Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is when a person travels from his or her own country to another to obtain any kind of medical care. Traditionally, people from less developed countries travel to more developed ones to seek advanced medical care but the reverse is also happening due to lesser cost of medical procedures in less developed countries. People also travel for medical reasons to seek treatments that may not be legal or best understood in their homeland. It is important to familiarize oneself with the additional risks traveling adds to any treatment.

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Mommy Makeover Quote: Tijuana Mexico - Mexico

Mommy Make-Over, Full body Lipo including abs, back, chin, flanks, fat transfer w/BBL, Removal of Breast Implant and Bilateral Breast Lift. medical tourism recommendation quotes.


14 day Post Op Pics

medical tourism. I've scheduled my procedure date for March 2013. I have also changed my eating habits and increased my workout schedule in order to get back to my regular weight of 150 lbs.

I am... looked for the tourist line and purchased the card for $10. I then went outside of the airport to look for the driver holding a card with my name. I walked around for about 15 minutes and did not find READ MORE

My Mexican Journey - Cancun, Mexico

After many years of researching medical tourism, I decided to make the trip to Cancun to get a facelift, upper and lower eyelids, and a necklift. Since Cancun is only a 2 hour ride from me by plane... quit bugging myself to death and just do it....research, research, research...look endlessly at photos, read reviews. Pore over medical tourism this for a few years...finally, I decide on my... destination, bone up on my Spanish, get a quote, pepper my medical facilitator with questions, book my flight, and get on the plane...more to come.... So, heres how the actual time in Mexico went......Katie, the medical facilitator from my medical vacations picked me up at the airport, we went to do the bloodwork, EKG, and then get settled at the hotel. I stayed the first night at la Quinta inn... long distance calls to USA, and the people are really nice there, and a biggie... They are used to medical tourists, so you dont get horrified looks from people like I did after i switched hotels. The READ MORE

My Journey to a Perfect Button Nose - San Francisco, CA

gathering as much information as I can in the meantime. Most recently, I spoke with a doctor couple and they made a really strong case for this almost terrifying concept: medical tourism.
medical tourist route, which certainly helps.- Specialized quarters and treatment for medical tourists
- Expedited process pre- and post-op
- Excuse to travel :)

Really though, getting the best surgeon with the most up READ MORE

medical tourism nightmare in san jose costa rica

I went to Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo at High Tech Dental Clinic just outside of San Jose Costa Rica for some dental work and to have veneers put on all of my teeth. This man broke my tooth causing 3 root canals to be preformed while in his care, left me with 10 open margins ( the crowns are popped off my teeth ) and most importantly, he screwed up my bite so badly that I now suffer from severe... READ MORE

Baez Doll 2015! - Dominican Republic, DO

medical tourism but the insanely low prices have officially sucked me in. On top of that, it seems like the Doctors at CIPLA are all equally talented. But then my next issue became safety. I mean let’s... forget this is medical tourism -___- many things will be unknown until the time draws nearer. So after this extremely long hiatus.... LOL Yes I know. I need to get my life together. I'm trying to wrap... recovery? How did you carry your cash around? I think my main concern is safety and not looking too “touristy”. I know for a fact that tourist are targeted by locals especially Americans. Anyone had a... your quote, confirming & securing your date, reserving your hotel/apt/RH stay, personal driver, nursing care, chef, salon and spa services, also arranging tourist activities and shopping trips, along READ MORE

Face and neck lift

Many people may worry that medical tourism is too risky to consider. In some cases that may well be true but not if you put your trust in Facelift Mexico, founded by Pat Marino. She has offered..., and faced with the enormous cost of my failed procedures, I decided I was going to look for a permanent solution. I started doing research on medical tourism and found a website that I was most READ MORE

My Self Confidence Regaining Journey - Dominican Republic, DO

needed to be. And she was greatful!

