Permalip is a type of lip augmentation that offers a more permanent solution unlike some fillers. Fillers are typically absorbed by the body after some time whereas the permalip surgery uses a soft but solid silicone implant that is threaded into the patient’s lips using dissolvable sutures. The implants can be removed any time, however, most doctors recommend using lip fillers to first test out the fuller-lip look before choosing Permalip.

Reviews from the Community

Bad Permalip Experience- I Want Them Removed NOW! - San Jose, CA

I got my permalip implant surgery 3 months ago. My lips were so thin, when I smiled they disappeared. After I got my stitches removed, I noticed that my smile looked horrible. It was somewhat READ MORE

Permalip Implant (5mm)

I decided to get large permalip implants on both my upper and lower lip. I had used fillers before and really liked the look of a full sexy mouth. Fillers can be quite expensive over time and the... procedure is definitely worth the investment! I highly recommend my surgeon and Permalip to anyone considering implants. I finally feel used to the size and that the implants are part of me. Sensation is back completely and my boyfriend can't feel anything when kissing. I forget I even have implants! 8 ) READ MORE

Help Me Decide? - Wilmington, NC

I am excited about getting my permalip implants, but would love input on 4 or 5mm?? Everyone that gets 4 seems to want,..or does go bigger! 5mm ppl always seem happy, a few even wanting bigger than READ MORE

Just Got Perma Lip 5mm Done - Orlando, FL

the permalip 5mm implant. Procedure went well, was very calm and relaxed , some parts was very painful and wanted to cry. It's only been 24 hours sense the procedure and my lips are very swollen READ MORE

Nothing wrong with the implant but prefer upturned mouth corners and plumpness of Injections... 5mm Permalip Top Lip Only

the implant, it might look asymetrical if you then go ahead and try to augment the lips.

If you're sure you want Permalip forever, then of course go ahead and do it, but if any part of... :). So I would recommend the combination of Permalip and filler perhaps. Ultimately I AM happy that I did the Permalip because it did make a difference, but the filler + the implant really gave me my... didn't need it. But I knew what I saw in the mirror and how I felt. I realized that if my upper lip was so small at such a young age it would only get worse with time. So I finally got Permalip to my... use those photos to make a determination about how big Permalip will actually look.

There were other factors contributing to its appearance when the photos were taken. Thank you READ MORE

Thinking of Removing my Permalip and Having a Lip Lift - London, UK

Hi Everyone,

I had the largest Permalip implant inserted into my upper lip in June. It was a very good Dr in London, I had no complications, the main swelling was for 3 days, then I went... very fussy though, I work in the modelling industry and I do over analyse, so maybe some people would not see this as bad, but I hate it.

Before Permalip I used to use lip liner to draw my top... lip higher, particularly in the centre at the cupid's bow. For me, Permalip didn't increase the height, red show, of the top lip, my lips look quite similar front on (except for the mounds), Permalip READ MORE

20 Year Old Permalip - Chevy Chase, MD

It was the best decision of my life. I got the permalip 5mm implant top and bottom. Dr. Jessica Kulak is so nice and so amazing. The healing process was hard and it really hurt. But there was 0 pain READ MORE

I Have Lips Again! - Clackamas, OR

, especially for scleroderma patients and patients with autoimmune diseases. Permalip seemed like the better option since it was permanent and did not require re-doing every year or so. I also found various.... Luckily he is close by - I Found Dr. Chan and made a free (bonus!) consultation. I met with him and his assistant Yvonne and they went over the pros and cons of Juverderm as well as Permalip. He... recommended Permalip.

After a month or so of thinking about this I decided to just do it and made the appointment! Lip augmentation has always been a dream for me to do so I never had any cold feet... injections are 100x worse). Dr. Chan then injected me in various areas of my lips to get me numb.

I had made sure not to watch any of the youtube videos out there on the Permalip procedure READ MORE

Going Back for Larger Perma Lip - Charlotte, SC is a easy procedure and you can go up or down in size..once the tunnel is there in the lips.

