Sono Bello

Sono Bello is a chain of body contouring clinics with locations around the country. Sono Bello offers many different options to help sculpt the body to the patients liking. Procedures they offer vary from non-invasive to minimally invasive and include TriSculpt, Venus Freeze, and Velashape.

Reviews from the Community

Sono Bello Smart Lipo Upper and Lower Abdominal, Hips and Waist - Orlando, FL

Hi I just want to write my experience with Sono Bello because I know there's a lot of people out there that don't know if they should do a certain procedure or not and if sono bello would be there... best option. From my personal experience: I went to Sono Bello in Orlando FL and I was referred by my co-worker. I went to my free consultation and the lady was very friendly, truthful and knowledgeable... tuck thank god! My belly button does look ugly now but then again it is bruised up. But over all I think I made a good decision to go with Sono Bello. I have read on bad review on sono Bello but I... depend the person also. I say that because sono Bello will not make miracles if you are extremely overweight. That laser only tightens a little and if your belly a certain size, smart lipo might AGAIN READ MORE

Excellent Choice! Laser Lipo - Bellevue, WA

My Sono Bello experience was absolutely wonderful! For the last year I had been debating on having body sculpting done and I decided it was now or never. I researched several places in Washington... that provide similar treatments as Sono Bello however, after having my consultation and talking with Sarah on the phone later that day, my decision to have Sono Bello perform my procedure was absolute... Sono Bello made me feel completely at ease.
The office staff made sure to stay in contact with me via phone and email to keep me updated on my appointment dates and times as well as providing me... the day after that was even better. My procedure was done on a Friday, late afternoon, and I was working that Monday.
At this point I have several friends that plan on going in to Sono Bello to... and that says a lot.
I would highly recommend Sono Bello to anyone who wants to feel better about themselves. It’s changed the way I feel about myself inside and out!!

Insight//Recommendations - San Antonio, TX

right doctor for me and someone who can give the me the results I'm looking for. I am 25 pounds from my goal weight and eat/work-out often.

I thinking about Sono Bello, but then I saw... someone posted that you don't meet with the doctor until after you pay......seems a little unsettling for me. Has any been to the Sono Bello clinic here in SA or can recommend someone?


Liposuction at Sono Bello in Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

I decided to have liposuction in February 2012. After the procedure, I was moderately satisfied with the results. However, the staff at Sono Bello gladly made appropriate revisions free of charge and... also treated me to complimentary non-surgical treatments. Today, I am still totally satisfied with their work and would recommend Sono Bello to anyone desirous of body contouring. The knowledgeable team at Sono Bello will definitely take care of you!! READ MORE

Waist, Upper Abs, Lower Abs - Tampa, FL

I know that I will be in excellent hands when I get my surgery done by sono bello. iam so very excited about it. the people at sono bello are so very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.... this really puts my mind at great ease. this is really going to be for me a life changing experience that iam really looking forward too!!!! I can hardly wait to get started!!!! THANK YOU SONO BELLO FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU WILL BE DOING FOR ME!!!! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH.


Had a Consultation...I'm So Ready! - Orlando, FL

@ 3:30 in the morning me and the hubby were @ the Waffle house eating a good breakfst. we got to sono Bello and waited unitl they were ready to call me to the back (we were early). when they did, as u... be fine! WaTch out now! so its 3 in the morning and most of the pain has subsided and im writing my review....lots of leakage on the 1st day....loving the BEGINING resultS Sono bello called me again... im gonna make it! Another 2X should be on the way, once some sewlling goes down' ill get back in my XL. ( the 2x measurments fit just right, but the girls @ Sono bello are told to put u in a size... I've been releasing all sorts of fliuds for the last couple days, I'm A LOT less bloated. I even started eating right and dropped 5lbs since Sunday. And to make me feel even better, sono bello sent me a... I didn't have much done. But I still feel my areas tryning to 'draw up' whew.. Thank God (UPS delivered today). went to Sonobello on wensday for my 2nd stage garment. i told dat Gal that thang was too READ MORE

Leg Transformation - SonoBello in Scottsdale, AZ (Month 5 Post Op)

problem areas where my genetics are working against me.

I went to Sono Bello of Scottsdale, AZ this morning for my first consultation. I have been pondering this procedure for months. I was... SonoBello checking in on me and reminding me of post-op instructions. I also scheduled my one week follow up appointment. My legs are feeling a little sore but I am able to walk and move around more READ MORE

Square to Hour Glass - Philadelphia, PA

at 1 time. So I would have kicked out 8,000. I was thinkin about goin to ALC but I dnt feel right travelin so far for a procedure. After doin more research I found a place in KOP called Sono Bello. Even... and below after all this is done. I literally jus walked out of my pre op wit a big ol smile. the staff are so nice at sono bello. answered all my question. the only thing im anxious about is dat pain... same Up 4am in the morning & feeling much better. I wrote a review after i got it done but after i left sono bello, went to walmart to get more pads for drainage n shucks (bed covers) the xanax n other... sharp pains which i read from an email sono bello sent me is jus a process of healin. i jus cnt wait for my flat stomach. sheesh. update u guys about my 1 week post op on monday i went to my 1 week... takin is the antibiotics. i only took the xanax wen i was at sonobello before the procedure. i took da pain pill again wen i got home. other than dat its day 3 and i didnt have any of the other three READ MORE

