Cracks + Porcelain Veneers

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Cracked Veneer, Temp Came off my Remaining Tooth! The Horror at How Much She Shaved Off! Was This Normal or Necessary? (photo)

New city & DMD, second broken veneer and same horror story: I think the DMD shaved too much off! First time, that DMD claimed the veneer could not... READ MORE

Veneers or Braces First for Cracked, Discolored, and Bucked Tooth?

I have a cracked, discolored front tooth that is bucked and sticks out from the other teeth. Can I possibly get veneers and they can adjust the... READ MORE

When Should Cracked Veneers Be Replaced?

I had an accident 8 years ago and to fix the "monstor teeth" that resulted, I had 6 porcelain veneers on my front teeth--top & bottom.... READ MORE

I Have Veneers That Have Changed the Color and Started Getting Cracks. So Should I Go for Veneers Again or for Crowns?

About 12 years back I got veneers on 4 of my front teeth to fill up the spaces between the teeth and to whiten them. Now they have become yellow and... READ MORE

Will a Porcelain Veneer work for a cracked front tooth or should I get it capped?

One of my top front teeth is capped. For aesthetics, my other front tooth has a veneer...15 yrs later part of the veneer chipped & my NEW dentist (I... READ MORE

Porcelain veneers have hairline cracks on them a week after placement. Any suggestions? (photos)

My dentist placed eight porcelain veneers on my upper front teeth a week ago. Now four of them have hairline cracks on them. Why can it be so? I don't... READ MORE

Should I replace a front cracked Veneer with another Veneer or is a Crown okay?

I had half of an upper front veneer crack and break off. A Dentist was able to glue it back on but 4 years later it's showing a stain where the crack... READ MORE

Multiple porcelain veneers cracked within a week. Does it happen that dentist needs twice to get porcelain veneers right?

Porcelain veneers on 8 upper front teeth. Within five days after permanent went in, at least five of them have had visible cracks. Back at dentist, I... READ MORE

Does it look like I can get Porcelain Veneers? (Photos)

Hi , I Wanted To Know If Getting My Teeth Done , Does It Look Like I Could Get Veneers ? I Have Small Teeth That Never Grew, A Crooked Tooth Down... READ MORE

Can a crack on back of veneer be repaired?

I just got two front veneer about two weeks ago. I started having pain and I noticed a crack on back of my veneer. READ MORE

I need 9 veneers and 1 crown (10 total teeth) on upper. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was quoted 19k yesterday for 9 vaneers and 1 crown to replace the top half of my teeth are cracking and wearing down :( Anyone know of a... READ MORE

Can a single veneer be replaced without replacing adjacent veneers?

I have 4 veneers on my upper front teeth. They are 13 years old and one in the middle has cracked. Is it necessary to replace all 4 or would replacing... READ MORE

Cracked natural tooth beneath a veneer

Hello! I have a veneer on my front tooth and the natural tooth underneath has developed a crack. I can't get in to see my dentist for 5 days - this is... READ MORE

My current 7-year-old Veneer has cracked almost all the way across.

It's the tooth next to the large front tooth so it's an important one to look good. The Veneer will need to be removed and some type of replacement... READ MORE

Can I request a veneer for a chipped lateral incisor?

I had a crack that started to show signs of decay along the medial surface of my lateral incisor. As a result the dentist had to go in and file down... READ MORE

If veneers were to crack or break would doctors stand by their products and replace them? (Photos)

And how much would the top and bottom be? Like to know if I'm spending a lot of money the does the company stand by there products.i have several... READ MORE

I have had 10 veneers for 9 years and the first one just cracked and fell off. What next? Any stronger bonding agents?

I had veneers put on by an AACD dentist in another state 9 years ago. I have lived in fear of them falling off ever since I got them. I wear a night... READ MORE

I am 42 years old my teeth are rotted with bad plaque on them. What can be done for me?

My front teeth have heavy plaque on them. My back teeth are cracked and missing, and often in pain. Now my front bottom tooth is severely lose and I'm... READ MORE

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