Bruxism + Porcelain Veneers

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Can I Get Veneers if I Have Bruxism? I Diligently Wear a Customised Occlusal Splint. (photo)

I am concerned about the veneers breaking. I prefer porcelain veneers as I love my coffee and I hear composite can stain easily. However, I heard that... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Braces or Veneers For My Spacing Issues? (photo)

I'm 57 and wore braces at 22 to correct an overbite and straighten my teeth. Braces removed and was left with a small space between my 2 front... READ MORE

Bruxism / slight overbite. Could porcelain veneers fix my smile? (Photo)

I have had Bruxism since I was a teenager. It seems to be overnight clenching and grinding. My natural bite is an overbite but it does not cause me... READ MORE

Are dental veneers recommended for patients with bruxism, who aren't happy with their smile? What are more alternatives? (photo)

I have severe bruxism and have chipped my teeth numerous times to where they aren't as elongated as they should be. My canine teeth are completely... READ MORE

Will veneers help increase tooth showing?

I'm young, but I have bruxism so I have grinded down my upper teeth. When I open my mouth slightly, I have no sexy/pouty tooth show , it looks like I... READ MORE

I suffer from bruxism, low enamel and stained teeth. I want to get it fixed (Photo)

But have been told whitening is not an option. Happy to pay for emax veneers but from what I am reading, this may not be suitable either? Is it... READ MORE

What is wrong with my veneers? I got them a week ago. (photos)

A week ago, I got 4 veneers and 2 composite fillings for my front teeth. I had undiagnosed bruxism before so my front teeth were broken mostly. But I... READ MORE

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