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Gum Line Decay on Veneer -- Composite Bonding Repair?

My cosmetic dentist noticed a small amount of decay at the gum line on my (15 year old) veneered front tooth. Replacement is recommended, but color... READ MORE

Can I get Veneers over teeth that got composite fillings?

I have class 3 cavities on both sides of my upper middle teeth, got them filled recently (fillings are mostly on the back of the tooth), i wanted to... READ MORE

I'm 18 years old. Should I get veneers for chipped front tooth? (photos)

I chipped my left front tooth when I was nine.I've always had white fillings put in.The size is about a third of a dime. All the fillings have fell... READ MORE

Considering Veneers, Please Advice :-) (Photo) Reno, NV

Hi, I want to get either porcelain veneers or lumineers? I had fillings put on 4 of my front teeth, they were done 5 years ago they looked pretty good... READ MORE

Filling Redone or Onlay? (photo)

I had my dentist check a stain by an old filling. I wanted to make sure it was not decay. He said, no decay but it looked like the old filling might... READ MORE

I Am Currently Fixing Several Holes in my Teeth Through Fillings, and Wondering if Veneers Will Be Right for Me Afterwards?

I am currently going through the process of having fillings placed to fix the holes in my teeth. One tooth cracked because of decay but has since had... READ MORE

Is it a wise choice to replace white fillings with porcelain inlays?

Hi Doctors, I have white fillings in 5 of my molars. Will it be better to replace them with porcelain inlays to assure longer durability? And another... READ MORE

Composite Filling, Onlay (3/4 Crown) or Full Crown-which do i choose?

What treatment plan do you recommend? #2 - , sensitive to biting- it has a medium silver amalgam filling #3 - - it has a medium silver filling,... READ MORE

Fillings on Back of Veneers Have Come off Slightly?

My dentist but fillings on the back of my two veneers which are on my top two front teeth. But on both veneers the filling has come off slightly on... READ MORE

The dentist did not tell me the truth about veneers. No downsides, risks were explained. I'm in pain.Is the dentist responsible?

Had some filling material on my 2 front teeth.One tooth started showing a stain from older filling which was not bad but was a room for improvement.My... READ MORE

Family Dentist is Suggesting Veneers over Filing...please Advise? (photo)

I'm a 24 year old female with a great dentist record and healthy teeth. I had braces and never wore my braces so now my teeth have shifted. As you can... READ MORE

Do I have to get a crown or is it possible to get a filling? if I get a crown, will I have to replace it every few years?(Photo)

I had a root canal done on my front tooth before I got braces, but the tooth is still chipped in the bottom, not much but there's a bit missing on the... READ MORE

Can I do veneers if my teeth have fillings? Or is it better/safer to do crowns?

I am going to replace the porcelain crowns I currently have on my front 4 teeth. I thought I should do veneers for teeth 5,6,11,12 to improve my smile... READ MORE

Are veneers possible with my overlapping front teeth? (photos)

I know that braces/invisalign are the better option,however I am curious whether or not veneers are possible given the overlapping in the front. I am... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for veneers?

Basically when I was younger I never flossed and brushed poorly which resulted in cavities then filling in between/ on my upper front teeth. Now I am... READ MORE

Front teeth are in bad shape, one is dead, cracked & getting darker. Both had filings at the tips. Corrective treatment? (Photo)

Fillings were done about 10 years ago. Now, one tooth is dead and it has become noticeably longer. The filling at the tip of the other is also obvious... READ MORE

My Question is about cosmetic filling on a fractured teeth?

Three of my front teeth was broken into half, 6 months ago. My dentist fixed it with cosmetic filling but the shape and structure of my teeth is not... READ MORE

I've been in an accident two weeks ago which resulted in one tooth falling out and my two front teeth chipping?

. I have a temporary filling on the two front teeths and getting composite fillings. As im only 15 i would prefer something which doesnt restrict my... READ MORE

Are veneers contraindicated for teeth that have had a lot of restoration?

As a child I had bad oral hygiene, diet, genetics. etc. So I've had a lot of restoration done, fillings, crowns, and 1 implant. As an adult I take... READ MORE

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