Alignment + Porcelain Veneers

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i had a crown placed this afternoon & it is too high, can the dentist shave down the crown a little bit to make my bite better?

I had a crown placed this afternoon. I told the dentist before she cemented it that it was too high, that I couldn't bite down all the way, she used... READ MORE

Can this upper dental midline shift be corrected only by veneers? (photo)

I don't want to go through orthodontic treatment it takes a long time can my problem be corrected estheticaly, any esthetic suggestions? READ MORE

I have a slight overbite. Would veneers help align my teeth straight and fix the overbite? (photos)

I am looking to get veneers for my canine teeth. All my teeth have a slight overbite; however, my canine teeth are slightly shifted back causing them... READ MORE

The line between my front two teeth doesn't line up with the line between my bottom two teeth. What can I do for this?

I've had braces for two years, my teeth are straight but I don't like them because the lines don't match :/ I went through two years but I don't like... READ MORE

Is There a Night Guard That Can Correct and Align Bite?

Hi! I have veneers, 12 on the top and 8 on the bottom. In addition to my veneers I have clenching and grinding issues as well as bite issues. i am... READ MORE

Will Porcelain Veneers correct the alignment of my teeth and lips? (photos)

I got braces when I was younger and had them for 3 years, and my teeth are straight, the problem is they are not aligned with the center of my face... READ MORE

Should I redo one of my veneers? (photos)

I recently had six new veneers made which replaced ones that I had for many years. In love the shape and color of them, but I am unhappy with their... READ MORE

My upper four teeth are protruding. What should I do? Veneers or something else? (photos)

Teeth protuding. 16 years. Veneers or anything else? Wore braces for 2 years as it was much more protruding. All the other teeth are aligned. So can I... READ MORE

Is it silly to want veneers when my teeth are fine I just want them to align and the fangs gone? (photos)

Hi, I am 27 and a lot of my friends are getting braces which is making me question my own teeth, i always get compliments on them but can't help but... READ MORE

Pain after getting veneers?

Hi. Two months ago, I had several veneers and crowns done . Sometimes one of my veneers feels weird. Like I can "feel" the tooth for no reason. It is... READ MORE

I had upper jaw surgery many years ago. Unfortunately the slight gap in front teeth does not align with septum.

Think Tom Cruise smile. I now have veneers and it has improved a little. But could the alignment be totally corrected by veneers or crowns? Pat READ MORE

Any suggestions for Dental work?

My top 2 front teeth aren't aligned to my columella / philtrum, I mean the midline is off. Not massively but it's a shame. I wore braces extensively... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for veneers? (Photo)

Just wondering if veneers could possibly fix my 'vampire teeth' or whether I would have to have them aligned with invisalign, clear braces ect. If... READ MORE

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