Under The Muscle Breast Implants

Under the muscle breast implants are commonly used in women who want a more natural, sloping look to their breasts. As natural breasts are sloped in the upper portion, by placing the implant under the muscle, it puts enough muscle pressure on the implant to give it a natural sloped look. It is also used in women who do not have enough breast tissue available, to provide as much coverage to the implant as possible.

Reviews from the Community

Best Plastic Surgeon You Will Find - Riverside, CA

Pre op: 34 A/B
25 days Post op: 34DD (measured @ VS) 550cc saline
Moderate Plus profile
Under the muscle

Falling Implant (Two Weeks Post-op, from AA Cup to 360cc Under Muscle Implants)

post op. I turned around in the car today and it felt like whatever was holding my right breast up let go. I feel like it is free floating in under the muscle and am really worried about it bottoming out. All looks great in the mirror. Thank you!...

I started with AA breasts and had 360 Gels put in under the muscle. When I was younger I had nice full breasts. I have since nursed 3 children and they looked empty and stringy.

I am two weeks READ MORE

Phenomenal Experience! - Charlotte, NC

I am very happy with the results of my breast augmentation. The silicone implants were placed under the muscle through a crease incision. I did not have any bruising whatsoever and have been READ MORE

After two babies I am getting breast implants - worth it - Erie, PA

After two babies I am getting breast implants.

I am scheduled for june 14th. I am getting saline 415cc under the muscle. I am hoping for a D cup!

Ok its day 3 now. Things are going will now. The first two days sucked. I endding up wtih 425cc and both. Doing good and love my boobs! READ MORE

22 at the Time, Lost Some Weight. Got a Breast Agmentation. - Ann Arbor, MI

This was a nightmare! Got a breast augmentation from dr. M. He decided to do 2 different size saline implants, he put one under the muscle and the other over the muscle which both looked very... deformed from it. He didn't give me the right size. The implant under the muscle gave me so much pain and scar tissue. He thought that was 'normal', and wouldn't do anything to fix them. Lesson learned... Do... some serious research before you pick a surgeon. I wouldn't trust my life with this dr. I decided to get another augmentation, and breast repairment by a different doctor and couldn't be happier! READ MORE


They were a full b cup and went down to an a cup after 2 kids and breastfeeding.When I got the procedure done I was soo happy.I got 450cc saline implants under the muscle and went up to a size d READ MORE

22 Years Old, 1 Child, 500cc HP Silicone - Savannah, GA

I had 500cc gummy bear silicone implants placed under the muscle about 2 months ago. Before surgery I was an A cup with constricted breasts. Right now, I'm measuring a DD, which is exactly what I wanted. The placement is perfect, creating awesome cleavage. I love finally being comfortable w/o a bra. READ MORE

BA with Lipo - Brandon, FL

I had a BA on 5/30/12 with vaser lipo on hips, flanks, and abdomen. Going back for follow up next Tuesday 6/4/12.
I chose Natrelle silicone High Profile 550 cc's under the muscle. Implants READ MORE

24 Years Old, Silicone Implants. Finland, FI

I used to be very fat, then i loose 40 kg, and used to have aa-cup.
I have money, so I did it finally. 290cc anatomical Nagor implants partially under the muscle.
The clinic was friendly READ MORE

24 Year Old, Fitness and Inspirational Model Looking for a Implant Exchange. Phoenix, AZ

6 years ago I had a Breast Aug done by Dr. Kotoske. He did under the muscle and tear drop. Well little did I know he wasn't a real plastic surgeon. My implants now have began to ripple badly and have... left me a large gap in the middle of my chest. Due to working out a lot they now fall to the sides..which means they're no longer under the muscle. I am looking to get them fixed by a new surgeon. READ MORE

34 Yrs Old, 4 Kids, 5'8", 145lbs, Fitness Effected - Mississauga, ON

Had my BA Feb 4/15. 421cc gels under the muscle through a transaxillary incision.
Thought about this procedure for several yrs after nursing 4 children. With fitness a major focus in my life..., this left very little breast tissue.
Dr Lista and his entire team are simply amazing.
Best thing ever!!!! READ MORE

28 Years Old Mother of Three Girls - Sacramento, CA

I'm 5'2 140lbs I'm going with saline under the muscle the size I have in mind is 425 to 450 round moderate profile! What do you think is that to big? I'm so excited I have came from women with little... breast from my mother to my sister's for the last two years I have been buying bras that I can't afford lol! READ MORE

Hi, I'm 23 Years Old Only Weighing About 98-103lbs Scared of Going Too Big! - Bakersfield, CA

Hi all I'm 23 years old weigh about 98-103 lbs currently a 32a and chose to get 400cc silicone implants under the muscle I'm looking to achieve a very nice natural looking full C..anyone on here with READ MORE

2nd Breast Augmentation - Towson, MD

5 years ago I had 325cc saline put in. They sat too far apart and weren't big enough for me so I went to 550cc silicone under the muscle last week and absolutely LOVE them.


I Am a Small 32B and Want to Go to a Mid C Cup- NOT A D!! What Size? - Manhattan, NY

good, or natural on my frame. I have selected highly cohesive gel implants under the muscle. Please let me know what CCs you suggest to get me to my goal of a full C. I am very confused as I have heard a 350cc under the muscle to as low as a 250 under the muscle. Please help.


I had 350 cc high profile silicone implants - Silicone Breast Augmentation - Los Angeles, CA

I had 350 cc high profile silicone implants placed under the muscle about 1 month ago. They have dropped into place nicely. The symmetry is very nice, and the size is the right fit for my body. Dr READ MORE

Great Experience- No Regrets - Toronto, ON

Under the muscle saline implant procedure- 280cc. Went from a 34A to a 34C. I'm 5'7'' and 130 lbs. The procedure went great and I returned to work within a week and to the gym within 3 weeks. In READ MORE

Booked for 17th May! Not Sure to Get Under the Muscle or over the Muscle!

breaking!... Just need to see photos of 420cc under the muscle and over! I'm so undecided and want them to be right x READ MORE

Pain Free (410cc Under Muscle Gummy Bear Implants)

I was worried about the pain, but it just felt like a chest workout at the gym! I got 410cc under the muscle gummy bear with no pain!


Highly Skilled Plastic Surgeon - Los Angeles, CA

was not as bad as I expected considering the implants were placed under the muscle. Most importantly, my breasts look fantastic!!!