Bridge + Porcelain Veneers

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Veneers As a Bridge?

What is the difference between the two? My once satisfctory smile was been compromised by perio issues and shifting/spreading. #8 was removed and a... READ MORE

Veneers or Braces for Teeth Gaps?

I had bottom wisdom teeth taken out as a teenager. Now, I have gaps in lower teeth. I have two lower bridges to cover where missing teeth used to be,... READ MORE

Are Porcelain Veneers for me? (photos)

Hey everyone! I appreciate the time reading my post. I have been wanting veneers for a very long time. I had orthodontics for 5 years and got them off... READ MORE

Pain under permanent porcelain bridge and veneer. (Photo)

A few months ago I had my front 6 teeth replaced (5 on a bridge and 1 veneer). For the past few weeks the tooth on the end of the bridge next to the... READ MORE

Bridgework or Veneers?

I have small teeth and a 4 missing ones on the top. Will bridgework fill in the missing teeth and make my small teeth look longer? I want both. READ MORE

My veneers are too big? Options? (photos)

My temporaries were Veneers look like Steve Harvey they are huge what are my options that was my main concern that they didn't look this way... READ MORE

Congenitally missing lateral incisors and want to have my smile fixed without braces or implants? What are my options? (Photo)

I am an 18 year old female and i have missing lateral incisors. There is spacing between my central incisors, canines, and premolars. And i also have... READ MORE

Veneers or crowns, or just bleaching? (Photo)

Most of my teeth are white porcelaine bridges , when I smile all you can see is my 6 upper original front teeth no decay but color is yellow compare... READ MORE

How can veneers help me with my back teeth to broaden my smile? (photos)

On both sides of my smile, the teeth right behind the front 6 teeth are set directly behind and you can't see them when I smile unless I turn to the... READ MORE

I want to get veneers on my front teeth? (Photos)

I have an existing 3 tooth bridge (8 years) on my left. Is it possible to match the porcelain veneers with it or is it better to replace the bridge... READ MORE

I want to get veneers but I need a bridge on my second premolar. Do I still need to get the bridge? (Photos)

I had a root canal and a crown on my First premolar which was damaged and then eventually the crown fell off but my actually tooth is still in... READ MORE

Veneers to cover a bridge? (photo)

I'm looking for advice regarding veneers on a bridge. I have a bridge instead of tooth 4 and would like a veneer to even out the hollowness and color.... READ MORE

Can use of electric toothbrush break a merryland bridge?

I have a merryland bridge and I used to be very careful brushing my teeth with manual tooth brushes by avoiding the bridge,I've now bought an electric... READ MORE

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