Redesign the Image of Myself - Atlanta, GA

course of the year and had the surgery in May of 2013. Now, I do have some fat that will be extremely hard to remove by working out, so I sought out lipo as an option. After visiting Sono Bello here in..., suggestions I welcome them regarding the procedure, Sono Bello, or Dr. Kline. Just to give an update, I have decided to postpone the procedure for the time being. READ MORE


consultation at Sono bello here in Utah and I felt like the 'sales lady' was like a car dealer. She said my arms would be fine, they wouldn't sag and they could get 70% of the fat.
I wanted to see... pictures of actual Utah patients but they only have pictures of patients from their other facilities around the country! :-/ Why??
I want this procedure so bad but I'm very apprehensive.
Is there any one who has had experience with Sono Bello here in Utah? READ MORE

What Next? - Phoenix, AZ

I have made an appointment for the Phoenix Sono Bello, I have paid and had a telephone interview. I was told I would receive an email that would need to be completed and returned so the appointment... and would like to feel comfortable with my decision. Has anyone one had their liposuction done at the Sono Bello in Phoenix? What was your outcome? With airfare, hotel and procedure I will be paying... $7,500. To me that is not cheap. My doctor is Michael Desvigne and a board certified Plastic Surgeon. I did contact Sono Bello and they did send me the medical forms that I have since completed and... her car and it only took 3 hours to find Sono Bello from the MapQuest directions. Everyone was friendly, I was given additional information in addition to that they had already sent and what I had... hours later found the hotel. I called Sono Bello and they said to just come in the next morning and they would give me the meds then. So much for antibiotics before surgery as normally done by Sono READ MORE

Suction in Progress? - Philadelphia, PA

the stomach fat, I also had my outter thighs done, wanting to even out the line all of the way down. I went to Sono Bello in King of Prussia. The receptions are incredibly nice, very welcoming and make... Sono Bello didn't do this.... I also asked questions about my stomach area, which is sore and large... Apparently it's just swelling. I'm now almost 3 weeks out and see no different results... year ever, my fiance passed away, job went under, wound up moving back home...
I went to Sonobello embarrassed about wanting the procedure, but fnally deciding to do something that was going to... the most helpful information and if you sit with them, they have a before and after book of bad sonobello jobs and then how they fixed it... After going through the worst year ever, my fiance passed... away, job went under, wound up moving back home...
I went to Sonobello embarrassed about wanting the procedure, but fnally deciding to do something that was going to allow me to feel good this year READ MORE

Love Handles and Waist - Atlanta, GA

I had my pre-op on the 16th, and my lipo day will be the 26th. The Dr. is really nice and answered all my questions. I'm going to Sono Bello in Atl. All the staff at Sono Bello are really nice and READ MORE

Sono Bello with Dr. Dillion - Saint louis

Very nervous about getting smart lipo but it's well needed. Strongly considering Dr. Dillon at Sono Bello but can't find any reviews on him. Has anyone heard of him? The provider for abdomen and hips... for my upper body first. Had a consultation with Sono bello and to do upper, lower and hips was 9k. Yikes!! I am only considering because they will provide financing with 2k down. Is this the average READ MORE

Waste of Money - Edina, MN

wealthy person and am a solo parent to two kids. I worked so hard to be able to pay for the procedure and now am out money and horrified by the results. Please do not consider Sono Bello for lipo. Maybe try Edina Plastics instead. I heard they do a great job. READ MORE

Getting Cold Feet - Overland Park, KS

back done. The procedure well be done at sono bello by Dr. Dillon. I went for consultation last Tuesday and only spoke with a patient advisor and not the doctor or nurse. I also felt pressured to put a down payment immediately. I'm really worried I'm making the wrong decision. Please help! READ MORE

Plan to Be 150lbs Again - Philadelphia, PA

Hi everyone, I'm new on here. I am scheduled for a consultation with Sono Bello (Philly) this Friday. I am planning on getting Tumescent Liposuction. I am praying that it's for me because I do not... wan't to get a Tummy Tuck. Did anyone think that they needed a TT but the Lipo worked well for you? Were you nervous about the results?

i went to my consult today @ Sono bello. It went well. I am... got my lipo on the 18th @ Sono Bello. I know it hasn't been a week yet but as I look @ myself. I wish I would have gotten a tummy tuck. Do anyone else feel this way? I am so depressed. Did anyone READ MORE

Dr. Partington for Your Smart Lipo Needs! - Bellevue, WA

My stomach/abdomen are has really been stubborn since adolescent years and it got worsened after 2 kids. After hearing about Sono Bello, I decided to take the leap and get some of those unwanted fat READ MORE

Scared, Excited, Unsure -Portland, OR

stories. I can't cancel cuz they gave me a 'great deal' if I booked quickly and they already charged me... Sono Bello trisculpt. Help... Put my mind at ease.

Liltex See comment below! READ MORE

Sono Bello - Dr. Partington - Bellevue, WA

I am a male in my mid 40's and have always had the 'spare tire' that no matter how hard I tried, would not go away. I finally reached out to Sono Bello to find out my options. I initially thought READ MORE