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Will Veneers Help my Receding Gums?

I was an avid brusher, but have switched to a softer brush. Unfortunately, I have gaps between my teeth and food particles get in between my teeth. I... READ MORE

Replace Porcelain Veneers if Gums Are Pulling Away? (photo)

I've had porcelain veneers on top front teeth for 13 yrs; the gums have started pulling away recently and I can now see the margins. My dentist saw no... READ MORE

Dark Lines Between Gums and Veneers - Receding Gums or Cheap Veneers?

I'm thinking about getting veneers, but it worries me when I see people with dark lines between their gums and veneers. Is this from receding gums... READ MORE

Front Veneer and Horrible Swollen Gums. Options?

Amost 2 years ago I had 1 veneer put on my very front tooth. It was perfect for the first year or so- the next 12 months I had a lot of bleeding,... READ MORE

Is There Any Connection Between Porcelain Veneers and Bad Breath?

If so, what regimen is useful for porcelain veneer hygiene? READ MORE

I Had a Veneer Placed Yesterday and There is a Gap at the Gum Line. Will the Gum Fill in the Space? (photo)

I had bonding on my peg laterals as a child. Over the years they wore down and I recently had the bonding replaced with a veneer per my dentist... READ MORE

Gum Discomfort/burning Sensation Just Above the Veneer, Is This Normal?

For the past few days I have been having upper gum discomfortin the area just above the veneer. Veneers (upper front 4) were placed a month ago by a... READ MORE

The Gum Still Look Dark After Replace All Porcelain Crown? (photo)

Hi Doctors. I had 19 porcelain veneers a month ago, i chose the BL2 shade, the shade cam out not white as i wanted, but it;s too late to redo, but my... READ MORE

I have veneer overlays in my front four teeth. And my gums are bleeding day and night. Is this normal?

Procedure done In Quito Ecuador over a year ago. Started bleeding and swelling In the gums 2 months ago. Sometimes wake up with blood stains on my... READ MORE

Discoloration of dead tooth showing through porcelain veneer. What can I do to fix this?

I had 4 porcelain crowns done 3 years ago due to an accident where my front teeth were knocked out. Now, the gums are atarting to recede and on two of... READ MORE

I Had Veneers Placed 1 Year Ago and Now Have Grey Coloring Near the Gumlines? (photo)

Also I have had gum swelling near both incisors (they are both grey). Long story short. Went to another dentist for 2nd opinion. He said it was... READ MORE

Why is my gum line still dark after replacing my crown with all porcelain crown?

I had my porcelain fused to metal crown replaced with an all porcelain crown to remove the dark line on top of my tooth. I had it replaced because of... READ MORE

My dentist wants me to get a "gum trim" before new veneers, would this compromise the roots that I have left on my front teeth?

I have root reabsorption in my front top 6 teeth, from traumatic orthodontics 25 ish yrs ago, supposedly. I am 40 and have been able to maintain my... READ MORE

My gums growing over my porcelain veneers? How can I reverse this? (photos)

I had porcelain veneers done in 2007-2008. My gums were rather large, so I received gum surgery to reduce them, then after the procedure was done,... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneers Gums Are Inflamed After 5 Months and One Fell off? (photo)

After 4 top front veneers I am experiencing gum inflammation still after 5 months. A different dentist smoothed down the surface on the 2 front and it... READ MORE

Will Gum Look Normal Again When new Veneer is Placed? What is Best Way to Remove Old Veneer?

My porcelain veneer on front tooth has to be replaced as my tooth underneath has become dark and shows through, especially in photos. Also a year... READ MORE

I Had 6 Da Vinci Feldspathic Veneers Done 2 Weeks Ago and my Gums Are Irritated and Pulling Away at the Gum Margin?

I just had 6 upper veneers done 2 weeks ago and I am noticing both of the lateral incisors are experiencing some sort of recession or pulling away of... READ MORE

Burning Gums Around Veneers?

I've been experiencing a burning sensation in the gums around two porcelain veneers. It comes and goes, but has been happening everyday for four... READ MORE

New Porcelain Veneers?

I just received new veneers and I love the way the look. However one I can see the margin of one of them, I guess it doesn't go all the way up to the... READ MORE

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