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Options for Chipped Front Tooth Restoration

The bottom half of my front tooth was chipped. I want to know what my options are, and how long on average will this restoration last? Since I am only... READ MORE

Dental Bonding Vs Veneers for More Natural Looking Teeth?

Can anyone tell me if they have cosmetic bonding, not veneers? How is it? I recently had my teeth prepped for Veneers and now I do not want them. I... READ MORE

I have a loose front tooth. What should I do?

I am a 27 year old female who does not smoke. I haven't had any recent tramua. My front tooth is loose and I have been told I need to have root... READ MORE

Help, Do my Veneers Look Fake? ( photo)

Im a 22 year old girl and I recently got veneers on my upper teeth done. I feel like they look really bulky and fake. The doctor told me its because... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lengthen Front Two Teeth with a Partial Veneer? (Photos)

After fixing a small chip a dentist removed 2mm from both of my top front teeth resulting in a shorter, rounded look. My original teeth are naturally... READ MORE

My Front Teeth are Different Lengths - What Are my Options?

I'm 21 years old. on my front right tooth had root canal 5 years ago.. Right now that tooth is shorter than left tooth and darker than the rest of... READ MORE

Braces Removed - How Long Until I Can Get Veneers?

I started with a cross bite on my left side. I underwent SARPE surgery to widen my palate and then followed that with 10 months in braces. My arch and... READ MORE

Are Porcelain Veneers or Bonding a Better Option for Peg Teeth?

I have two peg teeth on either side of my two top middle teeth, which are also twisted slightly. I am looking into getting porcelain veneers or... READ MORE

Why Were My Porcelain Veneers White For Only The First Month?

I recently had 6 porcelain veneers on my top teeth and i asked for the whitest ones humanly possible as i really wanted the "made up" look.... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneer Dentin Bonding - Is This as Strong as Enamel?

My central front tooth has been chipped on the bottom half over 2 years ago. I have been using bonding, but my dentist is going to put on a veneer.... READ MORE

What Are CAD / CAM Sirona Veneers?

I am looking to get my top six teeth redone, whether it be veneers or crowns. I have an existing implant for one of my lateral incisors, and on the... READ MORE

Cost of Porcelain Veeners in NYC, CT or NJ?

Please I am looking to get done 10 teeth and would like to know How much cost for each porcelain Venners in NYC, CT or NJ? Thank you READ MORE

Can I Get Veneers if my Upper and Lower Incisors Come in Contact While Chewing?

I am a 25 year old girl and have healthy, but small teeth that barely show when I smile. So I want to get veneers to make my teeth look bigger. But... READ MORE

My gums growing over my porcelain veneers? How can I reverse this? (photos)

I had porcelain veneers done in 2007-2008. My gums were rather large, so I received gum surgery to reduce them, then after the procedure was done,... READ MORE

My daughter has no enamel on her teeth and the permanent veneers keep falling off!

We started about six months ago with the process of having permanent veneers put on her front top 8 teeth. They keep falling off when she eats and we... READ MORE

What can be done to correct my Buccal Corridor? I'm 27 YO Female. (photos)

I would like to reduce the dark spaces and achieve a broader and more flattering smile. Whilst a palatal expander may be useful when treating... READ MORE

Are porcelain veneers still a possibility with an open bite? (Photo)

I am considering replacing my top 8 teeth with porcelain veneers (to widen smile/fix stained, cracked teeth) and I am wondering if my bite could... READ MORE

New Ceramic Veneers, Can They Shift? (Photo)

Wisdom teeth caused teeth to shift so my fronts didn't meet on occlusal surface, 8 & 9 protruded, angled, unsightly. I opted for ceramic veneers:... READ MORE

Does front left Veneer look too big & ridiculous? Is it possible to correct it with the other Veneers already in place? (photo)

I just had my veneers redone. During the first attempt, the front left didnt fit correctly. The dentist sent it back but did the other 5. I went back... READ MORE

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