Platysmaplasty specifically focuses on the neck muscles that sag with time and leave band lines on the neck. The procedure involves tightening those muscles to give a natural, youthful neck-to-chin angle. It is distinctly different than a neck lift, and is claimed to be more technically difficult for surgeons.

Reviews from the Community

Neck of a 70 Year Old...But I'm 53! Seattle, WA

lives over there and will be taking care of me for a few days.

I told my PS that Id rather be underdone than overdone, and that my biggest worry was the platysmaplasty because I've heard READ MORE

I Want to Have Rhinoplasty, Who Should I Go To? -United Kingdom

and platysmaplasty about 5days ago, at first I thought I should have a chin implant with my rhinoplasty but my surgeon advised me to have platysmaplasty plasty instead of chin implant as this wouldn't... more concentrating on my nose than my neck! It would be great to get an opinion. I've had rhinoplasy and platysmaplasty by Mr Alwyn D'souza at the same time and I could say that he is fantastic-I'm swollen at the moment but I must say it he results are looking great:). I'm gonna post some pics READ MORE

Facelift/Platysmaplasty/Fat Transfer/Micro -lipo with Dr Hoenig. Beverly Hills, CA

At age 50, I could no longer bear the face in the mirror. Jowls, sagging skin, crepey loose neck and asymmetric fat deposits on the right hand side of my face. I had always planned to 'have work done' but what surprised me most about the whole experience was that my only discomfort would come from having to lie on my back to sleep which was eventually solved by placing a pillow under my knees... READ MORE

59 and Feeling Like a New Woman - Harley Street, London

Platysmaplasty under local anaesthesia and mild sedation. For some years I had been contemplating upper eye lid surgery as I had developed heavy sagging over my eyes as I had aged. I found Dominic' web site by READ MORE

Difficulty with Chin Implant Recovery

ago I had a chin implant along with a platysmaplasty. No issues at all with the neck procedure. Recovery with the chin implant is a different story. My doctor tells me that it sometimes takes up to READ MORE

Platysmaplasty with a Little Fat Removal ! - Sarasota, FL

OMG ! What can I say ! I had the best experience. I have my neck lift in office with only local and it took about 45 mins start to finish ! Dr.R was just amazing and really caring every step of the way, she called and checked on me that night and I was back to work in 3 days. READ MORE

They Botched my Neck

I went in for platysmaplasty and all they did was put 2 stitches under my chin where both sides of it was skin hanging. I am suing them. This was at the Maitland, FL office.


Wow! Facial Fat Grafting AND Chin Lift fan! - Raleigh, NC

. Structural Fat Grafting: periorbital, perioral, jawline
Submandibular liposuction
Sub platysmal lipectomy & platysmaplasty

71, Scared of Surgery but So Happy I Did It. Best Facelift Surgeon in the UK - London

itself was not painful, I was sedated and comfortable. There was considerable bruising afterwards which was to be expected as I had a face and neck lift, platysmaplasty and liposuction under my chin... put forward my experience for you ladies out there. Lucy will always speak with you and help with any queries you might have.

Best wishes to you all. I have asked Dominic for my before photos and am now able to show my photographs at 10 days after facelift, neck lift and platysmaplasty READ MORE

Platysmaplasty (Double Chin) Procedure - EXCELLENT - Vancouver, Canada

platysmaplasty procedure. At 8 West the entire staff (Mandy, Angie and Katie) are all extremely easy going, professional and friendly. Dr. Buonassisi is just generally a good guy. When he first READ MORE

44 Year Old with Father's Jowls... Love the Results! - New York City, NY

suggested a combo of neck lipo, Platysmaplasty (sewing the platysma muscles together), and lifting the skin. The surgery and recovery were just as described by Dr Schulman and his team.

Surgical Genius, Lovely Person - New York, NY

New York. For the procedure, he performed a platysmaplasty and submental liposuction; incisions were restricted to behind the ears (up to but not under the lobe) and a very short incision under the READ MORE

Male Neck Lift, Lipo, Platysmaplasty - Newport Beach, CA

I inherited a fat, loose jowled neck under my chin and despite only being in my early 40's it was already getting fairly pronounced, so I chose to have a neck lift / platysmaplasty with some lipo to READ MORE

Just Had the Lifestyle Lift - Happy So Far - San Ramon, CA

The basic lift costs $4850 which takes care of the lower third of the cheeks, the jowls, and the jawline. I also opted for a platysmaplasty which was $1000 extra. I did not need the second $1000 READ MORE

49 Yrs Old - Neck Lift - Seattle, WA


I had intended to share photos from before, after, and recovery photos, but now that Im getting hit on by guys in their 20's and complimented by everyone who hasnt seen me READ MORE

Turning Back the Clock - London, GB

Its just 4 weeks since I had a facelift, necklift, liposuction and platysmaplasty operation with Dominic. When I first went to see him, I explained that I didnt want to look like a different READ MORE

Platysmaplasty - Muscle Tightening Only - Newport Beach, CA

In the winter of 2012, my twin and I got together for Xmas. We happened to discuss how we both felt like we were a bit heavy under the jaw and it made an impact on our looks. I decided to do something about it. I am the guinea pig twin, you see. At first I was leaning towards liposuction and then I read a great review by Eric, founder of Realself, about how sometimes there is more to the... READ MORE

Thrilled With Results of Face and Neck Lifts! - Reno, NV

(Rhytidectomy (standard) and platysmaplasty procedures: I received a very effective binding of prominent neck bands, aka cords or ropes, in August 2012. (They had aged me beyond the age I READ MORE

Loose Skin After Platysmaplasty - Jacksonville, FL

good to follow up with me and offered a free revision.

I had a chin reduction and a submentoplasty/platysmaplasty ?? done. Basically the Dr did a corset tightening of the muscle. He used the same READ MORE