Missing Teeth + Porcelain Veneers

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Could I get press on veneers? (photos)

I'm missing a tooth I had braces but they damaged my teeth Evan more READ MORE

How Could a One Front Tooth Be Two Teeth?

My two front teeth were lost last 2007. I didn't plan to go for denture right after. So after a few months, the space (supposedly for two lost teeth)... READ MORE

Can veneers or a crown fix my shifted midline. (photo)

I have a missing bilateral incisor that caused my midline to shift and my teeth were also crowded. I have always been very insecure with my smile... READ MORE

Dentist said I need dentures. I have 23 teeth left, some need extracted. I am only 47. Would veneers work?

I would definitely need small cavities taken care of prior to this and maybe a dental implant for a missing lower tooth. Is this even a possibility? I... READ MORE

I need to replace missing teeth and close a gap. Missing teeth are visible in upper arch. Should I get the veneers first?

Missing teeth in upper arch - right premolar & canine and left premolar & molar Gap between my two front teeth - 38mm I want to close the gap as much... READ MORE

Veneers or composite bonding for young adults?

I have two congenitally missing teeth: lateral incisors (upper). In November I completed a course of orthodontics to bring my canine teeth forward to... READ MORE

Will veneers be his best option to close gaps with #7 lateral only missing? (Photo)

My husband is missing his #7 lateral and has gaps now throughout his upper arch. Our question is what is his best option, ortho wont be a good idea... READ MORE

I only have one front tooth. Could a veneer help improve the look? (Photo)

I only have one front tooth (upper lateral incisors) and it bothers me because people tend to ask me about it whenever they notice it. Is it possible... READ MORE

Should i get Veneers? (photos)

I am a 22 year old Female, with what i like to describe as a "small" denture . I lost a tooth at a young age and over the years my teeth have... READ MORE

Bridgework or Veneers?

I have small teeth and a 4 missing ones on the top. Will bridgework fill in the missing teeth and make my small teeth look longer? I want both. READ MORE

What are some solutions for my teeth? (Photos)

I don't have straight teeth as you can see, my alignment is shifted to the right. The bottom isn't too crooked but the two front bottom ones are... READ MORE

Are veneers the right choice for my specific case? Missing tooth (Photo)

Please help! I currently have braces and is considering porcelain veneers as an option. I previously had one tooth removed which had gradually moved... READ MORE

Could I get porcelain done on my first 4 or 6 teeth in missing my lateral incisors? (photos)

Please help me I really want to know what I should do and how much it would cost more or less , thank you READ MORE

What can I do about my front teeth? (photos)

I have always been self conscious about my front teeth, particularly the 2 small ones either side of my front 2. It is as though my teeth have not... READ MORE

Missing lateral incisors. Can I get veneers without getting braces first only on my canines to alter their shape? (photos)

20 y/o female. I want a quick treatment as Im not pleased with how they look. I have been missing my lateral incisors since birth. As a result, my... READ MORE

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