Damage + Porcelain Veneers

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Is Bleaching of Teeth Possible if Having Porcelain Veneers?

If I have only a few of my teeth covered up with porcelain veneers, can I bleach the teeth without veneers then? Or does the bleaching harm the... READ MORE

What Happens to Veneers/Lumineers After 10-15 Years?

I am 25 now. Should not happen that i am left with no tooth at 40! READ MORE

Can my NightGuard Damage or Pull off my Veneers?

I have had Veneers puton my top two front teeth. And my private Dentist had a custom NightGuard made also for me. I have worn it two nights now.... READ MORE

Could I get press on veneers? (photos)

I'm missing a tooth I had braces but they damaged my teeth Evan more READ MORE

Should I get veneers? (Photo)

My two front teeth were damaged in a car accident. One is cracked and the other has a filling. I hate me teeth because of that and want them fixed to... READ MORE

What is the safest way to remove my veneers without damage to my natural teeth?

My ex dentist did a horrible job on my veneers and I need to get them redone asap! READ MORE

Nightguard feels tight around front bottom teeth?

It's been a week since I received my custom fit night guard for my grinding at night. My front bottom teeth are the most sensitive however the mouth... READ MORE

I am 33, I always didn't like my front teeth. Am I a good candidate for Veneers? (photos)

I am 33, I always didnt like my up front teeths. I was getting an idea from my dentist but he recommended me to just leave them like this. He thinks... READ MORE

18 Veneers Placed. Bite Adjustment, Yes; Will a Night Guard Be Permanent?

I am committed to restoring Oganic Occlusion and temporarily using a night guard / splint as needed to attain that goal as well as to allow for... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a veneer without damaging it and then re-cement it?

I recently got 8 upper veneers. They look fine except for my left front tooth. The shape is good but it appears tilted and not in line with the teeth... READ MORE

Should i get Veneers? (photos)

I am a 22 year old Female, with what i like to describe as a "small" denture . I lost a tooth at a young age and over the years my teeth have... READ MORE

Replacement veneers, teeth filed down by 2mm. Are they permanently damaged?

I recently cracked 1 porcelain veneer of the 6 that I have had for 30 years & decided to redo all 6. The new dentist "prepped" my teeth. I heard her... READ MORE

Can a single veneer be replaced without replacing adjacent veneers?

I have 4 veneers on my upper front teeth. They are 13 years old and one in the middle has cracked. Is it necessary to replace all 4 or would replacing... READ MORE

Cost time and procedure to remove veneers? (Photo)

I got non prep porcelain veneers 3 months ago. My lip is quite thick and they were really bulky in my mouth. I can't make a full smile anymore and... READ MORE

Experience with edelweiss composite veneers.

I would like any experiences from doctors about edelweiss veneers.I have a composite veneer on one front tooth because of enamel loss.It is damaged... READ MORE

What damage is caused by dentist sanding veneers?

I got veneers over a year ago. I was not happy with the color and was told they could be whitened. The dentist sanded the fronts. The filling in my... READ MORE

Front tooth veneer. Will it be okay during general anesthesia?

I was treated with veneer after root canal therapy for two of upper front teeth. (Due to accidental chip out). I am worried whether it will be okay... READ MORE

Can klorhexidin damage the veneers?

I have gingivitis and have been using corsodyl mouthwash for 3-4 days and I feel the surface on one of the veneers is changing. It´s feel pebbled(?) ... READ MORE

Are my teeth damaged after installing veneers?

I had veneers installed about a month ago and ever since 2 of the veneered teeth have been hypersensitivite. Consuming hot or cold liquids are painful... READ MORE

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