Insurance + Porcelain Veneers

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Can Insurance Cover Any of the Costs of Porcelain Veneers?

I have severe tetracycline staining and in need of about ten to twelve porcelain veneers. Will insurance cover any of this? READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Vaneers for Ground Down Teeth? (photo)

I've ground my teeth down significantly and just ground through my night guard. I'm wondering if I'll get any of the cost covered. I have several... READ MORE

Insurance Pays for Close to $4,000 for Braces, Can I Use It for Veneers?

I am looking to get Veeners done on my teeth. I would like to cover all the top and bottom ones when I smile. My insurance pays $4,000.00 for braces... READ MORE

Will health insurance cover veneers ?

I have mass health and i was wondering if would cover veneers if I wanted to get my teeth done READ MORE

Can you get Lumineers or Veneers in a couple of days?

I am going to get lumineers or veneers this summer to close two gaps and fill my smile in. Please let me know something soon. I want to find out... READ MORE

Can I get veneers if I have TMJ? If so, will it be covered by insurance?

My teeth have been shifting backward, causing jaw pain, and misalignment. Due to the maintenance of braces, and pain, I don't think my jaw could... READ MORE

I have veneers on my front teeth. Will my teeth shift if I get a molar extracted?

I have porcelain veneers on my front 6 teeth. I have crowns but I can't tell you where. I have a molar (#3) that needs a root canal. Long story short,... READ MORE

Should I replace a front cracked Veneer with another Veneer or is a Crown okay?

I had half of an upper front veneer crack and break off. A Dentist was able to glue it back on but 4 years later it's showing a stain where the crack... READ MORE

I have porcelain veneers that are over 12 years old. Should I switch to crowns to replace my porcelain veneers? (photo)

My ins. co. won't pay to replace them with veneers but will pay $1800 towards crowns per year. My dentist can do 4 in Dec. and 2 in Jan. so that $3600... READ MORE

Can my adolescent get veneers and gum lift covered by insurance?

She has two baby teeth, an odontoma is blocking one adult tooth from erupting, and the other baby tooth hasn't fallen out for an unknown reason. She... READ MORE

Can I have advice regarding aesthetic bonding, veneers, Invisalign, bite correction? (Photo)

1. Dentist won't insure aesthetic bonding on 6 bottom teeth unless I get a nightguard made by her. Bonding cost is $2000+. Nightguard is $700+. I... READ MORE

I have a gap in between my two front teeth, I was wanting to know if it was too large for veneers? (Photo)

Thanks so much! I have dental insurance, but it doesn't cove braces just veneers. READ MORE

My current 7-year-old Veneer has cracked almost all the way across.

It's the tooth next to the large front tooth so it's an important one to look good. The Veneer will need to be removed and some type of replacement... READ MORE

Are veneers an option for me and will insurance likely help with cost? (Photo)

I was born without 1 of my lateral teeth and had the other one pulled before braces when I was 11, I am now 28. Eight years ago I had bonding put on 4... READ MORE

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