Alignment + Porcelain Veneers

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i had a crown placed this afternoon & it is too high, can the dentist shave down the crown a little bit to make my bite better?

I had a crown placed this afternoon. I told the dentist before she cemented it that it was too high, that I couldn't bite down all the way, she used... READ MORE

Can this upper dental midline shift be corrected only by veneers? (photo)

I don't want to go through orthodontic treatment it takes a long time can my problem be corrected estheticaly, any esthetic suggestions? READ MORE

I have a slight overbite. Would veneers help align my teeth straight and fix the overbite? (photos)

I am looking to get veneers for my canine teeth. All my teeth have a slight overbite; however, my canine teeth are slightly shifted back causing them... READ MORE

The line between my front two teeth doesn't line up with the line between my bottom two teeth. What can I do for this?

I've had braces for two years, my teeth are straight but I don't like them because the lines don't match :/ I went through two years but I don't like... READ MORE

Is There a Night Guard That Can Correct and Align Bite?

Hi! I have veneers, 12 on the top and 8 on the bottom. In addition to my veneers I have clenching and grinding issues as well as bite issues. i am... READ MORE

Will Porcelain Veneers correct the alignment of my teeth and lips? (photos)

I got braces when I was younger and had them for 3 years, and my teeth are straight, the problem is they are not aligned with the center of my face... READ MORE

Should I redo one of my veneers? (photos)

I recently had six new veneers made which replaced ones that I had for many years. In love the shape and color of them, but I am unhappy with their... READ MORE

My upper four teeth are protruding. What should I do? Veneers or something else? (photos)

Teeth protuding. 16 years. Veneers or anything else? Wore braces for 2 years as it was much more protruding. All the other teeth are aligned. So can I... READ MORE

Pain after getting veneers?

Hi. Two months ago, I had several veneers and crowns done . Sometimes one of my veneers feels weird. Like I can "feel" the tooth for no reason. It is... READ MORE

Is it silly to want veneers when my teeth are fine I just want them to align and the fangs gone? (photos)

Hi, I am 27 and a lot of my friends are getting braces which is making me question my own teeth, i always get compliments on them but can't help but... READ MORE

What are some solutions for my teeth? (Photos)

I don't have straight teeth as you can see, my alignment is shifted to the right. The bottom isn't too crooked but the two front bottom ones are... READ MORE

I need help deciding how many veneers to get! Please help! (photos)

I've decided on veneers to enhance my smile. However there is a slight snag. I've already had braces (and definitely don't want them again) and... READ MORE

I had upper jaw surgery many years ago. Unfortunately the slight gap in front teeth does not align with septum.

Think Tom Cruise smile. I now have veneers and it has improved a little. But could the alignment be totally corrected by veneers or crowns? Pat READ MORE

Can traditional porcelain veneers be replaced with prepless veneers?

Hi , I'm only 24 years old and I just got 4 porcelain veneers to correct the small size difference between my teeth how ever I'm totally freaking out... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Dental work?

My top 2 front teeth aren't aligned to my columella / philtrum, I mean the midline is off. Not massively but it's a shame. I wore braces extensively... READ MORE

Do you think I would benefit off porcelain veneers? (photos)

One of my front teeth got chipped when I was 11 and the fill in that was put is starting to discolor . I think it's noticeable that it got chipped and... READ MORE

Bottom teeth hit front teeth causing overlapping. Will veneers help?

My bottom front teeth hit my top front teeth causing alignment issues and overlapping. I have spoken with a dentist and they recommended invisalign... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for veneers? (Photo)

Just wondering if veneers could possibly fix my 'vampire teeth' or whether I would have to have them aligned with invisalign, clear braces ect. If... READ MORE

What would be the best solution to fix this?

I have perfectly aligned teeth, I noticed a tiny chip at the bottom of my front tooth. My dentist suggested composite resin after she was done noticed... READ MORE

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