Molars + Porcelain Veneers

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Do Veneers on Molars Chip?

I would like to add veneers to my molars to achieve a wider smile. I have had orthodontic procedures and because of my age, my teeth are in good... READ MORE

I have veneers on my front teeth. Will my teeth shift if I get a molar extracted?

I have porcelain veneers on my front 6 teeth. I have crowns but I can't tell you where. I have a molar (#3) that needs a root canal. Long story short,... READ MORE

Molar is Broken to the Gumline?

Hi doctors, A long time ago, my molar, the one in the far left (upper), broke. I didnt go to the dentist right away. Until it broke little by little... READ MORE

New veneers with very short side molars.

I just had veneers and the molars look very short. The dentist adjusted the bite while I I was still was numb. And, he did reduce the molars. This is... READ MORE

Chemo has my teeth weak. Lots of silver fillings. Any suggestions? (photos)

Do I just get crowns. Veneered not sure how to make them where I don't always worry one is gonna break. Tonite while brushing I felt like a piece of... READ MORE

Can veneers added to molars to fix bite problems? (photos)

My molars can't touch at a normal jaw position, so when I chew, I move my lower jaw back to allows my molars to touch. This makes me less attractive... READ MORE

Emax inlay feels rough after 2 years with recent dull pain after chewing. How often should it be polished intraorally? (Photos)

2 years ago I had an Emax A1 HT inlay placed in the upper right second molar. In the past few weeks only I have been getting a dull light pain after... READ MORE

Can veneers reduce buccle corridors and make smile appear wider? (Photo)

My smile is narrow and my molars can't be seen when I smile. Would getting veneers on those teeth help them to stand out and make my smile appear wider? READ MORE

Can I get veneers without braces? (Photo)

I have a massive hole in my number 3 left top molar. My tooth was infected with a sist and was completely rotten so it had to be pulled out. Now I... READ MORE

I am a 39 year old female. Can Veneers fix my crooked teeth? (photo)

I have no desire to go through orthodontics. In your opinion would my top teeth be a candidate for porcelain veneers ?Would you recommend a different... READ MORE

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