow them to show automatically when I smile? READ MORE

My question is my front two tooth with small mouth. I want front two bigger it possible with veneer.?? (photo)

When I try to smile my front tooth looks so tiny.when I smile I look like old like my mouth goes inside lightly not much.but when I speak or when... READ MORE

Follow-up question: Would veneers help my situation? Please help. (photos)

I posted a question previously but wanted to give more photos for a better idea. I hate my smile. My mouth is very small compared to my jaw/chin/not... READ MORE

Venners sensitive

Hello I had 2 veeners placed on upper right 6&7 From day one they have been very sensitive to bite on.. i cant bite anything hard.. its not... READ MORE

Am I candidate for porcelain veneers? (photos)

I had braces 2X and 3 expanders. My mouth is extremely small for such large teeth (in my opinion). I refused to wear my retainer as a dumb 15 year old... READ MORE

Veneers? Bonding? Invisalign? Orthognathic surgery? I feel like my "weak" mouth ruins my appearance- how can I fix it? (photo)

I have minor overcrowding on top & bottom, an overbite, small lower jaw (both have V arches). Weak lips. My teeth are tiny & flat because I grind them... READ MORE

I have recently had porcelain veneers fitted - constantly stinging tongue.

I feel as if there is residu coming off My teeth and stinging my mouth and tounge. It constantly feels like I have a funny film cover Over my tounge... READ MORE

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