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Emax Veneers Vs Zirconia Veneers?

Hey I had my consultation today and ive got the option of emax or zirconia. With the zirconia being the more expensive. Can anybody tell me whats the... READ MORE

Crowned Tooth with Emax and Its Highly Sensitive, Please Advise?

Recently I fixed my teeth by emax veneers.two of my teeth were crowned .now I'm suffering from not being able to bite on one of those crowned teeth.i... READ MORE

Can Emax Veneers Be Returned to the Lab to Have Product Added to Them Without Losing Quality?

I have veneers on 8 and 9 (due to childhood accident). I needed them redone because I have very tiny black triangles on the distals due to papilla... READ MORE

Emax Porcelain Onlay Okay to Adjust Chairside By Dentist?

I had an Emax porcelain onlay placed on a molar. Is it okay if the dentist needed to make adjustments to it chairside? I want to make sure there is no... READ MORE

Which is better in the long run, Zirconia Veneers or Emax Veneers?

I am looking to have my top 6-8 teeth done in veneers. I have Narrowed it down between two dental offices. Both are charging about the same amount... READ MORE

Can emax veneers be shaved down if thick enough?

I just had 8 emax veneers placed on my upper teeth. I am very happy with the colour and translucency but the central incisors have come out too thick... READ MORE

Has my e max veneer been fitted correctly?

I have recently had an e max vaneer fitted to my front tooth to replace an old fractured porcelain vaneer. I can feel the edge on the left and bottom... READ MORE

Crown on front tooth - should I get a veneer also to outlast the fading of teeth whitening?

Hello, I currently have a porcelain fused to metal crown on one of my front teeth. I would like this replaced with a non metal crown to get rid of the... READ MORE

Composite veneers falling out. Will Emax veneers solve the problem? (photos)

5 years ago I had 5 composite veneers placed on my front teeth. This year I changed them to 10. Since then 5 veneers have fallen off. One dentist said... READ MORE

I am TOTALLY confused as to whether I should go with LAVA Plus or E-MAX veneers? Please opinions! (photos)

I am FINALLY removing my 25 year old bonds and replacing with veneers after having a wonderful Crown Lengthening procedure. I want the TOP of the line... READ MORE

My question in cosmetic for upper anterior teeth. Should I get veneers?

Hey dr . i am 22 years old dental student ,, i did ortho treatment twice I'm just done with the second treatment a month ago , i did gingivectomy from... READ MORE

Should I wear a night guard for clenching with emax veneers?

I recently got 10 eMax crowns/veneers on my upper front teeth. I have noticed that I wake up with a tightly clenched jaw, but I don't think I grind.... READ MORE

What would cause a semi-large white spot in a permanent veneer?

The white spot was not present when they came back from the lab so it has to be something about the way they were cemented on? And, they are... READ MORE

Help. What veneer is best for tetracycline stained teeth? (photo)

Hi, i have tetracycline staining on my teeth from having asthma as a child. I would like to know what type of veneer would be best to make the perfect... READ MORE

I have flourosis with abrasions and composite fillings. Will porcelain or emax veneers stick to my teeth? (photos)

My doctor says i have no enamel in most of the teeth so he might have to do composite veneers or crowns . Can i go for emax veneers as i have read... READ MORE

Veneers zirconia vs emaxx or any other type of porcelain veneer? (photos)

What it is I would like veneers for fashion reasons, i am looking for looking for the whitest possible veneer to the point of unatural White, but... READ MORE

Replacing Veneers?

I had emax veneer two times in one year and was v. much unhappy. I re changed the upper one for a third time and was happy but the front 6 teeth are... READ MORE

Ten eMax veneers at a greatly reduce cost, 1 sitting during a training session for my dentist? Healthy teeth! Yes or No? (photo)

I have the opportunity to receive an eMax veneer 'makeover' by the local dentist at Danville Family Dentistry; ten veneers for $3,000. The reduced... READ MORE

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