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Causes of Grey Lines on Veneers 1 Year Post Op?

Hi, I had 8 veneers placed on my upper teeth about 12 month ago. Recently I started noticing grey lines near the gum line which made veneers look... READ MORE

New Veneers (front four teeth) are causing me speech problems. Is it because of the thickness? (Photo)

My front four veneers are great, however Its been 3 weeks and Im still having speech problems. Im spitting slightly out of the sides while producing... READ MORE

My Two Front Teeth Were Fitted with Veneers 6 Months Ago but Now They Have Started to Look Darker Than my Other Teeth Any Info?

My Two Front Teeth Were Fitted with Veneers 6 Months Ago but Now They Have Started to Look Darker Than my Other Teeth Any Info? READ MORE

Tooth with Veneer Has Hole at the Back of It After Piece Popped Off During Flossing. What's The Cause? I'm Worried. (photo)

I got porcelain veneers for my two front teeth 2 months ago. I was flossing when a small white piece popped off the back of my veneered tooth. I had... READ MORE

Teeth sensitivity - what is the real cure for this?

On &off for a few years have sensitivity in upper rt frt 3 teeth.1 have porc laminates,other a crown w/root canal. All done over 15 yrs ago. But... READ MORE

Cant of upper teeth, asymmetric gum line, little or no deviation of chin. What causes this? What treatments are possible?(Photo)

As can be seen from the photos I have a maxillary cant (well, at least the upper teeth are canted), but there would appear to be little or no cant of... READ MORE

Why Do my Porcelain Veneers Feel Tight when I Eat Harder Foods?

I've noticed that only when I eat harder foods like candies or hard biscuits my Porcelain Veneers (I only have 2 on my upper central incisors) feel... READ MORE

I Had 6 Da Vinci Feldspathic Veneers Done 2 Weeks Ago and my Gums Are Irritated and Pulling Away at the Gum Margin?

I just had 6 upper veneers done 2 weeks ago and I am noticing both of the lateral incisors are experiencing some sort of recession or pulling away of... READ MORE

Infection under ceramic veneer? What could be causing it? (Photo)

Hi there, I recently had a veneer placed on my incisor. It needed to be wider since I had an impacted canine (surgically removed). However, I've been... READ MORE

Temporary veneers came off after 2 hours. Had to superglue. (Photo)

I got some temporary veneers put on top 4 front teeth. Front 2 came off after 2 hrs. #7 next day. I had to superglue them on. When Dr put them on, my... READ MORE

Veneers cause swelling in face?

I just got my temp veneers put on 2 days ago. since then, my gums look raw and are slightly bleeding. I have sweeling around my mouth and primarily my... READ MORE

Why have my veneers become darker?

After 2 weekend of getting prettau zirconia veneers , Thier color became darker and thier surface became rough, I used lacalut aktiv mouth wash and... READ MORE

What could cause chronic inflammation around right front central incisor after placement of a veneer? (Photo)

Hi. I have a history of periodontitis. I also had eight veneers put on my upper teeth in early 2013. Ever since then, I have had intermittent... READ MORE

I have a set of porcelain veneers/lumineers. I would like the front two teeth to be longer. Can just two of the set be replaced?

Or will this cause the neighbouring veneers to break? Prior to the veneers I had dental bonding on my two front teeth which was longer than my current... READ MORE

What could the cause of decay be under a dental veneer other than lack of proper cleaning?

Should a person who is not susceptible to tooth decay have decay under 3 veneers in under 2 year period of time from having them placed? What could... READ MORE

Is it possible my dentist caused my tooth infection when I received my veneers? Should I be responsible for the bill to repair?

After having my overbite corrected with veneers i immediately suffered in pain & got an infected nerve. My dentist gave me antibiotics & said... READ MORE

What damage is caused by dentist sanding veneers?

I got veneers over a year ago. I was not happy with the color and was told they could be whitened. The dentist sanded the fronts. The filling in my... READ MORE

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