Bleaching + Porcelain Veneers

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Is Bleaching of Teeth Possible if Having Porcelain Veneers?

If I have only a few of my teeth covered up with porcelain veneers, can I bleach the teeth without veneers then? Or does the bleaching harm the... READ MORE

Want Veneers on Both Lateral Teeth, Do a person Need Additional Internal Bleaching First? (photo)

Both lateral teeth grew in with white spots and now as an adult are much more stained than the other teeth. One of the lateral teeth has had a root... READ MORE

Is there any way to bleach black line at gum line, having porcelain veneers?

I had my front tooth replaced with a porcelain veneer a year ago, in March I noticed there was a black line at my gums. I used bleaching trays which... READ MORE

A Week Ago I Noticed my Left Upper Tooth Appeared Reddish I Went to my Dentist and I Have No Cavity or Injury? (photo)

Dentist can't find what is causing my tooth to darken. X-rays show a very tiny bit of darkness near root. I have no injury to my front tooth. It's... READ MORE

How long does internal bleaching last on root canal? Will I need veneers to cover it up?

I recently had a root canal on my front tooth and had internal bleaching done since it was slightly grey towards the top. Now, I am in the process of... READ MORE

Grey tooth from root canal - should I do internal bleaching before composite veneer? Or should I just do a composite veneer?

My central incisor had a root canal done. The access to the cavity was from the anterior surface. The tooth is grey now. Should I attempt internal... READ MORE

I have veneers on my front teeth, I had a root canal and the tooth turned dark, which made one tooth slightly darker?

My problem with my darker tooth under the veneers really bothered me, my dentist went in under the veneer and removed a good part of the tooth and... READ MORE

Whitening on bottom teeth don't match the color of the veneers on my top teeth. What can I do? (photos)

I got veneers on my upper teeth and two intensive rounds of bleeching to my lower teeth to match them. But the bottom teeth don't match and I feel... READ MORE

My veneers don't match my teeth, what are my options? (Photo)

My veneers dont match my bottom teeth! What can i do? I have undertone two rpunds of bleaching at the dentist! READ MORE

Veneer or root canal/bleaching? Tooth has turned gray. (Photos)

I hit my tooth about a year ago on a shopping cart and since then it's turned grayish. I've been told I could get a root canal and then do a internal... READ MORE

Should I get veneers on my broken front teeth?

I had my 2 front teeth knocked out when I was younger and ther now just like half and with caps on the bottom... I am having me teeth bleached at... READ MORE

Issue with porcelain veneer. Could the tooth underneath by darkening?

Hello, I am inquiring about one of my two front teeth. Only one of them has a veneer. 3 years ago I had a root canal done and then internal bleaching.... READ MORE

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