Brushing Teeth + Porcelain Veneers

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Can You Use An Electric ToothBrush On Veneers and Crowns?

I have porcelain veneers (4) top and a few crowns - can I an electric toothbrush? The rotary type. Last dentist said try it and see what happens. This... READ MORE

Composite Veneer Just Fell Off. Why?

One week ago today I had 4 composite veneers placed on my upper front teeth, to hide some staining. This morning while brushing my teeth I heard a... READ MORE

Two Veneers vs a Full Set?

Hi There I have some slight discoloration/banding on my upper front two teeth. Its not noticeable in some lights but pretty noticeable in others. I'm... READ MORE

Oral-B brush. Is it suitable for veneers and dental crowns? (Photo)

I intend using this brush but I am afraid it will harm the venners or it will cause it to fall dintist didn't like the idea .she told me to... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for veneers?

Basically when I was younger I never flossed and brushed poorly which resulted in cavities then filling in between/ on my upper front teeth. Now I am... READ MORE

If a veneer is rebounded , is there a chance it will just come loss again?

I had a crocked front tooth 8 years ago and a cosmetic dentist shaved it to a point and replaced it with a veneer. About a month ago it came out while... READ MORE

My temporary veneers are coming out one after another. Do I have to get them reattached or can I wait until perms are in?

I have 9 days until my permanent teeth will be placed. My temporary teeth are all coming off. I am not in pain and my prepped teeth aren't overly... READ MORE

My temporary veneers fell out while brushing my teeth, my now exposed teeth are black! (Photo)

I had two temporary veneers placed on my two front teeth three days ago, today I noticed a blue discoloration. Thinking it must be a stain I begin to... READ MORE

Is a popping sensation normal after porcelain crown and veneer placement?

About 2 weeks ago I got 7 of my top teeth placed with porcelain crowns and veneers. After brushing my teeth today I noticed a popping sensation almost... READ MORE

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