Ok 1 day after going from med. to large size permalip implants. procedure took 45 mins... pics as soon as swelling is down! If anyoe wants more information on permalip...please send me a private message...then we can contact each other and discuss the procedure...thanks..Amanda READ MORE

My Mini Faceliift and Lip Augmentation in Scottsdale Was Money Well Spent.

, manner and results.

My proceedure ( a mini facelift, lower eye lid chemical peel, upper and lower lip augmentation with Permalip Implant) produced a Fast, Fabulous result. Absoluteley no Pain READ MORE

Permalip Revision Complete- *procedure cost is for both surgeries total together

I've had juvederm in the past but it just didn't last very long so waited a few years until Permalip came on the market and decided I would try it out. My procedure was yesterday morning (the 7th... out and moved to proper placed to tunnels. Should be doing this early Jan. Be careful when selecting drs!! We'll I am finally getting around to having my Permalip implants removed and new ones placed... in the proper places. New Surgery is on the 15th with a new doctor!! Well I am finally getting around to having my Permalip implants removed from my March surgery and new ones placed in the proper READ MORE

Doctor Stella is the Best! - Seattle, WA

proportion. I first started seeing her for fillers/Botox in various places (which she and her nurses are also excellent at), and eventually got the PermaLip implants (size Medium) after we determined this was READ MORE

My Permalip Journey

last. I knew I wanted Permalip. I live in Sarajevo and there is no doctor here who does it. After long search for the doctor, by looking at before after photos, I identified Dr. Mimarovjech in... Bratislava, Estetic Clinic. We scheduled my Permalip for Wendsday, April 29, at 16:30! I will travel to Bratislava a day before and stay one more day! Very excited! I hope all goes well! I really want 5 mm on..., so I had to postpone my Permalip procedure since there would not be enougb time to heal. I was very upset, but I could not change anything! Amyway, as soon as I confirm for sure that I can het at... least five days off, I will go to Dr.Minarovjech im Bratislava to do Permalip! His Permalip before and after are amazing, I am cinfident he will do great job! READ MORE

I Used to Be a Smoker and the PermaLip Augmentation and Laser Got Rid of the Lines Around my Mouth - Scottsdale, AZ

laser procedure. I had the PermaLip augmentation and laser resurfacing around my mouth on August 11th. The procedure was fairly quick and painless. I am ecstatic with my results. My lips look so much READ MORE

Suggested permalip or fat trans. - Restylane - Miami, FL

Dr. Blinski, thanks so much for your input. My filleres were put in by a surgeon and his office. Suggested permalip or fat trans. But then he said fat trans. May not be perm. So, I traveled up to READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Scheduled for 11/21/2013 - Atlanta, GA

, liposuction and permalip implant on 11/21/2013. I'd love to find a surgery buddy and hear about what to expect from those who have had these procedures. READ MORE

Permalip - Webster, TX

On July 9, 2013 I had the Permalip procedure done by Dr. Athre. A few weeks prior, I met Sandy, the patient coordinator at my initial consultation and she explained the procedure and office policies... personality, is funny, and down to earth with a fantastic bedside manner. I would be surprised if all of his patients didn’t fall in love with him too. I did a lot of research before choosing this office and I’m glad I went with Dr. Athre and highly recommend him for the Permalip procedure. READ MORE

Anyone Have a Fat Graft in Your Lips or Under Your Eyes? - Nashville, TN

I'm interested in getting fat grafts in my lips vs. doing permalip implants in my lips and filler under my eyes. I've been reading up on the procedures and permalip is so new I'm unsure about it READ MORE

Best Plastic Surgeon - West Orange, NJ

dramatic!!! In fact when i got home my sister did not beleive that i had gotten my lips done because they looked so natural!! I had gotten permalip done to my upper lip prior to silikon1000 and was... Joseph and i was amazed by her natural results!!! At first Dr Joseph did not want to go through with the procedure because i was not sure if i wanted to keep permalip, he told me to wait a couple of... month and if i was 100 percent sure i wanted to keep permalip he would work with me. one year later i came back to him and explained that even though i was not pleased with permalip i was still going... to keep it because i had wasted $2000 on the procedure already, he understood and injected both my top and bottom lips, the reason why i wanted a silikon 1000 is because the Dr that did my permalip READ MORE