Ladies I know we are all indulging in medical tourism because it's cost effective and we want to look sexy HOWEVER it is a N O T worth loosing your life.... Great guy-I will say that here they have utter disregard for street signs and signal. Anything goes! Lol

I would suggest using the tourist card kiosk located to the right of the long ass READ MORE

Scary Experience in Thailand

had risen drammatically, and I was recommended to another doctor by a medical tourism agency. He spoke poor English and rushed me through the consultation. I had my doubts, but I had also had doubts READ MORE

Looking for a New Begginning - Dra. Duran

addition to our established medical tourism in the Dominican Republic, we are excited to announce that we have now expanded into Colombia and are offering ALL INCLUSIVE packages! These all inclusive packages... may want or need during your stay in the Dominican Republic - including tourist activities, if you would love to see the beaches or experience the town. Our services are universal to all surgeons in READ MORE

Facelift in Bangkok

I had a full facelift in Bangkok, Thailand two years ago and would recommend it to anyone. I looked into so-called “medical tourism” because of the costs of having surgery here in the... States, particularly if you live in a big city.

The hospital specializes in medical tourism and having foreigners in for treatment so I was treated fantastically. The accommodations were READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck with Body Contouring Lipo and Breast Reduction - A Fresh Start! - Thane, India

facilities can be downright scary in India if you can't figure out the right ones to go to, so 'medical tourist approved' facilities and doctors are definitely a safer bet. The second 'plus' was the price he... remarkably better that way! I do realize that the cost of doing not one, but two cosmetic surgeries at a time in the US could be prohibitive for many. Maybe it would be worth exploring medical tourism in that... extremely difficult if not impossible to get any re-dos/fixes done by your surgeon once you return home...something to keep in mind if you are considering medical tourism.
So, that has been my... the risks of surgery and general anesthesia - What if something bad happened to me like coma or death? In his opinion, if I had a 'true' medical problem that required surgery then it would make sense... how much cheaper medical care overseas is. But that wasn't the only factor to consider. I am a first generation immigrant and all my immediate family is in Mumbai, India. I couldn't even dream of READ MORE

30yrs, Divorced, No Kids First surgery in my life

)thight lift, but lift, breast lift with implants, 7 days recovery house, 24hrs nurse just for me, daily post op massages, 1 bra, 1 faja, tourism in Bogota, all transportation, food, etc. In other words is... all inclusive esthetic tourism package. I will buy 1 extra bra and 1 extra faja. Today I received an email with a list of lab test I will need and my health insurance cover all the labs so I'm happy... for stuff to have at home next day of surgery. I dont know, I'm confused. This is my first surgery, first stitches, first medical procedure in my life :(

Now I'm getting ready to go jog... Esthetic Tourism but I know for sure I will have plenty of time after surgery.

Thanks for reading me.

P.S. Excuse my english. My first language is Spanish and sometimes it's kind of READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer #2 with Selphyl (Plasma) - Bogota, Colombia

an 'Extreme Makeover' type TV program here in Columbia.

Nice, professional, very talented - used here by many celebrities. I went through a medical tourism broker and the price above includes this.


Documenting my Lipo Experience (Male Abdomen, Flanks and Hips) - Henderson, NV

me under). I has considered a few other medical tourism destinations (including over seas), but settled on MyShape Lipo after both reading reviews and my telephone consultation. I felt that the tech READ MORE

Dr Ronald Pino Face Lift - Costa Rica, CR

I have had a terrific experience as a medical tourist. Dr Ronald Pino of Costa Rica is a wonderful plastic surgeon with an eye for the art of erasing a few years off my face and neck. I've known him READ MORE

MACS Facelift with Neck Lift and Fat Transfer

"medical tourism". However, because of the excellent care, high quality of medical care in Sweden in case of complications, and very reasonable prices, I READ MORE

Wishing Things Were Different - Portland, OR

doing research, but I don't know if I'll be able to afford surgery in the United States. I've been looking into medical tourism and was wondering if anyone knows anyone who has had experience with that. READ MORE

Exoderm Peel by Exoderm International Medical Centers Done in Hungary and Austria - Vienna, Austria

drive to the main clinic on the border with Hungary
Sopron.. the city is a medical tourist place and the clinic and the hotel was very modern ,
The peel took about 2-3 hours I was half READ MORE

Date's Set, July 8th Dra.Yily Make Me a Stunner!! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello BBL beauties! After much research I have decided to partake in this medical tourism phenomena and pack my bags for the Dominican Republic for a BBL with Dra.Yily!!. I'm in my late twenties and READ MORE