Over The Muscle Breast Implants

Over the muscle breast implants are favored by women whose activities consists of regular contracting of pectoral muscles. If an implant is placed under the muscle in these women, the contraction will distort the shape of the breast. By placing the implant on top of the muscle, the disadvantage from contraction is minimized. Women who already have a good quantity of their own breast tissue available, also go for over the muscle implants because they are not bothered about the coverage to the implant.

Reviews from the Community

Best Doctor in Colorado Springs!

I was a 34B prior to my breast augmentation. After surgery, I am now a 34DDD. My implants are silicone gel, textured implants placed over the muscle. I really wanted my boobs to look and feel real... small and barely noticeable, i just want to find something to get rid of them faster! Who has over the muscle implants? I see majority of the people here get under the muscle. I have over the muscle and.... Dr. Raskin did just that. He did an amazing job and did exactly what I wanted. I would refer him again. My breast a month after my breast augmentation! What do you guys use for your scars? Mine are READ MORE

Nervous Less Than a Week Left Size Worry Help! - London, GB

Right I have finally got the courage to get a boob job. I have picked 460cc over the muscle silicone implants. At present I am a 34 a I am 5ft 8 and a half and around 140 pounds I was wondering if READ MORE

32 years old with 2 kids. Louisville, KY

recovery and it also gives me more boobs then under.
We talked about going 450 cc silicon and that I should gain at least ten more pounds due to the fact it's going over the muscle and that I'm afraid I'll have ripples which I don't want.the reason for that is more breast fat up top.... to feel more of a women then a little girl. I haven't done it yet. Going in Thursday november 20th I'll keep you all updated. Went in today he wants to do over the muscle which I was told its a quicker READ MORE

26 Years Old 2 Kids - Winter Park, FL

lol I got natrelle med profile silicone gel 371 cc in left breast 397 in right over the muscle ,dr hartog stated I had enough breast tissue to cover the implant .,ones of my breast was slightly... I made this year lol I got natrelle med profile silicone gel 371 cc in left breast 397 in right over the muscle ,dr hartog stated I had enough breast tissue to cover the implant .,ones of my breast was slightly bigger than the other .....Had breast augmentation on 2/24/2914 with Dr Jeffrey hartog in winter park,fl...wonderful experience...his entire staff was helpful and pleasant the entire journey . Best discussion I made this year... bigger than the other Had breast augmentation on 2/24/2014 with Dr Jeffrey hartog in winter park,fl...wonderful experience...his entire staff was helpful and pleasant the entire journey . Best discussion READ MORE

1 Year of Being Disfigured Due to an Infection in One Breast Implant - Colorado Springs, CO

history will repeat itself and he is concered about opening the old scars and wants to put the new implant over the muscle and my left breast implant is under... removed due to infection. PS is wanting to replace it but over the muscle. Will it look ok?

In an already big busted woman, will having one saline implant under the muscle and one saline implant... over the muscle look different from each other?

Getting implants was definitley NOT worth it. Its been almost a year since my corrective sugery and I do regret it, Im sure I would not feel this...

This time last year I went in for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

Right after I had the stitches taken out I had some drainage from my right scar. We... the muscle. I would like some advice on this please help. Will there be a big difference in the way they look?

Updated on Jan 13, 2010
Had to have implant in right breast READ MORE

Breast Implants over Muscle - New Haven, CT

I am 5'8', 150 lbs. I had 400 cc silicone implants over the muscle. I'm a crossfitter so Dr. Restifo suggested over the muscle and I also had enough breast tissue. Dr. Restifo also does Crossfit so READ MORE

Breast Feeding After over the Muscle Implants

placed over the muscle. what are the chances that I will be able to successfully breast feed if I become pregnant? Thank you....

My breast looks better but will never feel trully 'natural'. I also never regained normal sensation in my breasts. Sexual stimulation is lower while sensitivity is higher..

I have implants READ MORE

Over the Muscle Issues (375cc)

I have had over the muscle implants at 375cc's. They were both the same size after surgery but a few days later my right one has less volume and is not as high as the other one. The doc says not... to massage because they are over the muscle but I'm not sure why one is bigger than the other and noticeably so and also higher. He is alittle concerned and says perhaps there is some blood behind my left since that has the most bruising. Any thoughts?

