1 Year Post-op + Porcelain Veneers

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Causes of Grey Lines on Veneers 1 Year Post Op?

Hi, I had 8 veneers placed on my upper teeth about 12 month ago. Recently I started noticing grey lines near the gum line which made veneers look... READ MORE

Crown Lengthening After 5 Front Veneers to Stop Swelling Gums. Will It Help?

I had 5 veneers placed a year ago in Cancun.They look fine but I've had many problems with them.I came back to the US with a raging gum infection, 2... READ MORE

Did my Dentist Misrepresent the "Veneers" He Put Onmy Teeth? (photo)

I got veneers done 16months ago, yesterday one came off leaving a small top part still attached to my tooth. I went to my dentist today (not the one... READ MORE

Is this swelling normal after one year of getting porcelain veneers? (Photo)

I have gotten porcelain veneers about a year ago. I know that the dentist did do some type of lasering on my gums around my 2 front teeth and swelling... READ MORE

Is there any way to bleach black line at gum line, having porcelain veneers?

I had my front tooth replaced with a porcelain veneer a year ago, in March I noticed there was a black line at my gums. I used bleaching trays which... READ MORE

Gum line puffy after veneers. No pain or inflammation, just visible raised gumline. Can it be fixed?

. I got veneers put on a year ago and my gum line looks too puffy now. I think a natural gum line is supposed to almost blend or fade from gum to... READ MORE

What damage is caused by dentist sanding veneers?

I got veneers over a year ago. I was not happy with the color and was told they could be whitened. The dentist sanded the fronts. The filling in my... READ MORE

Veneers: Color difference, is it worth getting them redone or am I overreacting? (photos)

I got veneers on top ten teeth last year. I haven't loved them and been debating to get them redone. I have root canal on one so doctor couldn't do... READ MORE

Sensitive veneer; Will I have to go back to the dentist or is there something I can do?

I had veneers put on my two front teeth around a year ago, I woke up this morning with the back of one being really sensitive. I am constantly having... READ MORE

I have a crown veneer on my canine tooth. It has been there for about one year more or less. Sensitivity causes?

Today I felt some sensitivity by tapping with my finger nail the bottom part of the canine . What can it be please? READ MORE

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