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Completely Dissatisfied with my Porcelain Veneers! Can I Have Them Filed Down and Not Get New Ones?

I had 10 porcelain veneers done in 2008... And to this date I'm still not satisfied with my look as they just don't fit my mouth. I then found... READ MORE

When getting porcelain veneers, are teeth filed down to pegs?

When getting porcelain veneers, are teeth usually filed down to pegs? I had thought that for veneers, only a portion of the front of the tooth was... READ MORE

Should I be upset? Dentist shaved my teeth way to much when I asked him not to?

When dentist, recommended veneers for 2 front teeth .., I said to him only if you can make sure my teeth are not shaven real small... Well when my... READ MORE

After Veneer Was Placed, It Was Stuck to Tooth Next to It and Was Filed to Separate. Damage Glaze?

After my one front tooth veneer was bonded to my tooth it was stuck to the side tooth. The dentist filed in between the two teeth and I think the... READ MORE

Should i get Veneers? (photos)

I am a 22 year old Female, with what i like to describe as a "small" denture . I lost a tooth at a young age and over the years my teeth have... READ MORE

My front teeth are really big what should i do to even them out? (photo)

My two from teeth are really big. should i get on veneers on each side to even them out or just file down the two front teeth? READ MORE

My upper incisor protrudes greatly. Can this tooth be filed down and veneered? (Photo)

Tried spring retainer, tried invisalign and couldn't tolerate either. Do not want braces. What is the solution? READ MORE

Unhappy and depressed with veneers size. They're bulky, disproportionate. Can they be filed? (Photos)

Is there anyway the top veneers can be filed or shaved down? Especially the side ones. I had great teeth before, I want them back but I know I can't... READ MORE

Considering veneers but deterred by teeth filing. How much enamel will be filed? How many veneers? (photos)

I have a gap and I feel like my teeth are short. I'm considering veneers but am very worried about the prepping process as it is irreversible and... READ MORE

I had veneers put on my teeth and I always liked the slightly rounded shape of my regular two front top teeth.

When the doctor put the veneers on those teeth he made them straight across the bottom. I think they look too severe and I'd like them to be slightly... READ MORE

My front veneers feel extremely sensitive after filing was done on the back to thin them.

I got my veneers placed on my front 6 teeth. I am very happy, however, they were making my bite a bit awkward. My dentist filed the back of my 2 front... READ MORE

Follow-up: "Replacement veneers, teeth filed down by 2mm. Are they permanently damaged?" (Photo)

Thank you for your answers. I learned the teeth were filed 1.2mm, not 2mm, acc. to the dentist. I hate the new veneers, which jut out much farther... READ MORE

Can I remove composite veneers and go back to my old teeth if they were filed as prep work?

I had my teeth filed down for porcelain veneers but, im not confident getting porcelain with my current dentist, as this is harder to fix if she makes... READ MORE

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