Any thoughts? READ MORE

Love Them, Can't Wait to Go Bigger! - New York, NY

feel about moving your implants from under the muscle to over the muscle? Do you still have sensation in your nipples? (sorry for the awkward question) and do you think it looks better over the muscle then... under? Have you thought about the gel? And what made you choose saline over the muscle instead of gel and under the muscle? thanks

I want new boobs that are high profile, but more READ MORE

25, 2 Kids, 340cc Ultra High Profile over Muscle - Manchester, GB

Iv considered breast augmentation for a while and after having my first consultation back in 2009 I finally went through with it this year! I had 340cc ultra high profile textured silicone over the muscle! So READ MORE

45 Year Old with Small B Cup Needing Advice! - Salt Lake City, UT

Hi! Can anyone share their good or bad experience with over the muscle silicone implants? I am thin with some boobs of my own. Just nervous about the over option although I like the idea of not READ MORE

35 Yr Old Mother of 4 with 4 Year Old Siltex Gel Implants Who Wants Them Out! - Milwaukee, WI

saggy, and rippling over the muscle implants.
I have to wear a bra to sleep, I can't do pull-ups...want them out. READ MORE

Bad Doctor with a Knife - Edwardsville, IL

22 years old. Had my procedure at 18. Small b to d. Worst mistake ever. My pocket is too big and my boobs flop to sides painfully. They are over the muscle and saline. Never go over the muscle! I READ MORE

Scheduled for BA...286 or 304 Overs. Mississippi, MS

. At my consult, Dr advised placing them over the muscle. I'm a full 34A with no sagging. Both Dr and I both think either a 286cc or 304 cc med profile silicone would look best considering I'm only... wanting to become a full B/small C cup. Any other women who have had implants placed over the muscle? Advantages or disadvantages.
Thanks in advance for any input READ MORE

Big Weight Loss, No Kids - Mckinney, TX

I was on the verge of needing a breast lift but I went with larger saline over the muscle implants instead (for the short term). They feel great so far even tho I'm still in a sports bra. I feel READ MORE

Top Los Angeles Dr - Beverly Hills, CA

I needed reconstructive surgery. My breasts were hard as rocks after implants in 1999 and were over the muscle.  Dr. B was able, with my body type, to put my implants under the muscle READ MORE

Finally Got my Boobs - Nashville, TN

Can't believe I finally had my boob job. The pain is not that bad right now im 2 day post op. Had it done tuba over the muscle. Not sure of the cc just told him I wanted a full D.

Im a... little concerned about my left breast bc it is more swollen than the right. I hope it goes down soon. Has anyone experienced this issue? Will try to find a before picture


Implants for Tubular Breasts - Was It Worth It? I Wouldn't Recommend It

was borderline on needing a lift. he put 380ccs in my right breast and 360ccs in my left. now both have bottomed out!!

i spoke to a surgen yesterday who suggested going over the muscle since i had... heard of going over the muscle to correct a bottoming out effect?? IS SHE JUST TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT?? i wont have money to fix another bad decision. any advice??

... started off as a 36B (im now a 36D) and she thinks i will have enough breast tisssue to cover the implants, i'm worried about capsular contraction and what they will look like, has anyone ever READ MORE

Love, Love, Love my Implant Replacement Results - Scottsdale, AZ

I am so incredibly happy with my results from my implant repacement surgery. I had saline implants over the muscle and was happy with them until I had another baby and after breast feeding they... were a little saggy and had rippling. So I got larger silicone implants placed over the muscle and they look AMAZING!


10 Year Old Implants, Dull Pain Underneath.

look. I cannot sleep on my stomach very easy.

I have had my saline (over the muscle) breast implants for a little over 10 years. They have been fine until recently. I have started to have a dull.... Can over the muscle breast implants cause pulling or wear and tear on the breast muscles. I ride horses and am very active and the implants have started to sag a bit. Should I just have them removed?...

I always wanted breast implants. They are expensive, but I have always liked mine. I am a bit concerned about how they are holding up. I do like the way they... ache under the implants and on the muscles over the breast bone and ribs. Breathing in makes it a bit sharper. I have felt all around my implants very agressively and feel no lumps or hard spots READ MORE