Cavity + Porcelain Veneers

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Will Teeth Get Cavities After They Are Covered with Veneers?

I am 34 y.o. and my teeth needed annual dental work ever since I was in preschool. I brush my teeth twice a day, floss after each meal, don't eat... READ MORE

Gum Line Decay on Veneer -- Composite Bonding Repair?

My cosmetic dentist noticed a small amount of decay at the gum line on my (15 year old) veneered front tooth. Replacement is recommended, but color... READ MORE

Does a Veneer Need to Be Removed to Fill a Cavity?

My veneers are 15 years old and I have developed a cavity on posterior portion of the tooth at the gum line, can a filling be placed without removing... READ MORE

My dentist wants me to get a "gum trim" before new veneers, would this compromise the roots that I have left on my front teeth?

I have root reabsorption in my front top 6 teeth, from traumatic orthodontics 25 ish yrs ago, supposedly. I am 40 and have been able to maintain my... READ MORE

Considering Veneers, Please Advice :-) (Photo) Reno, NV

Hi, I want to get either porcelain veneers or lumineers? I had fillings put on 4 of my front teeth, they were done 5 years ago they looked pretty good... READ MORE

Can A Cavity Be Filled With A Veneer On It?

Have a veneer on my upper rt eye tooth #3- tooth has alot of bonding filling.Noticed today between this tooth a small brown stain at the upper part... READ MORE

My Front Teeth on the Right Side Got Cavity?

My front teeth on the right side got cavity and it is very much visible now. I am very worried and would like to know will my tooth can be saved and... READ MORE

My front teeth have cavities near the gum line, I want veneers. Would these cavities prevent that? (Photo)

Also one tooth up front is falling apart chipping (behind the tooth and also near gum line). How would veneers work with these issues? READ MORE

If Veneer Comes off During Cavity Repair, Does the Tooth Have to Be Crowned?

I have a cavity on the top edge of a front tooth that has a veneer. My dentist stated that while repairing the tooth, the veneer may come off and then... READ MORE

Cosmetic Dental Makeover, but Have Gumline Cavity Issue?

I have a few gum line cavities and was told I shouldn't ever consider veneers, They are small but the dentist says it is an option just further down... READ MORE

How can I detect cavity under veneer with opaque resin?

I have been treated with veneer after opaque resin due to tooth discoloration. Is there a possibility that cavity will be generated on my teeth? I am... READ MORE

Should I get veneers for only my two front teeth? (Photo)

A few weeks ago, I got fillings to cover up my cavities. One cavity was in my front right tooth. While the cavity is gone, the dentist botched the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for porcelain veneers? (Photos)

Hi, I really hate my smile and I have the opportunity to start modeling and would love to fix my gap and slight overbite as soon as possible. I've... READ MORE

Does antibiotics and a root canal take care of a cavity under a veneer? Can reinfection occur?

Six Vaneers installed Upper Front Teeth March 2016. One front tooth got infected in july 2016. months. Dr. Gave antibiotics and week later did root... READ MORE

I have a class 4 cavity in my upper anterior, are veneers possible without composite filling?

I have a class 4 cavity in My upper anterior teeth... I havent filled it...can i go directly for veneers without filling with composite in it.. just... READ MORE

Do veneers take pain away from all of this or just cover the outside? What would my best option be? (photo)

Hi, I was just curious what would be the best option for me.. growing up I had very bad crowding in my teeth.. so ended up getting braces.. I had the... READ MORE

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