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Can Veneers Be Done for Just Two Front Teeth to Close the Space Between Them?

Or they will they look much different comparing to the rest upper teeth? I heard that most of the time people get 6 or 8 veneers at once, but I am on... READ MORE

Cost of Veneers for Teeth Gaps?

I would like to have veneers for teeth gaps. I have big gaps between my incisors round to my canines, from my pre-molars round to my 2nd-3rd molars. I... READ MORE

Will Porcelain Veneers Fix my 4mm Gap?

I have a fairly big gap in my two front teeth; about 4mm. Im really happy with my other teeth, as they are really straight, and I dont have an... READ MORE

I Had a Veneer Placed Yesterday and There is a Gap at the Gum Line. Will the Gum Fill in the Space? (photo)

I had bonding on my peg laterals as a child. Over the years they wore down and I recently had the bonding replaced with a veneer per my dentist... READ MORE

Would porcelain veneers treat underbite?

My son now 19 had an underbite. He wore braces for over 2 years, paladar expander, retainers and the rubbers but still the gap is there. He don't want... READ MORE

Non Preparation Porcelain Veneers

I'm thinking of getting non preperation porcelain veneers. But talking about non preperation veneers, what about the area between veneer and... READ MORE

Can I Keep my Gap if I Get Veneers?

I have always had a slight gap between my front teeth (see photo). The gap was much wider when I was a kid, but it closed some when I had my frenulum... READ MORE

Why are my veneers turning out the wrong shade/color? (photos)

Had veneers done around '95 but gums receded which created gap, forcing me to redo them. (photo1). I selected BL2 to go whiter. After work was done... READ MORE

Veneers or Composite Bonding for Closing Gaps in Teeth?

I am enclosing a photo of my smile. I am interested in closing gaps and lengthening the upper lateral teeth. Veneers seem like a large investment,... READ MORE

Veneers or Braces for Teeth Gaps?

I had bottom wisdom teeth taken out as a teenager. Now, I have gaps in lower teeth. I have two lower bridges to cover where missing teeth used to be,... READ MORE

My veneers look like horse teeth! What can I do? (Photo)

My veneers look like horse teeth! i got my four front top done. there's still a gap in the front and the dentist said there's nothing they can do... READ MORE

Veneers or Crowns to Fill Gaps Not Closed by my Braces?

My Ortho wants to do veneers across my 6 front teeth to fill gaps, but my dentists thinks it would be better to do crowns on the four teeth by the... READ MORE

Can I get Crowns or Porcelain Veneers to close the gap between my two front teeth instead of Braces or Invisalign? (photos)

HI, When i was young i had 2 upper teeth removed (unsure if they were canines). My teeth were never corrected properly since. I hate my teeth and it... READ MORE

Veneer or Crown on Healthy Front Tooth with Gap?

Had a lateral that was in good shape, but 80% of normal size resulting in a gap, then incisors moved over time after orthodontia. After teeth were... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Braces or Veneers For My Spacing Issues? (photo)

I'm 57 and wore braces at 22 to correct an overbite and straighten my teeth. Braces removed and was left with a small space between my 2 front... READ MORE

10 Years Post Porcelain Veneers, Gaps Reappeared. What Do You Recommend?

Had porcelain veneers about 10yrs ago due to big gaps n teeth, Now 10yrs on and my gaps have appeared again and I feel really bad with the way my... READ MORE

Veneer Clicking, Poppy Seed Size Gap Btw Incisors and Front Teeth, Veneer Popping Off, Tooth Not Conforming with Rest?

My teeth do not feel natural or secure in my mouth. my front tooth fell off 4 times. and he replaced an incisor due to a discoloration. i have little... READ MORE

1/2 a Centimeter Gap in Front Teeth. Options?

If the Gap in Your Two Front Teeth is About Half a Centimetre Can Two Veneers Help Close the Gap READ MORE

How Much Should I Look Forward to Spending on Veneers? (photo)

So i want to correct a few gaps that i have and i learned that dental bonding is out of the question due to the large width of my gaps. So now Im... READ MORE

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