Tear Trough Filler

The tear trough is part of the lower eyelid area which starts from the inner corner of the eyelid and moves outward in a semi-arc. It troughs when the tissues in that area become lax and weak. As it may give the effect of premature aging, cosmetic surgeons often use fillers to restore the aesthetic appeal of eyes.

Reviews from the Community

Restylane, Under Eye Filler, Tear Trough Filler - COLD TEA BAGS WORK! - Cheltenham

I have spent weeks and weeks on this website.......as I desperately wanted to have Tear Trough Filler..... I did my research and went for it with a very reputable, eye surgeon I too had these HUGE READ MORE

Amazing Bruise-free Results from Dr. Karimi with Beletero in Tear Troughs - Brentwood, CA

The tear trough area under my eyes was getting more and more sunken in from age and exhaustion setting in. I was VERY nervous to have filler injected around my eyes because I bruise very easily and READ MORE

Restylane for Upper Cheeks and Tear Troughs

I'm very happy with the results, but I think to get effective tear trough filling, you need to fill in any lost volume in the upper cheeks, right under the tear troughs as well. This will allow the tear trough correction to blend smoothly into the cheek area. Otherwise, it can end up looking like your filler will take, or how much volume it will create. Be patient and go slowly for a really nice effect.


Excellent Doctor for Filler Correction / Hylauronidaise - Scottsdale, AZ

I flew in from Alberta to Scottsdale to see dr hobgood for a correction to tear trough filler done by another doctor. He is so easy to talk to and very kind. If you need correction don't be scared go READ MORE

Why Did I Wait So Long? New York, NY

tired), it made me depressed. I wanted to give myself a graduation gift and decided to get tear trough injections.

After researching and reading reviews, I went to Dr. Michele Green in NY.... She is fantastic! An extremely knowledgeable and experienced doctor, and a friendly and warm person. She decided that Belotero was best and that was what was injected in my tear trough. The... numbing took 30 minutes and the injections took 5 - 7 minutes.

I had very slight bruising (less than 1/8th of an inch) in my right tear trough that were deep under skin so they were easily... of Dr. Green's skills and experience with injecting filler into the proper areas. Just came back from a following up with Dr. Green. It's always a pleasure seeing her. She's so honest and skilled, I... trust her completely. She said there was no need for any additional touching up and I agree. I didn't use up the entire 1ml of Belotero so I can use the rest of it when the filler has been absorbed READ MORE

Does Not Know How to Inject Tear Troughs or Juvederm. Beware of This Doctor

Wanted to look better

Over filled filler in the nasal folds. A lot of bruising in the tear trough area. Tyndall effect afterwards. Had the juvederm removed in the left eye. Eye looks worse READ MORE

Restylane in Lower Eyelids Can It Stain Tissue Under Skin

it removed from another Doc. I can still see the area/shape where i had Restylane injected in. Im Not liking the HA Products under my Eyes. I had Thin Skin. What would be another Filler i could use under the Eye Area. Tear trough,Around Brow area,Under Eyelid Area.


Restylane Under Eyes Not Appropriate for All - AU

I either have the tyndall effect or hyper pigmentation from the injections. I have to dark lines under my eyes along the tear trough. I am hoping it is just the filler showing through but I don't.... I almost feel as though my body might have thickened like scar tissue.
After I had it dissolved I stupidly decided to get 1/2 the amount to just the tear trough again. I have not had good results... dissolved and my injector went very conservatively not to over dissolve my own HA. Went well and a huge relief off my shoulders. I used half the amount and only in tear trough. I think the eye area is SO...I had restylane under my eyes. I had too much at first and had horrible bags under my eyes, my injector was someone I researched and I thought was very skilled I very much think this filler was not... once I had it dissolved by Hyalurondaise. Some people believe hyalurondaise dissolves not only the HA filler but your own HA filler leaving dents and creepiness. from what I have read they have used this READ MORE

Dr Jill Foster Saved my Tear Trough Area with Hyaluronidase! - Columbus, OH

I got restylane rejected at tear trough area from an inexperienced doctor. One side is misplaced with a bump , another side is overfilled. I was very frustrated and was asking for advice at this site..., then only $19 2nd visit. I am pleased with the result and would like to recommend Dr Foster and hyaluronidase to solve your filler problems. READ MORE

Juvederm for the Tear Troughs

Juvederm gives me at least 5 years back. The gradual fat loss in my tear trough area made me look tired and lack luster. I... decided to try Juvederm to diminish the hollowing in my tear trough area. Previous to this decision I relied on botox, quarterly treatments, for roughly a year.

In May... of 2009 I had my first Juvederm tear trough treatments. I purchased one syring for $600.00 that was to be divided up between my tear troughs, and a few smaller areas around my mouth. The doctor... first injected the treatment areas with a local anesthesia that took no more than 15 minutes to work. The doctor injected 2.5 of the syringe in each tear trough.

