Teardrop Breast Implants

Teardrop breast implants refer to the exact shape of the breast implant in question. Unlike its round counterpart, the teardrop shape is more full in the bottom and less so on the top, giving it a look that’s close to natural breasts. Teardrop breast implants can cost more and are typically textured to keep the implant from rotating and distorting the shape of the breast.

Reviews from the Community

Breast Augmentation with Adrian Richards, Harley Street. 300cc, Moderate Profile Subglandular Nagor Implants - London, GB

considering breast augmentation.

I'm based in London, UK and I've booked my op with the incredibly reputable Adrian Richards for 23 June 2015. Before choosing him, I did seek alternative... ; and lastly, I could achieve a natural result with a round implant. I had originally assumed that I would have to have teardrop implants to achieve the tapered look that I like although Adrian has... convinced me that is not the case. He uses Nagor implants that have a very natural look notwithstanding the fact that they are round. I decided I would prefer a round implant to a teardrop one if it is able... to give me the look I want as the avoids complications with rotation that teardrop implants can have.

I am currently a 32A and I am hoping to achieve either a very full 32C or a small 32D READ MORE

Would Enjoy Showing Big Breasts

I don't know anything about the procedure yet. I'm afraid of paying a lot of money and not getting what I want. I want teardrop shaped implants, as big as possible, that hang over the side and can be READ MORE

30 No Kids Sydney Australia 350cc - Sydney, AU

I'm pear shape and wanted to look in proportion.I was 34b now I'm large C small D.I had pollytech teardrop over the muscle implants.Simone was wonderful very patient with me,my recovery was good,not READ MORE

33 Year Old Mom, 390cc, High Profile, Mentor Gummy Bear Tear Drop Textured Implants - Tallahassee, FL

I wanted my breast to be full and larger and they had a slight droop to them. I chose the mentor tear drop implants to help with the slight droop and I wanted a more natural look. Dr. Kirbo, my Dr.... didn't think I needed a lift as he thought that the shaped implants would help with the slight drooping. Also, the slight drooping never bothered me. I also chose the mentor teardrop implants as I have... his honesty to allow for me to have the best outcome that I was looking to achieve. Pictures morning after surgery Pictures Jan. 10
- incisions
-breast in a sports bra I wanted my breast... a lift as he thought that the shaped implants would help with the slight drooping. Also, the slight drooping never bothered me. I also chose the mentor teardrop implants as I have very thin skin and... allow for me to have the best outcome that I was looking to achieve.
I'm 5'5' 135lbs Feeling a few zingers today and my left breast is more sore than my right. READ MORE

Unhappy with Results After my BA

it by any means.... if that makes any sense.

met with my ps today regarding my issues on my ba.....left breast still droopy, not as full etc......going back in 2 months for a revision/redo.......changing the implants i currently have which are 335 cc high profile textured teardrop cohesive gel to a round implant hopefully in the range of 400-450 cc......would really like to end up a full C... the shape of the teardrop implant on me as they sit quite high, are very far apart and look almost unnatural when wearing a bra.....not the look i was hoping for......my ps is absolutely READ MORE

28 YO, A Cup, 5'2", 120 Lbs, Large Butt. Looking to Get my Breasts Larger to Have my Body Seem More in Proportion. - New York

also have just started researching the traditional 'round' implant, vs. the 'teardrop' implant. I am looking forward to my consultation to learn more about what is best. I do know I want saline implants READ MORE

Cohesive Silicone Gel "Gummy Bear" Implants NOT RECOMENDED -San Jose, Costa Rica

Getting a breast augmentation was a great choice. The recovery was painless, andI have been happy since day one. However, I will be replacing my 'gummy bear' implants with softer silicone gel..., and anatomical. Unfortunately, they are just a bit to firm, and the teardrop shape is not especially evident. Altogether, I am happy to have these for the time being and am satisfied with the... surgery in general. For anyone considering it, getting a breast augmentation was a great choice. The recovery was painless, and I have been happy since day one. However, I will be replacing my 'gummy bear... lasting and anatomical. Unfortunately, they are just a bit too firm, and the teardrop shape is turned out not to be an advantage. The implant shifted to the center of my chest and this would probably READ MORE

