Correction + Porcelain Veneers

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How to Fix Jagged Tooth?

Somehow the front two teeth at the bottom are jagges/ chipped I guess and I want to know what to do or how much it costs to get them back to be smooth... READ MORE

Underbite correction without surgery. What is the average cost? (Photo)

Hello, One orthodontist said that i need surgery for my underbite. I came across porcelain veneer. Could it help? I might need braces to straithen my... READ MORE

Should I get porcelain veneers to correct my open bite? Are there any alternatives to braces that you would suggest? (Photo)

I had braces in high school for a total of about 5 years to correct a severe open bite . I chose permanent retainers and they have failed to keep my... READ MORE

Is There a Night Guard That Can Correct and Align Bite?

Hi! I have veneers, 12 on the top and 8 on the bottom. In addition to my veneers I have clenching and grinding issues as well as bite issues. i am... READ MORE

How can I correct my one tooth that is pushed far back without braces? (Photo)

I have a lopsided jaw and on the one side of my mouth I am experiencing crowding with one tooth. I just graduated college so I'm not able to afford... READ MORE

How to correct anterior open bite caused by dental restorations?

I had 8 porcelain crowns done on my upper teeth. I now have a 1mm-2mm open bite---my six front teeth are not touching my bottom teeth and my premolars... READ MORE

I got veneers 3 years ago. Is it possible to modify the veneers I have? (photo)

I got veneers 3 years ago, the mold the showed me was different than the implants, they are way to nice looking/fake. Is it possible to modify... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneers for underbite correction? (Photos)

I have a minor underbite that has always bothered me, so much so that I've had to train myself to smile differently. In the past I have had corrective... READ MORE

Can this be corrected with veneers? (Photo)

Hi when I smile the top line of my teeth are not aligned with my lip. Whenever I smile my top lip covers about half of my to teeth making my smile... READ MORE

My lower teeth is above my upper teeth as seen in the pictures. I can't give a proper smile too. I am 54. (Photo)

Is procelain veneer the best solution to correct my teeth? How long does this veneer last? READ MORE

I have had Invislign recently but my small mouth still makes me insecure when smiling. Will veneers correct this?

Is my best option to get large upper veneers that would push out my lips out, therefore allow them to show automatically when I smile? READ MORE

Will two front veneers correct my wonky tooth? (Photo)

In photos it often looks like one of my front teeth is missing and I now hate to smile for the camera. Will veneers correct this? READ MORE

Veneer nightmare. Will travel, please advise. (Photo)

I just payed for veneers on two front teeth to correct space. The number 9 veneer is twice as thick as number 8. It is impeding view of number 10. The... READ MORE

I would like to know if veneers could correct the crowded overlapping tooth I have on the top? (Photo)

Previously the dentist has suggested braces because my teeth are healthy but now i'm over 30 i dont want braces. is this a suitable solution? Should I... READ MORE

Veneers to correct slightly outstanding front teeth?

I have a perfect bite but my two front teeth is tipping out a bit, just some extra mm. Can this be corrected with veneers? READ MORE

Can anything be done to correct overbite and crossbites when I have veneers? (photos)

Hi! I had 10 upper veneers placed (and my teeth shaved down significantly). My concerns were that my teeth were not straight, and my arch was too... READ MORE

I wanted to know what's the best treatment to correct my crowding? Are porcelain veneers an option? (Photo)

I went for orthodontic advise to two different dentist. I was told not to get braces because i have short roots and my teeth might fall out after the... READ MORE

I hate my veneers (Photo)

I was expecting my veneers to look like the mock up ones my doctor sent me home with until the final veneers were ready. He ended up not liking the... READ MORE

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