Falling Out + Porcelain Veneers

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Got Temporary Veneers to Replace Bonding, and they Fell Out; is this Normal/Common?

I got temporary veneers yesterday to replace bonding that I had previously which lasted 8 years. However, since yesterday, three veneers have fallen... READ MORE

Since My Veneers Don't Seem to Be Staying On, Are Crowns a Good, Permanent Alternative?

Mine fall off for no good reason and every month I'm going back to the dentist to get it glued back on! I thought this would be a permanent solution... READ MORE

Why Won't my 6 Front Top Veneers Stay On?

They have popped off 1 by 1! I have had them reglued and then remade and new ones put on. My dentist claims that he is using white, top of the line... READ MORE

Why Do my Veneers Keep Falling Off?

I had 2 veneers fitted on my front teeth almost a year ago, and I've had to have them reattached 4 times and the set re-made once aswell. I had the... READ MORE

I Got my Veneers 2 Years Ago & It Fell off While Eating. What is Going On?

I've only had the veneers for two years I'm about four months pregnant. I got up for a late snack, & while eating my front right veneer comes off.... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneer Liability Period?

I had 4 veneers installed 16 months ago. One has come off 8 times. It was lost and a replaced free of charge the fourth time it came off. It just came... READ MORE

Why do veneers fall off?

My emax veneer has fallen off three times over a period of 7 weeks, why can this be? READ MORE

1 of my brand new permanent veneers fell off last night while eating. It was a premolar, one of 8 restorations. What now?(photo)

Will my dentist try to redesign the veneer or just put it back on and hope for the best. Is this common? READ MORE

I Had a Porcelain Veneer That Came off Within a Year. 3-4 Years Later and the Same Veneer Came off Again. Is This Grinding?

1st veneer came off whole, 2nd with small break on the back. My dentist has told me this MUST be because of grinding and I'm paying his new full cost... READ MORE

I have had Veneers for 2 years and they keep breaking and falling out when eating. Why is this?

I got veneers total 8 numbers on front teeth, two years back. All the veneers keep falling without notice while eating and they break due to chewing.... READ MORE

My daughter has no enamel on her teeth and the permanent veneers keep falling off!

We started about six months ago with the process of having permanent veneers put on her front top 8 teeth. They keep falling off when she eats and we... READ MORE

Veneers falling off? (Photo)

What are signs that your porcelain veneers are about to fall off? I can feel my veneers moving, and here a clicking noise when it does. It's... READ MORE

Had veneers for 15 years. How do I tell if they are about to fall?

I had my porcelain veneers done almost 15 years ago. One of them, that had smallest tooth/area to be attached to, fell off. I am being very gentle... READ MORE

Veneer Clicking, Poppy Seed Size Gap Btw Incisors and Front Teeth, Veneer Popping Off, Tooth Not Conforming with Rest?

My teeth do not feel natural or secure in my mouth. my front tooth fell off 4 times. and he replaced an incisor due to a discoloration. i have little... READ MORE

My front veneer keeps falling out after less than 3 years of having it. What treatment would you recommend?

Had a bike accident where my face took the impact = messed up my front upper 2 teeth. Have had multiple root canal treatments but they didn't work so... READ MORE

No Prep Veneers After Porcelain Veneers?

I have posted a while back. I think I have re-cemented each my incisors 3 times. Now one is off again! I do have an overbite and I ended up purchasing... READ MORE

If Veneer Comes off During Cavity Repair, Does the Tooth Have to Be Crowned?

I have a cavity on the top edge of a front tooth that has a veneer. My dentist stated that while repairing the tooth, the veneer may come off and then... READ MORE

I have had 10 veneers for 9 years and the first one just cracked and fell off. What next? Any stronger bonding agents?

I had veneers put on by an AACD dentist in another state 9 years ago. I have lived in fear of them falling off ever since I got them. I wear a night... READ MORE

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