Dark + Porcelain Veneers

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Dark Lines Between Gums and Veneers - Receding Gums or Cheap Veneers?

I'm thinking about getting veneers, but it worries me when I see people with dark lines between their gums and veneers. Is this from receding gums... READ MORE

The Gum Still Look Dark After Replace All Porcelain Crown? (photo)

Hi Doctors. I had 19 porcelain veneers a month ago, i chose the BL2 shade, the shade cam out not white as i wanted, but it;s too late to redo, but my... READ MORE

I got Porcelain Veneers and not happy with color due to paint on top layer of veneer. Is this normal for veneers to be pained?

I got16 veneers fitted-and not happy with colour. I've chosen B3 and I liked temps look,but when my veneers were fitted I have noticed that they are... READ MORE

Disappointed in Veneers; any suggestions? (Photos)

I went to a new dentist to get my teeth cleaned and was sold in to getting veneers due to night grinding. I elected to get veneers on the front four... READ MORE

Permanent veneers don't seem right. (photos)

I finally got permanent veneers on top 4 front teeth, only after 5 months dealing w/ incompetence. I'm unhappy with these and have concerns: the... READ MORE

My Dentist used white cement as my veneers came out darker than asked for. Is this okay? They appear shiny?

When the Veneers were placed on to see what color they would appear they were too dark. Instead of a transparent cement my dentist used a white cement... READ MORE

Are temporary veneers suppose to be darker than original tooth?

I just got my temporary veneer and it is so much darker than my original tooth that I wanted to get fixed. Are temporary veneers suppose to be darker?... READ MORE

Can veneers fix my open bite? (photo)

I'm considering which possible treatment is the best way for me to go. I've been told that I would benefit from orthognathic surgery and/or... READ MORE

What are my options for my daughters front tooth that has turned dark? She fell and the dentist said it was bruised.

The dentist took XRays and It's not fractured but it's still a little sensitive. They said it may take months to see if that goes away, but my concern... READ MORE

I have dark gum after veneer. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had veneer for last 12 years wz pink and very healthy gum .then i changed the venner wz very bad laser cut .my gum turned very dark ..i remove the... READ MORE

Can a veneer be placed over zirconium crown?

A front tooth on my new bridge is noticeably darker than the adjacent one. I notice it in all natural lighting situations & its very disturbing to me!... READ MORE

Should I listen to my dentist?

My front tooth is calcified and darker than the rest of my teeth, my dentist recommended putting one porcelain veneer because the rest of my teeth are... READ MORE

What should I do?

I got 5 veneers and 3 crowns on my front upper teeth. 2 of the crowns/root canals were from years ago and I had a new root canal done when I got the... READ MORE

How long do veneers last and how do they look?

I hear alot of complaints about veneers only lasting 15 years and being really dark... is that true? READ MORE

Is it possible to replace a veneer over a composite filled front tooth?

My dark front tooth showed through my veneers. my dentist removed a good part of my tooth and replaced it with a composite. Will I ever be able to go... READ MORE

Bonded tooth under veneer feels very different - like it is clamped down.

I have veneers and I have a dark tooth that showed through my veneer, it bothered me for years and my dentist said he could drill out part of the... READ MORE

I had 2 veneers done on my front 2 teeth today, 1 tooth is still dark, what can I do?

One was discoloured from a previous root canal, i can still see the dark coming through and my teeth are a lot bulkier then they were and seem longer,... READ MORE

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