March 5, 2010: I have had my second tear trough treatment. I began to notice in February that my tear trough was becoming darker and hollowed again, so I scheduled an appointment. The READ MORE

Voluma Cheek Lift - Adelaide, AU

was changed , knowing full well I would come back to have tear trough filler. ( with the last treatment I didnt need tear trough filler after the voluma 2ml).
The product is great but be careful READ MORE

35 Year Old, Filled Cheeks to Reduce Appearance of Tear Trough Area - Mcallen, TX

discussed my thin skin and concerns he had with treating the tear trough area, knowing that I was looking for the safest route he went forward with injecting Restylane Silk in my cheek area, camouflaging... filler, I've also 'interviewed' different providers over the years as well, some nurses, some surgeons, but after meeting with Dr. Ayala, I finally took the plunge. In my initial consultation we READ MORE

Finally Made my Appointment! - Dallas, TX

restylane under my eyes and in the marrionette lines. The doctor pretty much agreed (without me mentioning where I wanted it) but he said that he doesn't do injections in the tear trough area - he does it... in the upper cheek area and it will fill in that area below the tear trough without causing the possible problems that can occur (ie, tindall affect, etc). Is this what other docs say? I have no idea... done... Can anyone here tell me if they have had the injections of restylane (or other filler) to the upper cheek area to help improve the under eye area? Thanks!


Filler Revision

- If I do have any tear trough filler put in she will be using Belotero which does not have the 'blueish' effect and she raves on about as an under eye filler. I will be sure to write a review if this is the direction I decide to go!...I had a consultation with Dr. Lynn Chiu-Collins a couple of months back and trusted her aesthetic eye at the time but wanted to save money so I went to a medspa for tear trough fillers. It was a... entering my NYE and Xmas with these results. I went ahead with the removal of the fillers and I'm so happy I did. Afterwards, she made the suggestion to instead of focusing the filler on my tear... it also left me with more filler on my nasal area than under my eyes. It was actually a pretty traumatizing experience as I had never had any type of filler or surgery before in my life, and if you... trough area, to first focus on the cheeks which will help to highlight my eyes more and might keep me from needing the under eye fillers at all.

I appreciate Dr. Chiu-Collins professional READ MORE

do not get juvederm in tear troughs! - New York

Unfortunately I had juvederm injected a number of times before i realised that it was making my entire under-eye puffy and blueish, but was too soft to actually fill the tear trough groove. if you... time, probably months, to fully replenish. have now had restylane injected and it holds shape much better without spreading out and puffing like the juvederm. imo juvederm has it's place as a filler but that place is NOT under eyes. so be warned... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 for Tear Trough Depression - West Orange, NJ

went to see Dr. Joseph for a consultation and for permanent results, he recommended silikon 1000 filler for my tear trough depression. the area to be treated is numbed with topical anesthetic. there... was a slight pinch when the needle was inserted but not much pain and bearable. the procedure was quite fast and my tear trough depression has basically disappeared. would recommend this procedure wanting permanent results for tear trough depression. READ MORE

Too Yellow and Puffy - Beverly Hills, CA

I had Belotero I injected in tear trough and at the side of one mouth. Had to have it dissolved under eyes. By the mouth, it seemed to have have solved my problem,must in return the skin there is... Belotero again. I found Juvederm to be too thick and lumpy, as well. Restylane is the only filler that seems to look natural around the mouth for me. Juvederm did look fine in the cheek area, though. READ MORE

Amazing Doctor! Great Natural Result! -Toronto, ON

I had been considering getting a little bit of filler in my tear trough for the last year or so but I was really nervous about the procedure and wanted to make sure I choose the right... physician. I had Redensity injected into the tear trough area and a little bit of juvederm in my nasolabial folds just over two weeks ago. I love it! No lumps or bumps - just had a tiny bruise that resolved... in a few days.The tear trough is a difficult area to treat - be careful of who you choose for this. I highly recommend Dr. Asaria for facial fillers.


Not happy with hyaluranidase results - Washington, DC

supposed to eliminate the effects of the resytlene, instead it caused deep lines under my eyes in my tear trough area and left a lot of fatty bags under neat as well. I now look ten years older than I...

Dr Ruff injected hyaluranidase under my eyes after a restylene gone bad experience where my eyes had swollen up like black eyes and the filler left my undereye area lumpy. The hyaluranidase was READ MORE

A True Artist - San Francisco, CA

filler for my tear trough areas.

Time and again during my research, Dr. M kept turning up as the most experienced in this procedure. The fact that he's an MD and board certified facial... cosmetic surgen, made me feel more confident. The final deciding factor was the fact that my regular skin care provider (she's an RN) had her tear trough area done by Dr. M! I had no idea until I READ MORE