Doctor Referral + Porcelain Veneers

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Any Nyc Dentist Offer a Payment Plan for Veneers?

Hi, I am wondering if there are any dentist in the NYC area that offer an "in house" monthly payment payment plan/financing for those... READ MORE

Recommendations for Dentists in Kansas City, Missouri?

Does anyone know any good dentists in Kansas City, Missouri I might get a good job with my mouth with for veneers? READ MORE

I need six front crowns or veneers in Mexico. How do a find a good, affordable dentist?

My dentist here messed up my four front veneers that have cost me double (eight thousand) so I have opted to get more affordable veneers or crowns in... READ MORE

Recommendation for Cosmetic Dentist in Denver, CO

Can you recommend a good cosmetic dentist to do veneers in Denver, CO? READ MORE

Whats the best doctor to get Veneers from?

Hi, i have spaces in my teeth, also its a little discolored and small in sizes, when i smile also people dont see my teeth, where can i find the best... READ MORE

Can I get top quality veneers without going to a Beverly Hills dentist?

After reading hundreds of reviews, I've narrowed my search down to 3 dentists. I've had 2 consultations with top celeb cosmetic dentists in Beverly... READ MORE

Looking for the right doctor in my area. My question is, would veneers correct my bite? (Photo)

I'm looking for a dentist who's an expert in veneers and creating a natural smile. I don't like bulky veneers that look artificial. I have braces on... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor in the US to do porcelain veneers. (Photo)

Ive been researching this procedure. Ive always had an over bite. I never smile in my pictures because as a kid I was picked on. Called bugs bunny,... READ MORE

Any recommendation for a implant specialist or dentist in MD? Do I need reconstructive cosmetic surgery or dental work? (Photo)

I hate my smile & spent $16K for bad results. I was born without both lateral incisors. Had fake teeth on braces & retainer & bone graph & two... READ MORE

Did my dentist take so much of the tooth structure for the dental veneer prep. Any suggestions? (photos)

Recently did prep for veneers for my upper 10; I believe the prep was aggressive, please look at my photo and let me know? Also what is the best... READ MORE

Looking for a dentist to do veneers in the Dominican Republic (Photo)

I only have 17 Teeth. 2 of those teeth need to be crowned. The rest are partials. I may need 2 bridges, one for only 1 tooth missing and the other... READ MORE

Best Cosmetic Dentist around Los Angeles?

I have had braces twice, and my peg laterals bonded twice. It's safe to say I don't have good luck with dentists. I want to get veneers over my peg... READ MORE

What is a good price for Veneer (per tooth). Any good dentist recommendations in South Florida?

I recently went in for a consultation for veneers in which the dentist saw fit for me to have have two veneers placed. When I got my price break down... READ MORE

I need veneers, how long would it take to have 20 done? (photos)

Hello all hope you can help, iv decided to have vaneers done would like to know the best places to have them done he much ect .. READ MORE

What can I do about a broken porcelain veneer until I can get into a dentist to temporarily fix it?

I have the broken piece and it fits seamlessly. I am also looking for a cosmetic dentist in Columbus Ohio to fix it. We are new to the area, and I do... READ MORE

In need of Porecelain Veneer replacements. Any suggestions?

I am really in need of replacing my porcelain veneers from 25 years ago. Looking for a great dentist, but also a way to afford it. Any suggestions? I... READ MORE

Any doctor's suggestions for Porcelain Veneers in Costa Rica? (photos)

Hi. I am thinking of going to Costa Rica to get some porcelain veneers put on my two front teeth to make them fuller, and not so flat looking. Does... READ MORE

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