Grind + Porcelain Veneers

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My Dentist Does Not Recommend Veneers Because I Grind my Teeth? (photo)

Do I need to consult with a cosmetic dentist or is there any way around getting veneers and protecting from future grinding? My teeth are small. READ MORE

Are my teeth moving, or are my veneers loose?

I've had my top front 8 teeth veneered for 4.5 years. I am a light grinder and wear a mouth guard. My dentist says I have great oral hygiene and... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Vaneers for Ground Down Teeth? (photo)

I've ground my teeth down significantly and just ground through my night guard. I'm wondering if I'll get any of the cost covered. I have several... READ MORE

I Had a Porcelain Veneer That Came off Within a Year. 3-4 Years Later and the Same Veneer Came off Again. Is This Grinding?

1st veneer came off whole, 2nd with small break on the back. My dentist has told me this MUST be because of grinding and I'm paying his new full cost... READ MORE

Ways of Rebuilding Molars. Superficial Damage From Grinding and Tooth Erosion?

I've been diagnosed with nocturnal grinding and tooth erosion. Naturally I have started wearing a nightguard and watching my diet for any acidic food.... READ MORE

Is There a Night Guard That Can Correct and Align Bite?

Hi! I have veneers, 12 on the top and 8 on the bottom. In addition to my veneers I have clenching and grinding issues as well as bite issues. i am... READ MORE

Splinting Mobile Teeth Issues?

Hi, i am grinder and wear a mouth guard (day and night). My #9,10 and 11 teeth are mobile in various degree. My dentist splinted them. But my bite is... READ MORE

Will veneers help increase tooth showing?

I'm young, but I have bruxism so I have grinded down my upper teeth. When I open my mouth slightly, I have no sexy/pouty tooth show , it looks like I... READ MORE

Would veneers fix my problem? (Photo)

Hi, I have a grinding teeth, slightly overbite as well, also small chin and neck fat even though I’m underweight. My question is: Would veneers fix m... READ MORE

Can a type of veneer help with one crooked tooth????

I was told I don't necessarily need braces that it would just be a cosmetic thing. But recently, about two years ago, I started to grind my teeth a... READ MORE

Replacing veneer & stain/discolor of veneer (Photo)

I am planning to replace my veneer because of its stain(or discolor as attached pic) and adjusment of veneer shape. Is this stain in front or discolor... READ MORE

How much grinding in total considering tooth veneers have to be replaced every 10-20 years?

I'm deciding between regular porcelain veneers or the no-prep kind. I understand that some tooth preparation is needed regardless. My question is,... READ MORE

Is there any way to restore back teeth that have been worn by nocturnal grinding?

I am 17. I went to the dentist for the first time in 5 years a few months ago, and he told me I'm a severe teeth grinder. My back teeth are almost... READ MORE

Can I get my porcelain veneers removed & replaced with composite (chairside) veneers? (photos)

I would get bonding on my front teeth because they got thin & chipped slightly from grinding. I tried composite veneers & really liked them so... READ MORE

Pain and discomfort 5 weeks after getting 11 veneers on my upper teeth. Normal? (photos)

A few days after I had them placed I was in a lot of pain, my dentis put me on antibiotics in case of infection but later ruled out infection and said... READ MORE

Alternative to 40,000.00 correction to my terrible problem?

I am very embarrassed with my smile due to my bottom teeth baby sized as a result of long term grinding and a terrible off set bite. I have been to... READ MORE

I grind my teeth at night and recently had a tiny chip in my upper front tooth. Would veneers fix it? (Photo)

I grind my teeth at night, recently had a tiny chip in my upper front tooth. I saw my local dentist and told him I was worried about hitting the nerve... READ MORE

Is a popping sensation normal after porcelain crown and veneer placement?

About 2 weeks ago I got 7 of my top teeth placed with porcelain crowns and veneers. After brushing my teeth today I noticed a popping sensation almost... READ MORE

Veneers? Bonding? Invisalign? Orthognathic surgery? I feel like my "weak" mouth ruins my appearance- how can I fix it? (photo)

I have minor overcrowding on top & bottom, an overbite, small lower jaw (both have V arches). Weak lips. My teeth are tiny & flat because I grind them... READ MORE

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