Low Profile Breast Implants

Low profile breast implants are wider in the base of the implant which reduces the projection (height) of the implants. Low profile breast implants are better suited for patients who are concerned about the shape of their chest, more than the size of it. Patients with wider frames, usually go for low profile implants as it offers a more proportionate shape.

Reviews from the Community

Breasts Sit Too Low After Augmentation

4 months after ba my breasts sit low and feel very heavy. i was told i didnt need an uplift when i asked if i needed one. the surgeon suggested 435 low profile implants. now my breasts look low READ MORE

Investing in ME - Saint Paul, MN

over the muscle. It's so hard to find low profile pictures or pictures with women that have a wide breast plate. Any help would be appreciated. Well, the big day is tomorrow. I am relieved it is...I am 7 days away from surgery and so nervous I might talk myself out of it! I am 5'6 weigh 165 and have a bwd of 15. I am just looking to refill not go large so I am going with a 310 low profile silicone... for the process you just feel huge. I recommend bringing your own favorite clothes to see what they would look like. I did 280 and 310 silicone textured low profile overs and now wish I would have done READ MORE

Dissapointed with the Results. Considering Another Augmentation. - New York

I am 24yo, 150lbs, was 34 A. Got 421cc silicon low profile Natrelle implants. I definitely hadn't done enough research before going for BA. My surgeon didn't explain much, said that he will decide on READ MORE

47 Year Old Spin and Bodypump Instructor-nursed Three Kids - Seattle, WA

low profile 190cc. over the muscle. I started with a bra size of 34b (and that's a very padded bra and not really filled!!). Surgery was just fine-painful first 2 days and took the Oxycodone and the READ MORE

HELP 19 Yrs Old, Barely a 32A, Hoping to Be a Full B Post-op, 5"1' 105lbs - Palm Beach, FL

My surgery is in 20 days...I'm very nervous! Having no boobs, and going to something is very hard for me to imagine. My doctor said to do 195cc low profile under the muscle, and I am getting saline READ MORE

A Breast Lift - Virginia, VA

After breast feeding three children, I decided to have a breast lift last May. I am very happy with my results but now I am facing a small revision in two weeks and trying to decide whether or not to put a small implant in there to increase the upper pole fullness. My PS will be fixing the right breast as it is larger than the left and also will be fixing the inner bottom portion of both breasts as I feel like there was too much skin left there. I do not want to have more projection or be a larger cup size and don't want to have the 'implant' look. Should I use low profile implant and will it enhance the lift to make it last longer?

Thanks all for your responses. I saw my PS last week and he and I both decided to place a 150 saline implant underneath my muscle. Because I don't want to any larger with the implant he agreed to take more tissue out. This way I will be a little smaller but fuller in the upper portion. I am excited! I feel like with just the lift from last year, my breasts are lifted but very flat up top. I am very positive about my decision. I will post some pics after my procedure. READ MORE

Silicone Breast Augmentation Through Axillary Incision - Destin, FL

chance of rippling. Not sure yet about the style (high/low profile) but definitely under the muscle. Surgery date as either February or March 2013.

Since I am from Canada, the initial...

I always felt a little insecure about my breast size, specially since I am on the thin but curvy side.

After a needed separation from my Ex, I finally found the energy to focus just on READ MORE

38 Yrs Old, 1 Child, 270cc Natrelle Style 10 - Portland, Maine

keep up with some after photos as I've noticed it's much harder to find posts about smaller implants and low profile. I apologize to the quality of day 1 photos, but the selfies are a little painful... breast I started to feel very different about my appearance and decided to start researching augmentation. My desire was to regain fullness and also even out nipple height which became significantly READ MORE

Need Advice Re:Small Implants. 45 Years Old,3 Kids, 5'4'120lbs, Athletic Figure, Want Small-ish Result but Can't Decide Size. BC

left the selection of size between his patient co-ordinator and I. She originally suggested 270cc medium-profile but after we tried one a couple of sizes we settled on 240cc low profile.

So...I have had small breasts my whole life (36A) and it never really bothered me as they were a nice-enough shape. That is until I had kids (3) all of whom I breast fed. As you can see from the photos READ MORE

5 Days In - Seattle, WA

this morning - I went conservative 270cc, silicone, round low profile. I was already a B/C so wasn't looking for size increase as much as getting some volume back :)


Larger Breasts for a Long-Distance Runner - Newport Beach, CA

of CCs. Dr. von Maur took both my wants and needs into account and gave me low-profile implants at the largest, safest size he thought would be good for me. Now, at 32D, I am not bothered by my implants or in any pain while I run. I really love my breasts now and the work that he did....I had a breast augmentation by Dr. von Maur last year after a decade of considering getting the procedure done. I work hard for my body by eating healthy and exercising to look good at this age, so I READ MORE

low profile or mod plus? - Los Angeles, CA

, to see if i need my hip surgery =( if not... boobies it is =) can't wait to feel and look good hey girls,

i was trying to find pictures of low profile breast implants cause its supposed... to be the more natural look. curious where can i find photos or what do you girls think? low profile or mod plus? READ MORE

32 Years Old, Always Been Small Chested & Two Years of Breastfeeding Later Not Much Left in the Chest Area. London, GB

Eagerly anticipating my surgery - less than two months to wait now. At the moment I'm looking at approximately 300cc sub fascial medium to low profile silicon implants - but will have a better idea READ MORE

breast implants - New York

I had my breast implants 14 years ago in Brazil,they are very soft but very high profile(too much in my opinion).
I'd like to go a little bigger and much more natural(very low profile).I READ MORE

20 Year Old, 32D, Breast Augmentation for Deflated Chest!

, hence why I can fit a moderate (or low) profile. I'm praying this will be big enough though, I am 5ft10!

Has anyone found any good post surgery bra's that don't irritate crease incisions? Also, has anyone used silicone gel or silicone strips to help reduce scarring?... very natural looking. I don't want them to look stuck on or too round! I do have one breast bigger than the other, and I'm not sure if the surgeon noticed on my past two consultations but hopefully he... did! I think I'm going for a 375cc conical implant (Pure) in a moderate profile which will hopefully make me 2 cup sizes bigger at least! I'm hoping to end up a 32F+. My breast plate is pretty damn wide READ MORE

Help: Low Profile Implants - London, UK

I was hoping someone could help me I'm due for 420cc low profile implants but am now worrying there not going to be big enough I'm currently a empty b cup size 32 back, I really want quite a... bit of projection witch I don't think I'm going to get with low profile, does anyone have any before and/or after pics to help me see what they may look like? Thank u guys xx READ MORE

Need Help - Jackson, TN

I will be getting reconstructive Surgery on Wednesday due to breast cancer I want at least a c cup my ps wants to go with 350cc low profile expanders I am five seven and two hundred pounds will READ MORE

Count Down "7 Weeks" - Huntersville, NC

... Ok. After checking with my doctor for confirmation of my procedure, I am getting a breast augmentation with purse string mastopexy and gel silicone implants. They have me at a low profile right now...

I am currently 39 years old and a saggy D cup, after 3 children ages 20, 7, and 5. I am doing a mommy makeover, but doing my breast first because it's something I'm very insecure about. I READ MORE

Great Experience - Palo Alto, CA

imagine real results without them being on/in you! Overall very happy, if I did it over I would go with moderate profile instead of low profile and possibly even 325cc instead of 300cc not sure READ MORE

Finally and Just for Me - Sioux Falls, SD

anything to my boss, desk job so isn’t too bad. Shirts still pretty much fit except I fill it out the top better, no one has really noticed at work, or said anything to me. Just trying to keep a low profile. READ MORE