Lips + Porcelain Veneers

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Can Veneers Help to Push Lips out?

I have a slightly protruding chin and teeth that are inclined inwards, thus making my lips look small (slightly like older people who do not have... READ MORE

Veneers Pushing Upper Lip out Too Far, What Can Correct This?

I had veneers put in over my already straight teeth no grinding of naturale teeth. Mine did not show anymore. Now mouth protrudes out like a pussy cat... READ MORE

Upper Lip Protrusion. I Have Prepless Veneers on the Top 6 Teeth Could This Be Causing This?

Also when I smile my lip catches the veneers and give an irregular contour to my lip. READ MORE

Will Porcelain Veneers correct the alignment of my teeth and lips? (photos)

I got braces when I was younger and had them for 3 years, and my teeth are straight, the problem is they are not aligned with the center of my face... READ MORE

Can't close my lips naturally, overbite issue due to veneers placed straight on slightly inverted teeth.What can be done?(photo)

I had 3 veneers and a crown done on my 4 front teeth 3 weeks ago. The issue now is that I can't close my lips naturally, they hit my lower lip and... READ MORE

Can veneers give me more horizontal support to the lips/philtrum area?

I have a big space beetwen my teeth and my lips, so my lips have a sunken/frown look due to the lack of bone support. Would thicker veeners fill out... READ MORE

Upper lip pushed out, lips shape and color changed after getting veneers. How can I fix this?

I chipped the two front teeth a few years ago and a few months ago i got a veneer for the right one as it was chipped more whereas the other one was... READ MORE

One of my front teeth is extreamly sore. I have veneers on all the top teeth but only one is hurting.

It is very sore but when I take a drink of water the pain goes away but the tooth is extreamly sore to my lips when I swallow READ MORE

I feel my veneers came out too big and they don't look straight. (photos)

I did 6 veneers, my teeth had gaps but they were straight, now I feel like the teeth came out and they are not straight like they were and it's also... READ MORE

Can veneers give me better lip support and fuller smile?

When I had braces as a kid, I had 4 teeth extracted. I don't know if this was a good choice or not, but I have very little upper lip support. It makes... READ MORE

What will help give me a better smile? Veneers or a lip lift or surgery? (Phtoo)

Please help, I have a small and narrow smile, it's crooked and barely any teeth show. What can I do to fix this? I feel like I have to use all my... READ MORE

Unhappy with veneers. Need help identifying problem to communicate with dentist (Photo)

I know I do not like the way my lip has contoured to my veneers, I also think they are too thick and bulky but maybe I'm wrong. The right side is an... READ MORE

My teeth were prepped for veneers. My upper gum is flat and my lip looks like it sunk in.

I am still in temps which are bulky. Can material be added back subgingivally to build back up my gum that looks flat? area between my lip and nose... READ MORE

How can I get rid of an an uneven smile? (Photos)

The problem is when i normally sit my nose and lips are not aligned is there a jaw problem. when is smile normally my teeths get hidden by my lips... READ MORE

I have recently had porcelain veneers fitted - constantly stinging tongue.

I feel as if there is residu coming off My teeth and stinging my mouth and tounge. It constantly feels like I have a funny film cover Over my tounge... READ MORE

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