Breast Augmentation. Charleston, SC

textured teardrop implants. I wish my surgeon would have told me the down side more clearly . I would have went with the smooth round. Here are my most recent photos at almost 3 months. So disappointed ! I... had my last follow up with my PS. He said he would go a revision. Of course it will cost me another$1300!!! This is what stinks.. I have 7,000$ in breast and I have to pay any money at all for what is not my fault is wrong! READ MORE

Lift, Saline Implant Removal and New Sientra Implants - Augusta, CA

with removal of the round saline implants, a breast lift and new sientra teardrop shaped textured silicone implants placed under the muscle wall. I'm so excited!!!!! READ MORE

Never Regretted It for One Second - Wellington, New Zealand

I had breast augmentation (in NZ as live here so cost is in NZ$) in 2007 and I am extremely happy with the results. Initially I had quite a bit of pain after the surgery and my breasts sat very... high, but because I'd had teardrop shape silicone implants, they have now 'relaxed' and sit like natural breasts. I think if you feel that this surgery will change your life it probably will. Just don't go for budget breasts - this is not the time in life to take the cheapest option!


Love my New Boobies - absolutely beautiful and natural result - Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Guerra gave me an absolutely beautiful and natural result by using new implants- MemoryShaped Teardrop.
The only thing I dreaded when deciding to get breast implants was that I was afraid... they were going to be hard and fake looking. One of my girlfriends got gummy bear implants and it is so clear by looking at her that she's got fake breasts. I chose teardrop hoping for more natural READ MORE

25years Old, 4 Children and Getting my Boobs Back. Perth, AU

I am looking at getting 450cc teardrop hp behinds. Hoping for at least a DD! So may look at 500cc . I am a very deflated b/c cup. My surgery has been booked in for 12th of May and as scared as I am READ MORE

38 Female - Indianapolis, IN

I had saline implants 360cc at age 22 by a different doctor. They were hard round and huge gap between them! I researched & found Dr.Eppley!! He was professional & sweet!! He replaced old w/ 400cc textured teardrop silicone implants. I have beautiful soft breast with great cleavage!! I am so happy!! READ MORE

27y/o, 220cc, Silicone Teardrop, over the Muscle.

silicone teardrop implant and they look amazing! I could not be happier. The whole experience was so fantastic. I can't thanks Dr Southwell-Keely enough for all his help. I'm so glad after years of thinking about it, I finally had them done. READ MORE

Much-needed Breast Augmentation--amazing Results! - Miami, FL

-ups and such, but you just have to listen to your body and not push it. The teardrop implant is more firm than a normal silicone implant because it needs to hold its teardrop shape, so if you are READ MORE

36 YO, Mum of 2 Kids, 32a/a to 380cc Teardrop Extra High Profile, Silicone - Sydney, AU

330cc teardrop, extra high profile. I also asked him to try the 380cc because I was having implants behind the muscle and did not have much tissues. I also knew from my research that I would loose... 50cc if placed under the muscle. I also had a narrow frame.

In the end, my PS gave me the 380cc, teardrop, silicone, extra high profile. It's day 1 post surgery at the moment but I will post READ MORE

info! - Sacramento, CA

Hey everyone,
so im looking into getting a breast augmentation through Dr. Wayne Yamahata in Sac. Ca. Ive done all the research I can on him and am so far pleased, now just looking for real life... stories from his patients. I am now an A and want to become a full C. looking for the natural teardrop look.

Need Help Finding a Surgeon -United Kingdom, GB


I am still undecided with whether to go for a round or teardrop shape. I have been advised to go for a tear drop as i want a natural look but i have heard they can stick to the skin?

Which Size Do You Like Best?? - Ottawa, ON

see my face first not my chest! What size with you ladies choose?

I'm thinking of going with mod plus 350 or 375. Or teardrop shape implants In 350 or 375....don't have stated that to drop you may have a more natural look then moderate Plus profile. Thank you for sharing your opinion ladies READ MORE

Gummys & Size After Masectomy - Hinsdale, IL

thinking small c , its very hard for me because i have no breast tissue.. I currently have expanders - 400cc in the right and 100 in the right and need to play catch up, maybe itll b easier to tell having 2 filled evenly.. And the teardrop gummys are a good option? Help.. I dont have a clue!