Broken Tooth + Porcelain Veneers

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What is the Difference Between a Porcelain Veneer and a 3/4 All Porcelain Crown?

Due to an accident, I broke the bottom part of my front two teeth, so I have veneers on 8 & 9. These veneers are in the process of being redone.... READ MORE

Can I Change for Veneers Having Already the Crowns?

I recently got 5 crowns in my front teeth and I'm not happy with the result is one color so bright and is not a transparent color and I have some... READ MORE

Color Issue As Well As Broken Veneer

About a year ago I received a porcelain veneer and a porcelain crown. I was not happy with the color and then about a month ago my veneer broke. I... READ MORE

Decay or Stain Under Broken Veneer? Im Worried. Can It Be Fixed Still or Did I Wait Too Long? (photo)

My veneer popped off a few weeks ago and then was rebonded wrong. It then broke off in two and the dentist glued both pieces on,. then one broke off .... READ MORE

Veneer Broke in Half and One Piece is Still Glued On? (photo)

My veneer broke in half. The dentist glued both pieces back on wrong! I went back the next day and he told me I was making a big deal out of nothing... READ MORE

I fell and broke my top two front teeth off this past Friday. Can they be fixed? (Photo)

The two teeth hurt a tiny bit with air..or cool water on them. My dentist said she can't bond them. She said 3/4th crown 1,000 for both teeth... I'm... READ MORE

My 2 Front Teeth Are Veneers. Will a Wax Up Be Made As a Temporary Veneer?

I do not know how to submit pictures on a computer. I was just wanting to know if a temporary acrylic veneer would be made for the one front tooth... READ MORE

Did my Dentist Give Me a Crowns or Venees? (photo)

I am depressed because I think I have lost healthy tooth structure and I am only 19. I told the dentist I want veneers and during the prep he thinned... READ MORE

I Have a Slight Crack in Front Tooth from Top to Bottom of Tooth?

My dentist says the only solution is a venner, but would need 2 on the 2 front teeth. READ MORE

Porcelain Venner for Broken Tooth

I chipped the bottom 1/3 of my tooth. My dentist told me she is putting on a 3/4 crown, which is also called a porcelain veneer. Is a 3/4 crown the... READ MORE

How do dental composites hold up in comparison to veneers? (Photo)

I just got my braces off today, so I'm super excited!I had invisaligns on prior to that, but wasn't fully satisfied. My ortho offered free braces to... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for a Broken Front Tooth, Bonding Only Lasted 2 1/2 Months,I Am 55? (photo)

Prior to bonding looked like layers was missing, now broken through completely. No pain or new sensitivity (have always had sensitivity to cold ). I... READ MORE

Why did my dentist drill down my two front teeth into little squares? I broke one of my front teeth in half.

I broke my front tooth pretty much the bottom half. I tried to do bonding three months ago but then it broke off. My dentist offered the option of... READ MORE

Is it a bad idea to get a full set of veneers at 21? (photo)

I am thinking about getting my top 10 and top bottom teeth veneered. They're not BAD, but I'm uncomfortable with the size. I have already gotten them... READ MORE

Least invasive method for repairing broken teeth? (Photo)

I fell the other day and broke 2 of my teeth. I am 24 and I am looking to do the least modification of my teeth as possible. I want to be able in the... READ MORE

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