Age 18-24 + Porcelain Veneers

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Options for Chipped Front Tooth Restoration

The bottom half of my front tooth was chipped. I want to know what my options are, and how long on average will this restoration last? Since I am only... READ MORE

Decay of Teeth; Worried About Cost?

I'm twenty-two years old and have a bad family history when comes to teeth. I haven't been to the dentist in about ten years, which is cause for... READ MORE

Can Porcelain Veneers Correct Overlapping Crowded Teeth? (photo)

Hi I am 23 years old.As u can see from the pic I have overlapping and crowded teeth.I only want to correct my upper jaw and smile confidently.For that... READ MORE

Help, Do my Veneers Look Fake? ( photo)

Im a 22 year old girl and I recently got veneers on my upper teeth done. I feel like they look really bulky and fake. The doctor told me its because... READ MORE

My Front Teeth are Different Lengths - What Are my Options?

I'm 21 years old. on my front right tooth had root canal 5 years ago.. Right now that tooth is shorter than left tooth and darker than the rest of... READ MORE

Veneer or Crown for Front Left Tooth Root Canal

I am 20 years old, I never had a problem with my teeth before until 6 months ago i had an annoying sensation in my front tooth. The dentist said I... READ MORE

Was Getting Veneers a Good Choice?

I'm only 22. My teeth has some decay, It's real hard to whiten it, and I have a small gap on the bottom of my two front teeth and I was too excited to... READ MORE

Would porcelain veneers treat underbite?

My son now 19 had an underbite. He wore braces for over 2 years, paladar expander, retainers and the rubbers but still the gap is there. He don't want... READ MORE

I have veneer overlays in my front four teeth. And my gums are bleeding day and night. Is this normal?

Procedure done In Quito Ecuador over a year ago. Started bleeding and swelling In the gums 2 months ago. Sometimes wake up with blood stains on my... READ MORE

Age 23 and Was Recommended Veneers; Is This a Good Idea? (photo)

I hated my gap as a kid. I had braces, and a few months before they were to be taken off, my orthodontist pulled my mother and me aside to let us know... READ MORE

Should I Get Braces or Veneers for my Protruded Teeth? (photo)

Hello, i had braces when i was 16 but i didnt wear my retainers.. 4 years later, 4 wisdom teeth kinda pushed my teeth outwards.. Im going to the us in... READ MORE

How Thick Can Veneers Go? Can You Put Them on Thicker and Thicker the Farther Back Your Teeth Go?

I am going to get jaw implants and I would like my teeth to match though the palates are narrow. Thus I would like to possibly expand the palate and... READ MORE

Do my Vaneers Look Good? Fake? (photo)

I'm a 20/yearold having veneers done on some of my top teeth. After having a lot of patchup work done (incl frontfacing across top central/lateral... READ MORE

I really hate my two front teeth? (photo)

Im 24 years old and i fell really embarassed about my teeth.I find them too small and unattractive.It really bothers me when someone mentions it.Im... READ MORE

Just Had Veneer and It Didn't Help , Advice Please?

I just recently had a veneer fitted to cover my discoloured tooth which was a result of root canal treatment but the veneer has not coloured all of... READ MORE

Want to fix bottom teeth that are crooked but don't want braces (Photo)

I just hate the look of braces. I'm 21 and do a lot of photo shoots and I cannot be wearing braces. I asked about Invisalign but the dentist doesn't... READ MORE

Did my Dentist Give Me a Crowns or Venees? (photo)

I am depressed because I think I have lost healthy tooth structure and I am only 19. I told the dentist I want veneers and during the prep he thinned... READ MORE

I'm 18 years old. Should I get veneers for chipped front tooth? (photos)

I chipped my left front tooth when I was nine.I've always had white fillings put in.The size is about a third of a dime. All the fillings have fell... READ MORE

I want veneers on my front 2 teeth. Do they last and how much does it cost?

My 2 front teeth have become discoloured due to know having both root canal treated due to another dentists mistake. I am very self concious about... READ MORE

If I get veneers, how long would they last, and would they cause future problems with my bite? I'm 20 (Photo)

I was lately done with bleaching &unsatisfied w/ my two front teeth. One developed a white irreversible decalcification spot, The other was chipped.... READ MORE

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