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How Many Times Can You Replace Porcelain Veneers?

I had porcelain veneers placed on my upper 6 teeth in the early 90's. I had them replaced last year as some were chipped and I wanted whiter teeth... READ MORE

Bonding Vs Veneers/crown?

My front tooth is chipped in half. My dentist provided me with the option of bonding or a 3/4 crown on my tooth. Considering I am only 23, which... READ MORE

I Do Not Want to Wear Braces. Would Veneers Be a Better Option?

My two front teeth are bigger than the rest, one of them is turned a little bit. It also seems that the two following teeth are a little behind. I do... READ MORE

Not Satisfied with my Veneers. What Are my Options?

I am not satisfied with my veneers. I feel that they are too big and too bulky. They look more like caps than my actual teeth. I have expressed these... READ MORE

My prosthodontist said the only way to get my bite back is to have all my upper 8 teeth redone. Is there an alternative? (Photo)

I had 6 porcelain crowns and 2 veneers done on my top 8 teeth. Now i have a bite issue. I went to see a prosthodontist yesterday, he my bite is off... READ MORE

Unable to find a South Florida dentist willing to help me with minimal or no prep veneers (photos)

I had Invisalign to fix crooked teeth caused by crowding, but am still not happy with my smile. I've wanted veneers for years, but can't undergo the... READ MORE

Follow-up. Not interested in braces. Could a few veneers be okay? (Photo)

I asked a question before about veneers and they all said braces which made me quite upset because I'm really not interested in braces. Im uploading a... READ MORE

Should I get porcelain veneers to correct my open bite? Are there any alternatives to braces that you would suggest? (Photo)

I had braces in high school for a total of about 5 years to correct a severe open bite . I chose permanent retainers and they have failed to keep my... READ MORE

Would I be able to get veneers? (Photo)

I'm extremely interested in correcting my bugs bunny teeth. I was just wondering would I be a candidate for veneers? What about invasilgn? I have a... READ MORE

Do you think there's a better way than porcelain veneers to close the gaps without making the front teeth this wide? (Photo)

I'd like to close gaps beetween my front teeth but after some consultation I found out that braces are not the right choice for me. I did a model of a... READ MORE

Any suggestions for underbite surgery alternative? (photos)

So I have an underbite that came back Junior year of high school after fixing it in 3rd grade with headgear. It's really not too bad and if I need to... READ MORE

Would porcelain veneers benefit me? I have fangs and large front teeth. Or are there any other alternatives? (Photo)

I am thinking about veneers. I had a brace years ago as I had high fangs ans overcrowding and buck teeth. I would like the fangs to be straight at the... READ MORE

Alternative to 40,000.00 correction to my terrible problem?

I am very embarrassed with my smile due to my bottom teeth baby sized as a result of long term grinding and a terrible off set bite. I have been to... READ MORE

Is there an alternative to bonding of brackets. as they are not holding on porcelain veneers?

Are bans on front teeth a better option then trying to keep re bonding my brackets. proclein veeners are being a real problem holding brackets ,only... READ MORE

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