Molars + Porcelain Veneers

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Do Veneers on Molars Chip?

I would like to add veneers to my molars to achieve a wider smile. I have had orthodontic procedures and because of my age, my teeth are in good... READ MORE

I have veneers on my front teeth. Will my teeth shift if I get a molar extracted?

I have porcelain veneers on my front 6 teeth. I have crowns but I can't tell you where. I have a molar (#3) that needs a root canal. Long story short,... READ MORE

Molar is Broken to the Gumline?

Hi doctors, A long time ago, my molar, the one in the far left (upper), broke. I didnt go to the dentist right away. Until it broke little by little... READ MORE

Chemo has my teeth weak. Lots of silver fillings. Any suggestions? (photos)

Do I just get crowns. Veneered not sure how to make them where I don't always worry one is gonna break. Tonite while brushing I felt like a piece of... READ MORE

Can veneers added to molars to fix bite problems? (photos)

My molars can't touch at a normal jaw position, so when I chew, I move my lower jaw back to allows my molars to touch. This makes me less attractive... READ MORE

Emax inlay feels rough after 2 years with recent dull pain after chewing. How often should it be polished intraorally? (Photos)

2 years ago I had an Emax A1 HT inlay placed in the upper right second molar. In the past few weeks only I have been getting a dull light pain after... READ MORE

Unhappy with new veneers, do I have to pay again to have them redone or is it the dentist's responsibility? (Photos)

I am midway thru my treatment plan. Some veneers had to go back to the lab, 2 were applied (fangs) as well as 3 molar crowns. I hate the left side... READ MORE

New veneers with very short side molars.

I just had veneers and the molars look very short. The dentist adjusted the bite while I I was still was numb. And, he did reduce the molars. This is... READ MORE

Can I get veneers without braces? (Photo)

I have a massive hole in my number 3 left top molar. My tooth was infected with a sist and was completely rotten so it had to be pulled out. Now I... READ MORE

Can veneers reduce buccle corridors and make smile appear wider? (Photo)

My smile is narrow and my molars can't be seen when I smile. Would getting veneers on those teeth help them to stand out and make my smile appear wider? READ MORE

I am a 39 year old female. Can Veneers fix my crooked teeth? (photo)

I have no desire to go through orthodontics. In your opinion would my top teeth be a candidate for porcelain veneers ?Would you recommend a different... READ MORE

Why are my upper and lower left premolar moving? Appreciate all answers! Thank you. (Photos)

I had braces around 7 to 8 years ago. I am 23 years old now. I had partially impacted lower 3rd molars and recurrent pericoronitis so I had them... READ MORE

I've had the majority of my molars pulled; do I have enough teeth for veneers? (Photos)

I dont want get full dentures if possible is there another alternative? READ MORE

My dentist shaved down the cusps on my molars. Can I rebuild molars so they are high? I can't talk as well and eat (photo)

My dentist shaved down the cusps on my Molars when I told him I. Will not be getting braces and fitting crown in my mouth... Since then m jaw shape... READ MORE

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